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  1. Hey Katinka, Ugh. They told me I have to do 10 days. But I'm going to ask again to get it down to a week haha. It depends on your surgeon I think, because I've read about a lot of people at a lower BMI who don't have to do a pre-op diet.
  2. Hi Thinner Times! I'm so excited to have found this forum. Up until now I've been watching ALL the YouTube videos available of people's journeys and now that I've decided I'm doing this thing, I'm really wanting to ask my specific questions, have contact, and start giving and receiving support from other people going through this journey! A little about me and why I decided to get WLS. I'm 29, I'm a photographer and actor from SF and have lived in NYC for about 10 years. I have struggled with my weight and appearance my entire life. I have very deep rooted insecurity that is mainly centered around my physical body. I've suffered from bipolar (II) depression since I was about 25, and have fought with every fiber of my being to finally be stable, but I'm still very ashamed-often too ashamed for people to see me or to want to go outside. At 196 pounds, I'm heavier than I have ever been. I realize that my BMI is lower than many people's on here, but I truly struggle with being able to live my life at this weight and believe that this is the right decision for me. I have tried to diet, but I think that since I struggled and fought horrible depression for 4 years, that I've developed a food addiction that has prevented me from maintaining a diet and I don't want it to go any further. From 22-25 I was actually vegan, if you can believe it! I have tried very hard to find that lifestyle again, but have failed more times than I can count. I also find it really difficult to work out with the extra weight and I get frustrated and sad really easily. In short, I really want to finally be free of much of these physical issues and live my life. I am self-pay for the VSG surgery and I'm getting it done in September. I wanted to do it in the US and be local in case anything goes wrong. I wanted to invest in doing it what I believe is the right way. I'm preparing as much as possible with my psychologist and nutritionist. I've chosen to work with an outside nutritionist who's an eating disorder specialist because I really didn't want someone who would just give me a list which was my experience with the Orbera ballon which really didn't work for me for multiple reasons. I wanted someone to help me deal with the underlying issues and prepare me for head-hunger, which I know I'll be experiencing. I'm not telling my parents, which is difficult for me, but the topic of my weight is very VERY loaded with them–especially my mother...and I just really don't want their judgment or input. So I will have my best friend (who's like my sister), my boyfriend, and my brother joining me on surgery day. Actually if anyone has this experience with their parents I'd love to know what their journey with that has been! I'm really nervous about dying before surgery. I'm excited and nervous for the lifestyle change. I can't believe it's all happening! I'm considering starting a blog or vlog-the vlogs on YouTube have been sooo helpful and comforting for me, but I don't want people I know to be able to find me lol, I'm thinking "SydSleeved" but not sure if I should use my real name? I'll update if I end up doing one though Really happy to find this HI!!!! <3
  3. I'm personally too scared to go to Mexico so have decided to bite the bullet and self-pay here in NYC which is a crazy amount but I believe it's worth it for my life. I think you've got to weigh the pros and cons of going. I wanted to be able to go home right after and not have to fly etc too and just have everything local so nothing goes wrong. In terms of people who have done it in Mexico and can help you, there's a channel on youtube called Laura's VSG Tube and she always RAVES about her surgeon in Mexico so you might want to check that out if you're really wanting to go that route.
  4. but also, so far, they've told me I need a nutritionist clearance and a psych clearance, but they don't need to do the actual assessment, they just need to say basically that I'm stable and understand what I'm doing etc...
  5. omg! I'm 36 too! When are you getting yours done? I have a couple other things to do before I get to schedule but I'm hoping mid-september!
  6. haha yeah I'm definitely working on the head stuff...this is just a fear I started having yesterday that I haven't been able to bring up with my psychologist yet lolol...but I'm still feeling it!!! HELPPPP!
  7. Anyone in NYC? Would love to have a Facebook group or in-person group of people who are doing and who have had the sleeve done
  8. I had the orbera inserted via endoscopy. the only thing that hurt was my throat. Sore for about a week.
  9. I'm self-pay and am asking about this next time I talk to my surgeon! I met with her nutritionist and she gave me a 2-week pre-op diet, but because my BMI is lower than 40 and I'm not going through insurance, she wasn't sure if it was necessary (or even necessary that I get clearance from her haha). I'll try to remember to let you know what the doctor says
  10. HI. I joined this forum basically just to ask if this is a common feeling because IT IS FREAKING ME OUT. I feel like because losing as much weight as I could/would lose with the sleeve is such a...I don't know...beautiful? thing for me, that it's impossible. It's LITERALLY ACTUALLY LEGITIMATELY too good to be true (btw this isn't me excluding all of the hard work I know I will have to do in all of this, it's just an overarching anxiety right now). Which leads me to think... AM I GOING TO DIE BEFORE THE SURGERY?? NEVER GETTING A CHANCE TO EXPERIENCE WHAT LIFE IN A BODY THAT I FEEL MORE COMFORTABLE IN IS LIKE?? I'm scared once I set my surgery date, I'll die before it. Help. just....wondering if anyone has had this same thought or if I'm a total freak...?