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  1. Hi Everyone! I am 2 weeks Post op from my Gastric Bypass and doing great for the most part. At the same time of my surgery I also had my gallbladder removed because it had stones in it. I had my post op appointment yesterday and have been feeling this sore/dull pain where my gallbladder used to be. My doc told me based off where I was stating the pain was coming from it's common. It has been inconsistent but it is really annoying. Just wondering if anyone else has had both surgeries done and if you felt the same. How long did it take to pass? Any info you may have. Thanks!!!!!
  2. I haven't been extremely active on here but I have been reading a lot of threads! My 2 week pre-op liquid diet has officially begun with surgery on 10/23!!! I cannot believe how quick the whole process went! Liquid diet yesterday went okay but I can tell it's going to be really boring for awhile. My rules are 3 protein shakes a day. All sugar free and decaf, no carbonated beverages. Applesauce, jello, popsicles, pudding all sugar free and low fat broths or strained broth soups. If anyone has any tips on anything good I would gladly take them!
  3. Thank you!!! Keep the tips coming ... I've eliminated all drinks minus my must have black coffee and only water. I will be working on the low carb plan.
  4. Hi All- I am new to this board. I have been considering bariatric surgery for awhile and have finally taken the steps to start this process. I have a 2.5 year old daughter at home that took my spouse and I awhile to conceive. We want to grow our family and have been having some failures. Long story short if I needed fertility help I would need to be down at least 60 pounds. Knowing that I am 31 and time isn't slowing down I made the realization to myself that this needs to happen. I am excited. My husband had this surgery so I have an awesome group of people around me. But support from others is always great. I am a candidate for either Sleeve or RNY and am trying to make that decision now as well as loose the recommended amount of weight before surgery. My provider and I have discussed all pro's and con's and he is supportive in what I decide. I'm open to any opinions any of you may have. I am excited to read more on this board, meet some of you and find all the helpful information I may need along the road!
  5. Hi Everyone- I have started my journey and am debating between Sleeve Gastrectomy and Gastric Bypass. Regardless of which surgery I chose I need to lose 16 pounds prior to surgery. Not a huge amount, but enough. Does anyone have any great recommendations or meal plans they followed to get down to a goal weight prior to surgery. I know I need to be more active than what I am currently doing. I want to lose this soon so that I can have my surgery done before the end of the year so I don't hit 2 deductibles. I am newer to this forum so I appreciate anything! Thanks!