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  1. Food Possibly Stuck

    Called the doctors office and they are doing some troubleshooting stuff. Trying to rule out a stricture. They had me take a tablespoon of olive oil and then in 4-6 hours to have some lemon water or some mint tea. I have to check back in with them tomorrow afternoon. Praying it's nothing major. Thanks for everyone's input!
  2. Food Possibly Stuck

    Hey all, Tuesday evening I ate some chicken and it initially sat really good with me then after an hour or so I felt like something was stuck in my chest. I didn't want to make myself vomit so I went to bed and hoped it would pass. Well it didn't. I woke up Wednesday with the feeling still there and had it all day. Now this morning, Thursday, it's still there. I've kept food to just liquids the past 24 hours and I've kept everything down great. I plan on calling my doctor but has anyone else had the "food stuck" feeling for this long? I just want it to pass. It's reminding me of when I used to over eat and have to burp all night long. Thanks guys!
  3. The Mental Game

    Does your mind eventually catch up with your stomach. It's such a weird feeling knowing I can't go fulfill my cravings anymore. Well, I could but it would make me incredibly sick. Even taking one bite isn't an option. I've just had some tough days with the whole mental side of it and wondering if it gets better. I'm am almost 2 weeks post op. All my liquids and soups almost make me gag which is making this even harder. Any tips to help me out??
  4. Update!!!

    Hey everyone! I just wanted to give you an update on how I'm feeling. Last time I posted I was not doing too hot. Today I am 10 days post-op and I am doing so much better. My gas pains are gone, my pain is under control, and I'm not as tired as I was. I did have a complication though and it was something I never thought I would have gotten. It was confirmed this week that I have a blood clot in my right arm from my IV in the hospital. Thankfully it's in a superficial vein so there is no concern for it to travel to my brain, heart, or lungs but it's also infected so I'm in a lot of pain from that. I've been taking antibiotics and the pain is getting a lot better but it was quite the scare. The super awesome news is that I'm down a total of 17lbs since surgery and total of 27lbs from my highest weight!! This is has been a tough road so far but seeing those numbers makes it all worth it. I've got about 4 days left of my liquid diet and then I can start the mushy phase. I can't wait to kinda chew my food again.
  5. I'm Over Everything Today!!

    Let me preface this by saying I know this feeling will pass and I'm probably just having a bad day but it's still been a sucky one. Ok, so basically I just want to die as of right now. I am day 5 post-op and nothing I haven't eaten today has tasted good. The gas pains are driving me insane. I'm insanely fatigued. I literally can barely keep my eyes open and fall asleep any chance I get. I am so thankful for my mom though. She is taking care of me so well even when I'm being such a pain. Can anyone give me some encouragement or tell me they went through this too?
  6. New here- journey begins

    YAY!! So glad to hear! <3
  7. Hey Ya'll!!

    Hey guys, I'm finally able to update ya'll. It's been a rough 4 days but I wouldn't go back and change it for a second! The surgery went very well and I came out of the anthesia extremely well and I was all set to come home on Thursday (7/20/17). Then the nurses noticed my pulse was higher than normal for a resting heart rate and I was losing oxygen when I slept. So my surgeon and the doctor on staff ran numerous tests on me to rule out any cause for concern. Everything came back totally clear but they wanted me to come home with oxygen just while I slept, which is kinda a bummer but I know it's for my best interest. I came home yesterday (7/21/17) and it was such a glorious thing to see my bed but it definitely wasn't the most comfortable thing to sleep on. I'm hoping tonight will be better. I have had no nausea and my liquids are staying down wonderfully. All in all it's been a good experience and I can't wait to be completely healed. The gas bubbles are real and they hurt and are super annoying. Farting and burping are killers right now but I know it's a sign that everything is working right. Gas X is my best friend as well as my paid meds. Thanks so much for all the love and support and I can't wait to update more. Good night! <3
  8. Hey Ya'll!!

    Thank you all so much for your thoughts and prayers. I'm doing pretty good. I'm very sore but I've been up and walking already. I'll type out my whole experience when I'm home and can use my computer. Thanks again guys!!!
  9. Hey Ya'll!!

    Awww, thanks so much!! I am sitting waiting to be taken back.
  10. Hey Ya'll!!

    Thank you so much!! I will for sure!
  11. Hey Ya'll!!

    I would love to keep in touch!! I just got my time to arrive at the hospital. Things are getting real!! Good luck to you one Friday!!
  12. Hey Ya'll!!

    Hello, just discovered this group. What I've seen so far is so encouraging. I am having my RNY surgery on Wednesday (7/19/17) and I am so excited to get this journey started. I am also just a tad nervous since this will be my first surgery. I hope to get to know some of you and hear your stories. Tell me your favorite thing that's happened since having any kind of bariatric surgery. -Kristyn