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  1. So excited for you! Prayers all went well and you have a speedy recovery!
  2. You are doing great! You have a solid plan and support to keep to it! Prayers for a smooth surgery and speedy recovery!
  3. Thanks Jen! It's so good to know we have this wonderful support system and we are not alone! My family just doesn't understand and they get so frustrated when they can't help.
  4. Trying to back up to soft foods. I am lactose intolerant and that makes the cheese etc difficult. I think I just tried too much too soon! It is getting to be chili weather thanks Gretta!
  5. I am now 6 weeks out and trying new foods. I am really struggling with proteins. Meat doesn't seem to settle well with me. I can only eat a very few bites and then I get what feels a bit like heartburn and pressure. Quite frustrating because I am getting tired of protein drinks even though there is such a variety!
  6. I definitely agree it feels good! I did have one surprise yesterday. I put on a pair of shoes for work and the were too big. They flip flopped all day! My happy dance moment was when I was able to put on my diamond Anniversary band for the first time in over 10 years! It's so beautiful and it made me cry!
  7. I agree! Many brands will let you order samples online. My GNC will mix one up for you to try in the store. Phormula 1 at GNC mixes in water or skim milk. It desolves completely with no grit or chalky taste. Even when you find one you like you can get tired of it during the liquid phase.
  8. Yes, it is amazing how fast things change. I cleaned out my closets and had two huge lawn bags full of clothes for good will. You don't realize how much you accumulate! I am actually looking forward to doing a little back to school shopping this week. I'm not planning on buying much. I need a couple pairs of nice slacks- there is only so much you can do with a belt The weirdest thing is I need a new pair of shoes! My feet have lost weight!:p
  9. Congratulations! What a way to start the school year! Liquids can be challenging but you can do it!! I use the Unjury protein powders. I love the strawberry sorbet with a little sugar free lemonade mixed in. They also have an unflavored that mixes in well to most anything. My go to is decaf or green tea. Good Luck!
  10. I am 2 weeks post-op and down 48 lbs total since I started pre-op monitoring. I am accumulating quite a bit of clothing that ranges from baggy to just too big. At what point did you start getting rid of clothing? How often do you change out. I am afraid to buy new stuff that won't last long but I'm a teacher and will be going to work soon. I have to have fairly professional clothing. Any choices that have lasted longer for you? I.e.: things you could wear a bit big?
  11. Wow thanks for the suggestions! I made the ricotta bake and wow it was great to have so much flavor. I even added meat to half and made garlic bread for my family so we could eat the same dinner together. They said it was great! Soup has also been my go to when they are having something else. I now feel so much better and know I can do this!
  12. Hello everyone. I just saw my doctor and she said I could start puréed foods. I am weird about textures so I am trying to find good choices. She wants me to increase my calories a bit How do soups work out for you? Has anyone tried tomato or tomato bisque? I really like it but wonder about the acid. There isn't anything in my diet that says no but I know I am not supposed to do orange juice because of acid and or foods with too much acid. Would love suggestions and advice. Excited to have something with more flavor than my liquid diet!
  13. Thanks ladies! I'm still working on figuring things out.
  14. Ok one more question about meds- is it okay to take two or three pills at the same time? Do you need to wait to eat or drink for a certain time after taking meds?