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  1. Hey guys. So I’m officially sleeved. Wish I could be more excited but I hadn’t realized the amount of pain I’d be in! And by pain, I mean GAS pain & nausea. My actual incision (technically I have 2) are fine. But the nausea has been other level. I haven’t even been able to really get up and walk around much (only 1 good walk) because the second I get up that nausea and dry heaving begin, and that is painful!! Oh and another thing that happens when I get up is I begin to sweat profusely and need to sit right down again and grab that silver bowl again. Today I was finally able to start liquids because the first day I had nothing. Today is 6 100cc of herbal infusions. I haven’t finished any 100% but have had a good amount of 2. I’m struggling with the 3rd. Anyway, just thought I’d check in with you guys, since you’ve been so supportive and wonderful. I really hope I start feeling better soon.
  2. Ps Has anyone had their surgery through one port only? They will be going in through my belly button, so I won’t have any scars. Just curious. Thanks.
  3. Thank you all so much. Tomorrow is my big day. Thanks for your support and well wishes.
  4. Guys, my VSG surgery is happening this Monday at noon! I am so excited and a bit anxious. I have a 3 day pre-op diet that I began today. Ahhh!
  5. @BurgundyBoy Thanks! Good to know. Is there a specific protein powder you can recommend?
  6. Yay! Thank you so much @Readytobeme & I look forward to your list! Hope you're feeling good. Can't wait to hear more about your experience. Now go rest
  7. Hey Guys! So I have an update! I leave for Chile in a week and have all my pre-op appointments set with the team (surgeon, NUT, psych, endoscopy etc) 3 days after I arrive. If all those tests are good and cleared, I will be having surgery the following week after that. I'm excited and nervous! I have to stay in Chile for a month - Dr wants me to just to be on the safe side, in case I were to have any complications and for after op visits and such.. I haven't had a cigarette in 20 days!! I can't believe it! I also found out they would still operate even if I did sneak a few, but I'm so far out and am just going to try my hardest to not give in..it's been a few days since I found out and I still haven't gone back, so that's a good sign! Do you guys have any advice you can spare on what to pack? Essential things you all needed in the 1st month? Thanks in advance!!
  8. @tracyringo @Phoenix97 @AliPat You guys are AMAZING & I can't express in words how much you guys are helping me to stay strong! Phoenix - I'm shocked it's even more difficult to quit than that white stuff! Ayyy. It is really challenging. There isn't like, a specific trigger I can avoid. That's because I pretty much smoked everywhere and for any reason..my co-workers smoke like chimney's, my family too..and I literally have no choice but to just deal. BUT I've got my eyes on the prize!! Just taking a whole lot of really deep breathes and chewing a whole lot of gum.. it's been my saving grace! Thanks to every single person on here who has taken the time to write me an encouraging word or give me advice, or share their experience. I am delighted to not only have someone to talk to about all this, but to feel a part of a community. It's a beautiful thing, and I am grateful.
  9. Looking for Buddy/Mentor in Miami

    Now, don’t everyone sign up all at once! haha, oh well. Miami isn’t the friendliest place, so this isn’t a shocker.
  10. @Readytobeme You are so close. I am excited for you! Glad to hear the liquid diet is getting a little easier. I know what it’s like to have a family member be that addicted. My Dad is like that with his cigarettes too. He’s already had a major heart attack with 5 bypass and still won’t stop or even slow down. He smokes one after the other. And he becomes irrate if you say anything about it. It sucks. I hope they both wake up and stop the nonsense. But I understand them on another side too. It is such a strong addiction. And when it’s been part of your life for 50+ years, I just can’t even imagine how difficult it must be. I’ve been smoking, excuse me, had been smoking for 16 years before I quit. Anyway thank you so much for the encouragement. It is a big help to feel like I’m not alone and that someone cares about my struggle and success! Thanks to all of you. Thanks to you too @michiganmilkman
  11. Hi there! I would love to make a connection with someone in the weight loss community in my town. I live in Miami-specifically Kendall. Anyone out there interested in making a new friend?
  12. @cinwa Yes, another positive thing to think about it. Thanks!
  13. @Readytobeme I am officially into Day 7, Hour 9..it has been such a challenge! I am kinda miserable but I just keep thinking.. I'm inching closer to my surgery. I just hold onto that thought for dear life and it gets me through to the next craving. How are you!? I see your surgery is in 10 days. That's so exciting! Are you doing a pre-op diet? How are you doing? Thanks for asking & checking in on me!