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  1. Hey chica! Just wanted to leave some love on your wall! <3 & tell you YOU'RE AWESOME!  :) Happy weekend!! 

    1. NerdyToothpick


      @Katinka Mi amor! Thank you so much! Your message made me smile and I’m happy to hear from you. How are you doing??

    2. Katinka


      Hola! Everything is great. I'm loving life and so happy with the decision! I've lost a little over 60 pounds. :) Apart from that, everything else is also good. No complaints. How are you?? xo

  2. @cinwa Big time hugs for this info! I’m excited to dive down this rabbit hole this weekend. There’s so much info. Thank you!!
  3. Thank you for the encouraging words @cinwa I’m a little bummed I’ve ended up having to chuck some food I’ve purchased like Tilapia and a few different hummus flavors, but I think you’re absolutely right about staying plain jane for a while. Most things seem to gross me out right now. My diet mainly consists of premier protein vanilla shakes, fairlife milk(which I’m not crazy about but I need protein), yogurt or cottage and mozzarella cheese, plain chicken-shredded up and mashed potatoes. I can’t seem to tolerate anything else. Anyone have any suggestions for one month post op meals (on the pl
  4. I’m one day shy of being 1 month post op, and today is the first day I’ve really experienced this. I’ve always been a garlic lover.. today I had to pass on dinner because I couldn’t handle the taste or smell of garlic! Light garlic powder on my tilapia & fresh garlic in a spinach/egg white concoction I made. I took 2 bites and just could NOT handle it. (So bizarre...I couldn’t believe it). I’m eating yogurt for dinner instead. I too, hope this passes.
  5. @Rob_VSG No, not for nausea, but for pain & reflux. Fortunately, the nausea has subsided. Now it’s pain in my abdomen, very low energy, difficulty getting in liquids or soup even. But, it gets a teeny tiny bit better everyday.
  6. I knew this wasn’t going to be easy, I knew it would be a challenge.. but I truly had no idea HOW hard and challenging it would be. I know everyone says it’ll get better, and I believe it, but this week has been hellacious. Nausea, gas pain, discomfort and emotions on full throttle.
  7. Aww man guys, I’m on Day 5 post op and I’m pretty much taking my pain pill on the dot every 8 hours. Getting my water requirement of a liter to a liter and a half hasn’t happened yet. Wednesday all I could get down all day was a half portion of sugar free jello and a glass of water. The chicken consommé was a no go.. absolutely grosses me out. Next day I had a full jello, a chamomile tea and an less than half a baby portion of pureed apple. Friday I contacted my nutritionist and asked for more options.. so she gave me a puréed (liquid) recipe for a chicken soup which has spinach, squash, semol
  8. Hey guys. So I’m officially sleeved. Wish I could be more excited but I hadn’t realized the amount of pain I’d be in! And by pain, I mean GAS pain & nausea. My actual incision (technically I have 2) are fine. But the nausea has been other level. I haven’t even been able to really get up and walk around much (only 1 good walk) because the second I get up that nausea and dry heaving begin, and that is painful!! Oh and another thing that happens when I get up is I begin to sweat profusely and need to sit right down again and grab that silver bowl again. Today I was finally able to start liqui
  9. Ps Has anyone had their surgery through one port only? They will be going in through my belly button, so I won’t have any scars. Just curious. Thanks.
  10. Thank you all so much. Tomorrow is my big day. Thanks for your support and well wishes.
  11. Guys, my VSG surgery is happening this Monday at noon! I am so excited and a bit anxious. I have a 3 day pre-op diet that I began today. Ahhh!
  12. @BurgundyBoy Thanks! Good to know. Is there a specific protein powder you can recommend?
  13. Yay! Thank you so much @Readytobeme & I look forward to your list! Hope you're feeling good. Can't wait to hear more about your experience. Now go rest
  14. Hey Guys! So I have an update! I leave for Chile in a week and have all my pre-op appointments set with the team (surgeon, NUT, psych, endoscopy etc) 3 days after I arrive. If all those tests are good and cleared, I will be having surgery the following week after that. I'm excited and nervous! I have to stay in Chile for a month - Dr wants me to just to be on the safe side, in case I were to have any complications and for after op visits and such.. I haven't had a cigarette in 20 days!! I can't believe it! I also found out they would still operate even if I did sneak a few, but I'm
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