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  1. ONEderland!

    I honestly have no idea what 130 would look like. I’ve been overweight since I was 4. I started with my goal being the lowest weight I remember (as a freshman in HS). When I had my lap band placed 11 years ago, I never made it even to ONEderland, so perhaps I’ve been being too cautious. I figured that once I hit 175, then I would set a new goal. Perhaps it is fear of failure, or just a whole life of never being “normal” that has held me back from dreaming too big (or rather too small—like 130!) This time is different, though. The sleeve is helping me do what the band never did. I can actually kind of imagine that I’ll get to 175, and maybe even lower. Hope is alive for the first time!
  2. ONEderland!

    Thanks so much! Straight and short hair is really the only way I know how to wear it. (Let’s not talk about the 80s and my perms!) lol
  3. ONEderland!

    Congratulations to you as well! I don’t really know how to process a number in the 100s yet. But I’m sure that it will eventually feel more real.
  4. ONEderland!

    Thank you! I change my hair color almost as often as I change socks! But I do think the blonde is more my color!
  5. ONEderland!

    It has been many years since I had a weight that began with a 1!!! Today when I stepped on the scale, there it was! Today is my 6month surgiversary also, so it’s a special day. I am down 67.4. Celebrating today!
  6. 5 month post op today

    This morning the scale read 200.8. I’m sooo close! I’m hoping that this week I’ll see a 199 on the scale for the first time since HS! So exciting!
  7. 5 month post op today

    Whoop! Congratulations!! That’s so exciting!!
  8. still losing hair

    I haven’t experienced any hair loss, which has been a huge surprise. I have been taking a hair, skin and nails supplement for months, and I’m not sure if that’s the key or if I just got lucky.
  9. Getting that full sensation

    I’m still struggling 6 months out to figure it out. One bite can be the difference between still having room and being miserable. I have started trying to stop when I think I have a little more room left. I’d rather not be that miserable! Even measuring was not always reliable. I could measure the exact same amount of food 5 days in a row, and for four days it was the perfect amount, but one day it was too much. I spent so many years eating mindlessly that I’m still trying to learn to listen to my body with every bite.
  10. Under a 50% BMI :D

    Excellent!! I have enjoyed watching that number fall!
  11. Five months post op

    I forgot to mention that I teach HS music in a fairly small town. I have a “recognizable” face. After my concert last night (500 people in attendance, many of whom have seen me at my heaviest and all of my various weights), I received many compliments, along with the “what are you doing” comments. When I’m responding to people I know fairly welll, I’m not afraid to share with them. However, when it’s Jonny’s grandma from three towns over, or when it’s the 50th person asking me after the concert congratulations, I typically sidestep a bit. I hope that makes sense.
  12. 3 weeks out and not losing

    Your body is catching its breath! It may take a week or two, but the scale will start moving again. Just keep doing what you do!
  13. I just passed my 5-month mark, and I am so happy with my progress. I have lost 62 pounds, and my BMI has dropped about 10! (Although I’m still considered Obese Class 2, and being in the “normal” category seems nearly impossible!) I still struggle to get enough water during the day. That is due partly to the hectic nature of my job, partly to my forgetfulness, and partly to the fact that I often cannot drink for close to an hour after my meals. I have found that it is easy to allow the carb content of my meals to creep up over time. Keeping a good journal keeps me honest. Although I’ve been walking, I am ready to get back to strength training and cardio intervals when I return from holiday break. People are noticing the weight loss, which is fun. But it’s also awkward at times. It’s like they want me to give them the secret plan I’m using. Occasionally I share my surgery with them, but more often I simply mention that I’m eating more protein and smaller portions. A year ago I was so miserable, both from my weight and from my failed Lap Band which caused me to throw up food and even liquids on a regular basis. I had no idea that there might be a chance insurance would pay for a revision. In fact, I didn’t even know revision was possible. I was stuck, and unhealthy and discouraged. I cannot tell you how thankful I am for this second chance!
  14. Day 3 of post-op--drinking too much?

    At 4.5 months post-op, I don’t know if I could drink 94 oz in a day! The most important thing is to listen to your body. If you’re feeling uncomfortable, drink a bit more slowly. You are doing awesome with your liquids at this point! Keep up the great work!
  15. 9(ish) mo post-op and finally feeling good

    Congratulations! One of my biggest goals has been to feel stronger and healthier. Obviously the weight loss accompanies that, but I do relish most the moments of strength and being able to do things I couldn’t before. Keep up the great lifestyle you have built!