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  1. Ketosis

    I notice that many people on this board are monitoring their ketones and are purposely in ketosis long-term. Is that something recommended by your doctors/dietitians? Or something you researched and did on your own? My dietician has provided a balanced eating plan that includes complex carbs—more than would keep me in ketosis. I have my protein goal, and there is a limit on carbs, but I think it’s higher than what many of you are doing. There has never been a mention of ketosis with my doctor or dietitian I’m wondering if I ought to be working towards ketosis. How long does it take for your body to reach that state? If you have a day with too many carbs, how long until you are back in ketosis? Is it healthy to stay in ketosis long-term? Any insight you can give me is much appreciated!
  2. Should I be worried I don't sweat anymore?

    Listen to your body! If you need more time to let the mess kick in, take it. I look forward to hearing that you are feeling better (and sweaty!)
  3. Should I be worried I don't sweat anymore?

    @kristinwitha_k How did it go? I went on a 3 mile walk yesterday, and I jogged the last 1/4 mile. I am happy to report that I was indeed sweating at the end! Not as much as I would have 80 pounds ago, but definitely sweating!
  4. Should I be worried I don't sweat anymore?

    I have been thinking that I need to start pushing myself harder, too. My brain still dreads the really intense workouts because it was so painful, but after losing 80 pounds, my joints feel great and I enjoy the mild soreness from using my muscles. So here’s to us both stepping it up! Do you want to make a deal? Let’s see if we can do something that makes us sweat for real this week and report back!?
  5. Should I be worried I don't sweat anymore?

    I have noticed this exact thing. Yesterday I did a jogging workout. I was breathing heavily and tired, but no real sweat! I have no idea why that is. I may need to experiment with longer workouts to see if I can work up a good sweat.
  6. If only we could avoid the self doubt, and the emotions that tempt us to comfort ourselves with food, and the pitfalls that we encounter along this journey. Since we can’t dodge any of that, thank goodness for collarbones, and bathing suits that fit, and for a good poop! Your perspective is a great reminder that every day is just one step on this journey, and every day is a new start!
  7. Excellent Video on Regain after Sleeve

    I finally found time to watch this video. I’m so glad I did. It explains my slow down, and because I had a band (which malfunctioned for 8yrs) it makes me wonder about my esophagus.
  8. 8 months today....Sigh

    Hey @tracyringo! I know we’ve talked a bit about this slow down. I just want to encourage you on the journey. You have made incredible progress, and you are still marching steadily on. We are in a similar place, and I can completely relate to the sense of consternation at the slow down. But we are doing the right things, and that will continue to bring results, even if they are slower than we hope. This is a lifelong journey, so even if we don’t meet our own self-imposed deadlines, we have not failed! We have a lifetime to get where we want to be! Keep moving and keep eating right, and you (and I) will get there! High five for your progress so far! And hugs for the frustrating days!
  9. Finally got in! Vsg complete!

    Awesome!! Welcome to this journey!
  10. I love the idea of things that I can crunch. Sometimes I just want to chew something. Gum is out due to TMJ, so I appreciate these suggestions!
  11. Oh can I relate to the slippery slope of special occasions. I haven’t really fallen back into that, but the temptation this weekend was intense. I was at a conference out of town for 3 days, so lots of eating out. I mostly made fantastic choices, but when my students were ordering ice cream or pie for dessert, or a Frappuccino, I struggled to not join in.
  12. Hi everyone! I’m struggling a bit, and I’m looking for advice, encouragement, etc. First let me say that my progress has been steady for the most part, and I’m delighted with my results so far. However, the farther I get into this process, the more I find that the life-long battle against myself and my head. I’m finding that the cravings for less healthy foods are rearing their head, especially in the evenings. Even if I’m not physically hungry, the mental hunger is alive and well. For the most part I can satisfy that with fruit or a tablespoon of cashew butter. I’m wondering if anyone else has found that these desires to eat “the old way” have come back. (For the first 6 months after surgery, I didn’t even have the desire to snack after supper). I also find that on weekends and when I’m out of town, I have a harder time keeping myself on track. I do order small portions at restaurants, or share a meal with my daughter. The structure of the work week, along with my pre-planning meals keeps me on the path pretty well. But when the weekend hits, I am struggling. Im tired of waking up Monday and having to do damage control! I know I’m probably not alone, but I feel that way.
  13. I need a stern talking to!

    I GAINED 10 pounds in the hospital during surgery. So when I got home I was so disappointed and discouraged. I know that I felt exactly the same way that you do at a month out. And I think at 2 and 3 months as well. However, over time you will see those losses add up! Things slowed down in February, and again I was frustrated and discouraged. However, my body has now started to change even when the scale isn’t. Just keep doing what you know you need to do. Before you know it, you will notice the difference. For me, the clothes sizes went in spurts. I was wearing the same size forever, and then I was down a size and then another size in 2 months. Then I was in that size for a long time. You are doing this one day at a time! Keep your head up! You’ve got this!
  14. 7 months post op today

    Yes!! You are rocking it!! Congratulations!!
  15. I found a tasteless protein that I mix in my coffee every morning. This could be added to yogurt, or any broth/soup. (There are some questions about the exact amount of protein in one serving. The label claims 30g, but many say that’s false. I figure that even if it’s 15g, I’m still ahead!) I haven’t had a protein shake in months. i also eat Starkist Tuna from a pouch almost every day. Most varieties have 17-19g of protein in each. I also add string cheese or cheddar cheese as a snack almost every day. Scrambled eggs/one-egg omelet with ham and cheese would also be high protein. I hope you are able to find some options you like!