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  1. Madhouse Heidi

    One year today—keeping it real

    Thanks @Cheesehead and @Rob_VSG! The struggle is real! I’m so thankful for this tool to help overcome the old ways of thinking and behaving.
  2. Madhouse Heidi

    One year today—keeping it real

    Thanks @Stephtay! It’s good to know I’m not alone in the image struggle. @BurgundyBoy Your encouragement means a lot! I guess I need to focus on the positive aspects of this year—90 pounds down, maintaining for 2 months, even though not 100% on track. Lots of NSVs as well. Thank you for the boost!
  3. Madhouse Heidi

    One year today—keeping it real

    @CheeringCJ I Like to do that same thing. I’m really good at it during the school year when I have a schedule. I am not as faithful during the summer when my schedule is very flexible. I also use MyFitnessPal, which I love. But it is only good as my accuracy in measuring and recording my intake! When I estimate how much I’ve eaten, I think I often underestimate my portion sizes. Thanks for the reminder—I really need to be doing that every day!
  4. Madhouse Heidi

    One year today—keeping it real

    @Ladybugzzz86, thank you for your kind words! Our minds are so powerful. I like the idea of sending them down the river. Here’s to enjoying and cultivating that health and happiness!
  5. Madhouse Heidi

    One year today—keeping it real

    Thanks @Jen581791! I was a blonde most of my life, although age has darkened me up. I appreciate the encouragement and the reminder that we are all on a similar, though not identical, journey!
  6. Madhouse Heidi

    One year today—keeping it real

    Thank you for the encouragement from a long-term perspective! More and more I realize how imperative it is for me to journal and plan.
  7. One year ago today I had my lap band (which had failed miserably and left me fat, discouraged and sick) converted to a VSG. It has been a great year of losing weight, becoming more active and feeing healthy. I am down close to 90 pounds, I can wear a size L (sometimes M), and 12-14. HOWEVER, I haven’t lost any weight in the last two months. Part of that is probably my body catching its breath, but part of it has been a failure on my part to journal what I’m eating. I know I’ve been eating more carbs and less protein than I should. I have excuses—vacation, graduation, etc. But honestly I’ve been fighting the old mentality of eating without thinking and making excuses for poor choices. I haven’t gone crazy or anything like that I’m just not following the plan like I should be. Today I returned to my journaling and I made excellent food choices. I drank a lot of water and I played tennis. I know what I need to do, and I’m so thankful for the VSG that is a fabulous tool to help me get to my goal. I just want to be real and admit that it’s still a mental and emotional battle every day. Food has controlled me for my whole life, so I should have known this wouldn’t be easy. I’m just surprised at how hard it is to overcome and change old habits and ways of thinking. I am also struggling with how I see myself. Two months ago when I first got into a size 12/14, I could look at a picture and see myself as smaller than I had been I was proud of my progress and happy with how I looked. Now I look at pictures or the mirror, and I see myself as “big” Heidi again. It’s maddening! Nothing has changed physically, but mentally I’m beating myself up! I hope this doesn’t sound too negative I would do this all again in a heartbeat! I just needed to share my honest thoughts on this anniversary. Thanks for listening and for all the advice and support. I rely on this board and all of you more than you know!
  8. Madhouse Heidi

    10 month post op tomorrow !!

    I’m so happy for you!
  9. Madhouse Heidi

    What did you eat today?

    Typical day— breakfast: Latte (no flavor) with protein powder lunch: spaghetti squash with spaghetti and meat sauce, plus fresh fruit supper: 3 oz of meat (hamburger, chicken, pork, tuna, etc) plus veggies. Snack: cheese stick or deli turkey
  10. Madhouse Heidi

    9 months Vsg post op

    Tracy girl! I feel like we are soul sisters some days! I have lost exactly 4.6 pounds since April 1. It’s so easy to see the negative instead of the positive. However, when I put on size 13/14 jeans today, and I didn’t have to suck in or struggle, I remembered that there has been so much progress!! Prior to this surgery I had all but given up hope that I would ever feel healthy or good about myself again! And here we are, nine months later, with hope for that healthy tomorrow! It might take a few more months to get there than we anticipated, but when we look back at these days, we will only see them as a small part of a larger journey. Hang in there!!
  11. Madhouse Heidi

    3 months out!

    This has been my thought exactly! Congratulations on your awesome progress!!
  12. Madhouse Heidi

    100 lbs down !!

    Whoop!! You are doing so well!!!
  13. Madhouse Heidi


    I notice that many people on this board are monitoring their ketones and are purposely in ketosis long-term. Is that something recommended by your doctors/dietitians? Or something you researched and did on your own? My dietician has provided a balanced eating plan that includes complex carbs—more than would keep me in ketosis. I have my protein goal, and there is a limit on carbs, but I think it’s higher than what many of you are doing. There has never been a mention of ketosis with my doctor or dietitian I’m wondering if I ought to be working towards ketosis. How long does it take for your body to reach that state? If you have a day with too many carbs, how long until you are back in ketosis? Is it healthy to stay in ketosis long-term? Any insight you can give me is much appreciated!
  14. Madhouse Heidi

    Should I be worried I don't sweat anymore?

    Listen to your body! If you need more time to let the mess kick in, take it. I look forward to hearing that you are feeling better (and sweaty!)
  15. Madhouse Heidi

    Should I be worried I don't sweat anymore?

    @kristinwitha_k How did it go? I went on a 3 mile walk yesterday, and I jogged the last 1/4 mile. I am happy to report that I was indeed sweating at the end! Not as much as I would have 80 pounds ago, but definitely sweating!