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  1. @tracyringo I haven’t had to take anything at all for the last year. I occasionally have a tiny bit of heartburn, but no GERD. TUMS is enough to handle whatever I have now.
  2. Protonix was what I was given from the very beginning. I was on it for the entire first year. I had virtually no issues as long as I took it consistently. I hope you get some relief! That’s rough.
  3. I know you are feeling frustrated, and I felt that way, too! I just looked back at my numbers, and I was at about 48 pounds lost at that same point in my journey. I remember feeling like you did and thinking I was once again failing at this weight loss thing. But slowly and surely it continued to melt away. I don’t know how many calories you are eating, but I agree with @BurgundyBoy, you might want to slightly increase your intake. It seems counterintuitive, but it can actually help a lot! I make a delicious low fat baked oatmeal (I add protein powder to the recipe). I top it with a bit of yogurt and fruit and often mix unflavored protein powder in my yogurt. Could you get some egg substitute and make a small omelet? Add ham and cheese? Hang in there! You’re doing great! Heidi
  4. I’m so happy for you and your continued success!!
  5. I subscribe to Daily Burn 365. There is a new workout every day. Some are more cardio focused while others are more strength focused. Weekends usually include yoga and/or Pilates. Any sort of toning exercises are sure to be good for your health in many ways. Find something you enjoy, and stick with it! Best wishes!
  6. Hi @SuprFlyLas! I lost very steadily for the first 10 months. Then it slowed to almost nothing. Part of that was due to lots of traveling and events over the summer. The scale is moving slowly again, but I haven’t been faithful about my exercise or food journaling. When I do that, the results are more consistent (imagine that!) I’m down 91 pounds, and I’m thrilled with how I am feeling! I would love to lose another 10 or so. But slow and steady will get me where I want to be!
  7. I am not to my goal yet, so all of my slowing down has been frustrating. But the idea that I am maintaining and/slowly still losing a bit at a time is very positive after years of gaining! You are doing great! Keep up the hard work!
  8. Update: the last 3 days I have had little, if any, twitching. I’m not sure if it’s due to the increased magnesium, but I’m hopeful that the problem is resolving! I do have an eye exam scheduled in a couple of weeks as well.
  9. @msmarymac Thanks for the good questions. I had cataracts removed from both eyes a year ago, prompting bifocals. I don’t feel like my vision has changed a whole lot in the recent months, but I am planning an eye exam in two weeks. I do spend too much time on my phone, so I’m trying to cut back on that. The headaches along with the eye twitch could definitely point to eye strain and fatigue.
  10. @cinwa, Did you have any other symptoms? Headaches? I’ve consistently had headaches since the eye twitching started. I have added magnesium, more B12 and electrolyte water. Hopefully that will help.
  11. Thanks @msmarymac and @tracyringo! I called my doctor today. They said that they didn’t actually look at magnesium when they did my blood work. They only check that level for gastric bypass. So I could call my primary doctor and have them do blood work. Or I can start taking magnesium and drinking electrolyte water. I think I’ll start with that and see if it helps. I also know I should spend less time on my phone and computer. I don’t think giving up caffeine is a feasible choice! Lol
  12. Oh my gosh @cinwa! Thank you so much! I’m heading to the pharmacy tomorrow to get some magnesium! I really appreciate your input!
  13. For the last few weeks my left eyelid has been twitching. Some days it happens constantly, multiple times per minute. Other days it is barely noticeable. It is quite annoying, and I was hoping it would have gone away by now. I was reading that a lack of magnesium can cause this. I had forgotten to take my multi vitamin for a few days, so I figured maybe that was the problem. I got back to taking them every day, but it hasn’t helped. Last night I looked at the label of my vitamins, and there isn’t any magnesium in them! So I’m looking for some direction. Do your multi vitamins have magnesium in them? Have you had any similar issues with muscle twitches? Is this completely unrelated? As a side note, my blood work in July at my one year checkup looked good. Thabks in advance for any thoughts you might have! *Could you share what multi vitamins you all use? Other supplements? I have been using a children’s chewable for the last 15 months plus a chewable B12. For 6 months I also took a hair, skin and nails supplement, but I haven’t been using that for a few months. Heidi