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  1. I tried to get in with him. They require you to jump through all kinds of hoops. After DR Foremans office messed mine up so I switched to Dr William Jay Suggs. His office is amazing.
  2. My name is Chris I had my surgery the day after Christmas it's still taking some time to get used to it and I had a few question. I work at a pharmacy and many of my customers have had this surgery one lady is 10 years out drinking sodas and everything and hasn't gained a pound back and has been doing it for years another customer has gained even more weight than before she had it and is doing the same thing. I guess my question is what's the difference are there people here that go back to drink sodas and eating all these sweets and never gain it back? Or is it something else. I don't want to be back to where I was. I just need to know there's a balance. I need to know everyone's thoughts on these sweets and sodas and why it's easier for some to keep it off than the others. Please help me.