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  1. Congratulations on your weight loss. I also get dizzy when I stand up from a laying down position. I am about the stop my blood pressure meds I hope.
  2. Sally L

    3 months post op update

    Good job. I can relate to the sweets issue but I am just not keeping that in my house.
  3. Sally L

    Stomach pain after eating! PLEASE HELP ME.

    Hi Im a little over 3 months out and I had pain when eating after surgery for most of the three months. My surgeon figured that I had a little ulcer and that the area that was stitched together was hurting me. I took carafate and prilosec and it helped. Today it is much better.
  4. Sally L

    Sonoma Fires- Staying on track

    Thank you everybody for your great tips and advice. My husband and I are safe with our 3 cats today.
  5. Sally L

    Catching up

    I also can relate to taking a bite of pumpkin pie then moving onto to other bad food items like M&M's. I do find that I can't eat a lot so taking bites might be okay. However I think that totally avoiding those trigger foods is the best practice.
  6. Sally L

    I survived my kid's birthday party!

    Congratulations, keep up good work.
  7. 10/15/17 Hello all, I live in Sonoma CA and we are experiencing wild fires that you won't believe. Our house is okay so far but my nerves a shot. I have been snacking because I'm stressed. I can't eat a lot but i'm upset with myself for snacking. I just keep telling myself to stay focused. Any suggestions?
  8. Sally L


    My surgeon said that I could drink with straws as long as it didn't hurt, which it didn't so I am back to using straws.
  9. Sally L

    Protein Help

    I am almost 2 weeks out and my doc said I could eat with my teeth. Any suggestions?
  10. Sally L

    4 Days to Go!

    Hello Everyone, I did it! I had my surgery on 9/11/17. I'm feeling very sore and tired today. Trying to get the energy to go outside for a drive and a walk.
  11. Sally L

    4 Days to Go!

    Thanks @BurgundyBoy and @Gretta I can't take my ativan until the morning of my surgery because it could interfere with the anesthesia. So, I am just sleeping when I can which is normally early in the morning. I know that I will be okay once Monday rolls around. thanks again for your support.
  12. Sally L

    4 Days to Go!

    Good Afternoon All, Thank goodness for this forum because my friends are tired of hearing me complain. I am scared and not sleeping and I can't wait till Monday. I have been asking myself why I am nervous. I have had lots of surgeries but I am just very nervous. I feel a pit in my stomach all the time. Ever since my mastectomy in February I have just been nervous about surgery. I think I am also worried about life on the other side. I know its a new world and I am very excited. Yet I still worry but I am dealing with it the best I can. I have taken before pictures but, I want to take more pictures and measurements. Maybe this will keep me occupied. I'm planning on making a collage of my reasons and dreams for and about surgery. Thanks for reading.
  13. Sally L

    Flying today

    Best of luck! I'm sure you will do fine.
  14. Sally L

    Zallykatz76 Bypass Surgery

    Thanks @BurgundyBoy that helps. it is hard to get my head around a normal life but I know that is true.
  15. Sally L

    Anxious pre-op newbie❣️❣️❣️

    @NikRKin welcome. I hope your surgery went well and that you are on the looser's bench now. I'm still waiting for my surgery on Monday. People gave you good advice. Good Luck and Happy Landings.