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  1. HELP PLEASE I am gaining !!

    Your instinct to try not to panic is most likely correct, remember from your body's perspective you are starving, your body is trying to store everything, so every little increase in calories may show up on the scale - temporarily, if what you are saying is true you are still operating at a deficit so they will fall back off. Similarly this Monday I was shocked to see that I had gained 5lbs over the weekend! (we have a calibrated scale at work so only weigh on weekdays) Now today, I find that all 5 of them are gone, plus 4 more besides.
  2. Thanks!

    Me too, hardly a day goes by that I am not checking in, but more often than not if I have something to add, someone else said the same thing I would have.
  3. Hey Y'all

    I assume it was from the surgical table I was on which was arched up in the middle, I was so visibly uncomfortable on it that they brought in something to prop me up for the short time I was waiting to be put out, so there is little doubt in my mind that the several hours I spent on that thing are the root cause. Yes, I immediately spoke with the medical team, IMMEDIATELY, since I was having pain I did not expect that the IV pain meds didn't touch, they never offered an explanation, but for the most part it is better now.
  4. Hey Y'all

    I certainly experienced the back pain after surgery, and I do mean after surgery, like as soon as I woke up. That was far worse than any other pains I had following surgery, the gas pains that everyone warned about being so terrible didn't hold a candle to this. Was 3 weeks before I could lie on a flat bed again, and 4 months later, still not all the way back to right, though I do suspect the issue now may be the differing posture due to my new body shape.
  5. Greetings All - Gastric Sleeve Intro

    I had a similar experience with the eggs, took about 3 months before I could tolerate them.
  6. 4 month post op today

    While avoiding temptation certainly can help lead you toward success, I am concerned we are missing a larger problem in that ensuring a lack of temptation in her house she damaged her support system. They tell us in the planning phases that some relationships may not survive, and perhaps some shouldn't, but mother is a big one. Knowing most of us are emotional eaters, @tracyringo I encourage you to truly consider what is really more likely to cause you to backslide, a christmas cookie in your orbit, or the emotional fallout from potentially destroying your relationship with your mother.
  7. Crushed Medicine the Bane of My Existence

    They tell most of us bypass ppl to we need to crush since we don't have a true stomach the pill doesn't stay in our digestive tract long enough to dissolve. I use my splitter to chop them into small pieces, kinda splitting the difference easier for my system to absorb while the gut wrenching-vomit inducing bitter flavor can usually be avoided.
  8. I have a challenging friendship with someone who has had WLS.

    Nothing I am about to say should be construed as saying that you don't have 100% the right to raise your child in whatever way you see fit, but maybe consider that the way you grew up may not be the way to go considering your need for surgery as an adult? I grew up in a "healthy eating home" as you put it, in which everything had to be healthy/sugar free/cholesterol free(it was the 80's when they thought dietary cholesterol meant a lot), then once I was a teen/young adult improper diet became part of my adolescent rebellion, which led me to habits of no less than a 2 liter of MT Dew every day, fast food 4x per week and when I did cook, everything fried which put me in the place to need surgery to correct. I cannot speak for your experience, but I cannot wonder if mine would have been different if my mother had went for a moderation approach rather than an outright ban.
  9. Crushed Medicine the Bane of My Existence

    I would bet we all hated this, especially those of us that had to take mountains of pills daily as nothing I found could mask the nasty bitter flavor.
  10. Hiya! I'm a newbie!

    While generally they only require its consecutive months, not in the same year(make sure you don't miss a month or they will make you start over!)If you are not going to the doc for another reason you may want to hold off. Your surgeon's office should be able help you both navigate the 78 pages of requirements and refer providers who can fulfill them. My PCP, even though he supported me getting the surgery, refused to do the monitored diet required by the insurance (BCBSIL.) Apparently each insurance co has different reporting requirements and if something is not done exactly right they will deny, so he did not want to be responsible for it not happening. Using doctors who are familiar with what both the insurance companies and your surgeon expects can streamline the process to make sure it happens in the most timely manner possible, with as few surprises as possible. Would be terrible to be denied after 6 months of supervised dieting because the doc didn't take note of something he should have.
  11. Good advise in general, but sometimes even what we are technically allowed to eat is too much for the new pouch, so learning the new full signal is still important to avoid discomfort/nasuea/prematurely stretching the pouch. Problem is it seems that it is different for everybody, some describe a pressure, @Kio describes hers as similar to hunger, I unfortunately seem to no longer have one, unless you count suddenly vomiting as a fullness signal.
  12. my surgical week....

    My surgeons plan stated flatly that straws were ok from the moment I was allowed clear liquids and have never had a problem, which I am grateful for since I have sensitive teeth and straws help me to drink without hot/cold liquids running over them, would never have been able to hit liquid goals if I had to fight tooth pain!
  13. Two weeks out - starting a blog

    Of course they are! It's in the best interest of their business, if they were to create a hostile environment for the heavy set demo, the money would go down the street.
  14. Today's the day!!!

    Good luck!