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  1. I have not been on here in quite some time. But I am now 10 years X months out since surgery and a lot has changed or happened since. 

  2. I've been absent for a number of years. Since my last post, I've changed apartments numerous times, moved to a different state, struggled through a variety of failed relationships, changed jobs, and still continue to pursue degrees (dual-major) in college. My current struggle is alcohol, and the impact it has had on my life. I'm hoping through rehabilitation and the support from this form, that I will find a support system that lasts. I'm excited and nervous to be back. 

  3. JEveland

    Some new Pics and Some old.

    I'm sure you can tell which are pre and post
  4. Before surgery I had been drinking for about 10 years on a regular basis. Social drinker mostly. The depression, lost sense of self, and guilt over what I had done to my body drove me to become an even harsher drinker. I remeber having this conversation with myself in which I said "I don't want this anymore". What I was refering to was my life, responsibilities, hurt, and I gave up. Alcohol is completely different after surgery. I was told about how our bodies now process alchol differently, and how easily one can become drunk. What they don't tell you, is how gastric bypass enables binge drinking. Alcohol buzzes are short lived after surgery. I was able to drink close to three times as much as I previously could. I also lost the ability to vomit. I can not under any circumstances vomit. Nothing comes up. After enourmous volumes of liquor, it takes a while to catch up. And that after math was a mess. I was a mess. For almost 3 years after having a gastric bypass, I drank daily. I went through malnutrition, ulcers, black outs, and embarrassments. I had life threatening blood levels of Vitamin D, Calcium, Sodium, Magnesium, and Chlorine. My heart could've given out at any moment. At any second I could've dropped to the ground, and go into siezure. But I didn't care. I'm an alcoholic, and a drug addict. I am an IV drug user. So why stop? In August of 2011, I signed myself into an out patient rehab facility. At that point I had lost all the weight I wanted to. I had screamed, fought, cried, suffered, tortured myself, and blew out every once of anger I thought I had left while using drugs. I used drugs and alcohol to deal with the pain left from 22 years of being obese. On top of that I suffer from depression, and have Borderline Personality Disorder. I had been in and out of psychiatric clinics most my adult life. But this would be the first time anyone ever asked me, Why do you drink so much? For 6 months I went through rehab. Not a drink was sipped until earlier this year in September I had my first relapse with alcohol. I had relapsed numerous times throughout the 2 years after rehab. All of which were a direct result of being under medicated. Still, I struggle. And stil I have problems coping with this body that is still foreign to me. It's one thing to have a mind that hurts you. But to add to that an inability to recognize yourself as anything but a 350 pound women? It's not easy I have so much more I want to say. I wish I would've written this a bit better. I'm on a computer missing a space key lol. Typing is a bit problematic. I'll be sure to visit again. And continue this story. I want to give an inside look on what happened to me. On what I've been through. Largely due to the fact that 2 other women I went to rehab with had a gastric bypass done. That's 3 out of only 15 other individuals at this particular clinic who were being treated for alcoholism with a gastric bypass. There must be much more to this story. And believe me, there is.
  5. I really do'nt care how many call me small, skinny, petite, or slender. I don't want to hear it. I am still the sad fat girl. I am still 300 pounds.

  6. JEveland


    Had my surgery August 25th 2009.
  7. Wow, I haven't been on here in a while. Looks like A LOT has changed. I'm definitely digging this.

  8. No problem! I've found a ton of helpful stuff in the past and present on here. Not to mention tons of support.


  10. Hey there! I'm doing well. I'm still about 20 pounds short of my goal, but it could be worse. I could still be 140 some pounds heavier. So, I'm not going to complain haha. I've kind of stopped coming on here, because I'm not able to update my photos and stuff. My photo albums no longer have an option on it for adding new pictures. So, I kind of got mad and gave up. Hope all is well with you!

  11. Hey lady just checking in wish u a happy surgerversary!!!!!!! Hope all is well! Talk to u soon!!!!!

  12. I first made this profile a few months back, and have been able to successfully add pictures off and on since then. I stopped because one day the add pictures tab was gone when I went to my albums. I have even tried creating a new album to see if I could add pictures. And nothing. There is not a single icon, tab, or phrase to click for me to add pictures to my photo albums. I have searched high and low on forums, and even a sort of question and answer page. Nothing. This is starting to frustrate me ,because I had no problems up until a few months ago. So how is it that you are uploading pictures??! Because I'm starting to feel like an idiot. : (
  13. I had an IUD in when I went into surgery. I never even heard it brought up while I was going through the process. I don't see any reason why that would interfere with surgery. Or any reason as to why you would have to have it removed. As far as having one put in after surgery I would probably wait a little bit. Just enough time to let your immune system get back to normal in case you have a problem with having the IUD inserted.
  14. Since August 25th 2oo9 I have lost around 120 pounds leaving my about 30 pounds away from my goal. In the last month I have remained the same weight. This made me start to really focus in on what my eating habits have been like. What I found shocked me. I am starting to do and eat the same way I did before surgery. This has left me in this depressed, self-pitty, how the heck could I do this, fear mode that has me thinking that I'm just going to wake up tomorrow 300 pounds. I am petrified of gaining weight back. At the same time though these habits I have just control me in a way. I can't seam to stop myself from going into the kitchen and eating something. It's automatic. Like I'm a zombie or something. All I want to know is if anyone else has crept back to the dark side? How do I get myself back on track?
  15. I haven't been on here in a while, and went to go add some new pictures. When I did i couldn't find the add pictures tab. At first I thought maybe I maxed out how many pictures I can have in that particular album, but than I noticed that that album has less pictures than my other. So, now I'm confused. Anyone else having this problem? Or am I just special haha????