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  1. Radical Hysterectomy after WLS

    You ask well! Contact me anytime with questions. I have run the gamete with WLS, loss of hair, IV injections with the hematologist, vomiting until my crowns fell off etc... a little 20 pounds at 51 is manageable have a great week kick cancer's @*#
  2. Radical Hysterectomy after WLS

    God BLess you Gretta it has been a struggle at best. I still have the WLS "appetite" however the energy level and motive to exercise is GONE! That's the worse my regular doctor is so supportive and provides me with The hormone supplements that is required. My weight loss surgeon/staff does not provide however. Only how I can "do this or that BETTER" super frustrating so I have gone my own way with them just stay positive and do not let anyone tell you different on your own conviction
  3. I had rad hysterectomy 3 years after WLS and have gained 20 pounds since that time, slowly and steadly. Has anyone else had the same problem? Is this normal? To be honest, it is frustrating to go through all the WLS classes and counseling and to get cancer 3 years afterwards!! not happy with the weight gain, but it is better than the latter I guess......