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  1. @Gretta You inspired me - I ordered a Camelbak water bottle but then I thought about straws. I have noticed that I can do ice chips or SUPER cold, almost frozen water, with straws. So, I thought I might try *stainless steel* straws to see if they help AND THEY DO. Again, things I would not have thought of.
  2. @BurgundyBoy I have actually been thinking alot about this and I think I might start with scents that are strongest in my memory right now. I mentioned figs, so I am going to give that a try but I also have noticed that when folks around work have some sort of tomato-based meal, it makes my heart sing a bit. I was also making a lot of shakshuka ("tomato-egg" is what we called it) - and it was the one thing I enjoyed so maybe I will try that again and expand off of that palate. I am still a bit skeptical and trying to make sure I can brace myself a bit (and pull out a my mental skill set) to help me deal if it doesn't taste good, but at least it's a starting point. I will let you know how it goes.
  3. OMG...iced coffee is pretty darn good! I made it more ice than coffee (because ice is my friend these days) and it's pretty darn tasty. I bought my first one day so the test will be making it at home. Fingers crossed I can keep it down. Thank you SO much for the suggestion. Like I said, it's something I hated pre-op and did not think to try!
  4. @Cheesehead, you know, I have never thought of iced or cold-brewed coffee. Pre-op, they did not appeal to me at all but since I am on an "ice-chip" kick I wonder if that might taste OK. I can try it with skim and see what happens.
  5. @Jen581791 Wow. "Zero regrets." That makes my heart happy to hear and I am glad you are in such an awesome space. I hope too, to one day be able to say that. I never fully felt controlled by food, but I love the idea of not AT ALL being controlled by food. I can see how that feels empowering and I am totally down for that. A friend of mine had lap band about 7 years ago and she said to me, pre-surgery, "food is over rated." I did not quite get what she meant at the time but now I think I have an inkling. And yes, EVERYTHING tastes horrible to me too. I think I have to find a way to manage if the taste of food does not come back for me - and @Jen581791, I might be looking to you for more inspiration (although you have given me tons) - but also explore ways of attempting to explore scents and flavors in an effort to open up my palate a bit. It might not ever happen (and I think, with some support, I can live with that) but I won't know until I have tried some more, so that's what I am going to go forth and do, but only in the way that works for me. And @Jen581791 instead of "delicious" I am going with the word "scrumptious" or "devine" mostly because they make me giggle a bit.
  6. @BurgundyBoy Nope. I can't find any coffee or mixture (yet) that doesn't taste like pond water. And I wake up each morning to my coffee machine taunting me daily. (Really, it taunts me!). I feel robbed, not only of a delicious, hot and tasty beverage, but of my morning ritual. Now I just wake up in the morning and get ready for work? Blah! What's that all about? I guess I just have to keep trying different mixtures and flavors but so far, it's been a giant fail. How do you take your coffee? What's your favorite bean? I definitely agree that strong scents bring back memories. I have those associations with some foods and memories - figs remind me of my grandma - but I have not had any of them lately. Maybe it's time for a trip to the farmer's market for some exploration. I really do love this idea. Thank you for it.
  7. @Res Ipsa Some great stuff here but sometimes - or maybe for me, today - that seems so far off into the future. It's hard to think about all of the benefits yet to come when right now, sitting in my kitchen, I am crying because I just want to drink a gosh darn glass of water without getting sick. (I am not currently crying in my kitchen, by the way. Just trying to make a point.) You are talking about the light at the end of the tunnel, which is essential and so very very important to keep in mind, but right now I am at the stage of trying to figure out what the tunnel entrance even looks like. Does that make sense? With that said though, your framework is spot on. The benefits have been wonderful and I know will only continue to be great, and I know it's important to keep those in mind.
  8. I can't find my "coffee groove" yet and that's been really hard. I miss the routine of it - waking up, making coffee and reading the paper. I have tried decaf and regular, cream, no cream, protein shakes of different flavors. Again (sounding like a broken record) I have yet to find a mixture that tastes good to me. I have almost given up on coffee and that's a bit heartbreaking for me. I think thats one of the "foods" i miss the most. I might keep playing around with different variations but I am losing faith that I will find my coffee heaven again. I will poke around the boards for some reciepes though. I was never a Starbucks or "mocha, latte, frapaccino" kind of girl so I don't need to go fancy. @Stephtay what's your favorite decaf? Can you tell me your ratios of coffee, protein shake and milk? Which shake do you use? The phrase "nothing tastes as good as skinny feels" does not particularly personally resonate with me either. Because I did not do this to be "skinny" - I did this to be healthy and healthy looks like all different shapes and sizes.
  9. I have tried added fruit but that does not seem to help at all either. I will keep playing around with it though.
  10. @Res Ipsa and @Michael_A Thanks for sharing that article. I am a research-based type of gal so this was VERY helpful!
  11. I have every water bottle imaginable including that one. Still a no go with anything - water, tea, crystal lite. I will just keep doing ice chips and hope things get better. Gretta, I do love the idea of making an adventure out of it....I have noticed that at least somethings interest me (i have not tried them yet) that I did not like before. For example, I was never a "fish" person but the last two days I have been thinking that fish looks and sounds delicious. I think because things have not been sitting well I have been afraid to try but maybe that's actually the point where i need to leap. Maybe I will try some fish and see how it goes. Thank you for your support and ideas! It has helped me so much and I really needed it these last few days!
  12. @ @Stephtay The smart, logical part of me knows (or at least *hopes* it will get better) but being in the now and not feeling or seeing any end in sight is a challenge. Something I realized today though - and this may be part of it - I am not a super fan of the unknown. And this is all about the unknown. I mean, I think I *thought* I knew what I was getting into but that's not the same as experiencing it, right? I think my issue too is that I *did* think I would enjoy food post-op; i did not expect to not enjoy eating so this period, whatever it is, is throwing me off. I do hope it passes but I also think I have to be prepared that it might not. WIth that in mind, I have to come up with a better framework for dealing and a way to positively spin things a bit. You guys have all given me great ideas, suggestions and feedback and I am going to work with some of these tips and see what I can come up with. I love that you wrote letters to your foods. I think that's a great idea and I might have to do that. The one thing I miss soooooooooooooooooo badly that makes me want to cry is coffee. I can't handle it at all and I was a HUGE coffee drinker. Maybe writing a letter would help.I am going to try it and see what happens. Thanks for sharing yours stories. All of this is so personal. I am so grateful I found this group and folks here who are willing to be open and honest about things.
  13. I am in prime "woe is me" for sure. And I do know that's part of it. But as you have clearly outlined so much of it is perspective. I appreciate you being honest about your experience and not just saying "it will get better" because honestly, there is always a chance it won't. So I guess my choice is to create a framework that works for me and allows me to put a positive spin on it or just be miserable for (a while? a long time? ever?) I LOVE the idea of re-defining what "delicious" means. I might try "tasty" or some other - I think I want to save delicious for when (see, optimism!) food does taste good. I will have to think about that and post here. That's a great idea and something I can incorporate today. If you don't mind me asking, does all of this make you regret your decision? Would you do anything differently knowing what you know now?
  14. I am comfortable with managing the issue of avoiding food to comfort me (at least I think I am), I just want to be able to enjoy the taste of a well made dish (in appropriate portions!) I just have not found anything that tastes even remotely good. But thank you for telling me that it will get better and that my love of foods will come back. If you don't mind me ask, how long did it take it to come back for you? (Of course, I realize all of our journeys are different. Just curious.)
  15. Thanks for sharing @Stephtay I needed to hear that it does get better so I appreciate you sharing you story with me. My family has been so loving and supportive of all of this and are very patient with where I am in the process. I mostly just miss the enjoyment of food - the tastes, the textures, the flavors. Just taking one bit of something and savoring it. I have not done that in so long it's making me so sad. I know that part of it is that I have not found my "new" food loves; I just keep running into "old" foods that taste like crap. And water. God, I miss the enjoyment of water so much. Ice chips are literally the only way I can stay hydrated. I miss just enjoying a nice cool glass of water on a summer's day. And I am sad because 1) I don't know if I will *ever* enjoy that and 2) I have not found any thing to replace that (no mater how hard I have tried). I am just having a "moment", I know. I also know it will get better. I am not a "cook" in anyway, shape, or form, but I am now realizing that's going to have to change. Maybe some cooking classes would be helpful?
  16. @BurgundyBoy That's totally it too - I understand the theory and that it *will* get better but today, it's crappy. And I don't want theory or future or some day - I want to feel good about food today, enjoy things today. So, basically that makes me sound like a pouty 4 -year old but it's not just that. I think part of this is mourning - for the way things were, for the changes and the differences that will come, for foods that just won't work for me anymore. That's where the sadness comes in, anyway. The physical part...well, I am not sure. Like I said, water of any kind or temperature tastes horrible. I did discover I can chew ice chips so that's what I am doing to stay hydrated. Food though....blah to pretty much all of it. Hopefully I will find something(s) I like (and soon) but right now, nothing is doing it for me. Taste is part of it yes, but it's also that my pouch sort of "grumbles' when I put anything in it. Literally, anything. Is that normal?
  17. "blessed by grapes" made me laugh so hard. I have been avoiding this type of beverage since I am only 9 weeks out but maybe a sip would not be the worst thing. I appreciate you reaching out. I have not found new things that I like, just a giant list of things that i used like that now taste like garbage. I think that's been the hardest part - not having tasty new replacements for things that are on the gross list. I know it will come but this last week has just been horrible. Part of it is that my mind gets excited about something I have bee known to like and it doesn't know how to deal when I eat that thing that should be delicious but now tastes like nastiness. I know it's about changing my mindset a bit. I will get there, I just needed some lifting up today.
  18. Having bit of buyer's remorse today. About 9 weeks out (6/20 RYN) and nothing tastes good - eating or drinking. Water (at all temperatures and with any type of addition - fruit, crystal lite, tea) tastes terrible and bothers my pouch. Same with everything I eat - it ether tastes terrible or does not sit well in my pouch. Eating with my family brings me to tears because I just want to *enjoy* something. Anything. The number on the scale and other NSV are fine but right now they are not enough to make me feel good about anything. Please tell me this will pass or that at least others have felt/feel the same. Really regretting my decision today.
  19. @cinwa My nutritionist (and others on another board) recommended that we well as adding fruit slices to flavor water. I was a coffee girl before surgery, but now decaf tastes terrible to me so I am slowly learning to love teas. Do you worry at all about tea being a diuretic?
  20. True. It's funny, you get so caught up in the "now" you forget that things will change (well, at least I do anyway). I am still struggling a bit with drinking water; just feels "funny" going down so these soups help keep me hydrated too!
  21. Hey @cinwa My order arrived and THESE ARE DELICIOUS! Thanks for the recommendation! Going to order some more now!
  22. Hey there, just checking in. How are you doing?
  23. @daniellelove1987 Thanks for sharing your experience. I am 5 weeks post-op (RNY) and I am having the EXACT same experience. Water does NOT sit well at all; it's almost like I can feel it going down or something. It's really uncomfortable. It occurred to me yesterday to play around with the temperature as @Gretta mentioned and I have noticed room-temperature or even warm water does go down better. Decaf tea is pretty OK too. I also did not have a problem with Liquicell mixed in water but just water is not my favorite thing right now. I am glad I found this thread though; it's good to know that this is a typical experience. I might also try to flavor my water with fruit slices as @cinwa suggested. How has it been going for you since this post?
  24. @cinwaThese look amazing! Thanks for the recommendations. That's what I was mostly looking for - soup items/ideas. This is perfect. I am going to order the variety pack and see what I like best. Price is really pretty decent too. Again, thanks for sharing.