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  1. kayak19

    Maintenance Month Two: Hold the Line

    @Jen581791 stunning pictures - love that you are sharing this aspect of your journey and Oman adventure with us. I have had to take some little treks in my daily life lately and every time I marvel at how I'm able to just keep going without fatigue, heavy breathing and sweating and all of the self-consciousness that goes along with that. Only those on our journey could really relate. It is not only a physical but a mental unburdening for sure. I wonder if I'll ever get used to it. Thank you for sharing the fashion info too - it's hard to explain to people how odd this piece is (you described it perfectly), especially when essential clothing pieces fit fine one day and absolutely do not the next. I tried on five pairs of black pants the other morning, trying to get ready for work, looking for some that fit...it was like Goldilocks at my house, too big, too small, too small, not sure I can pull this off, don't have the right shoes for this pair, okay still cold enough for cords...found a pair, Finally!! Bread still scares me : ) I just started some PT and one day I stopped in the building's restroom and, I know this is weird, but I walked into the most delicious bread smells. Apparently there is a Jimmy John's in the building that vents into the ladies room!? No bread since June and man that really smelled good...an paradoxical moment to be sure. I'm fine not eating it, but I don't want it around the house and I really don't want to smell it! My husband basically eats the equivalent to Wonder bread which is not at all tempting. Maybe someday it will be back in rotation, but not sure if that's a good idea for me...we'll see...
  2. I'm an educator so I'm off for most of July. My surgery was on the 10th, which was a Monday, I was in the hospital two nights. I was home all that week after that and then worked for a morning or two the next week. Like I said, I think a significant amount of the pain I experienced was due to the hernia repair, so perhaps without that I may have been okay to be back at work in a sit-down job the following Monday. People on this forum have certainly done that. I think you might want to have a plan B just in case though. For the shakes, if you like peanut butter, I recommend the PB2 powder. When I add more than a rounded teaspoon, it's too much for me, but the small amount I add just sort of masks the tastes that would make me gag too. Also, it's a pretty small shake so I can get it down in about six mouthfuls. Sounds like you've moved into a better place with all this; glad for you and glad they could do your surgery near Memorial Day to give you the extra time.
  3. kayak19

    Hard day... pet attacked

    How traumatizing for both of you @Kio! I hope that Sadie will be able to be home with you soon.
  4. kayak19

    N - I - N - E

    So sorry to hear about your recent losses, @CurvyMermaid. You're making it through with your protein and water and that's a good thing. That is exciting news about your brother moving closer and your new hobby sounds like fun! I didn't know you could take lessons in archery, I always just hear about it as a camp activity...I guess it makes sense, right?
  5. kayak19

    My 5th Month Surgiversary!!!

    You are looking great @CheeringCJ! I know that whenever I'm not losing as much on the scale, my body is usually adjusting and I can see the results in my clothing and/or in my measurements. I agree with @Readytobeme that your hair looks really good now, it seems like it goes better with the thinner you. I hate seeing the hair in the drain and my brush, and everywhere else, but I'm also seeing it growing back in as well, so at least there is that going for us, right?
  6. kayak19

    New to the loser forum

    Wow! I totally feel honored to be included in this group of rock stars! Thanks @Res Ipsa!
  7. kayak19

    New to the loser forum

    Hi @Newlife2018 - welcome to the forum. At my clinic, they never really set a goal for me, but told me what the average weight loss was for each type of surgery. Some of the goals posted on this forum will be those set by the team or nutritionist and some, like mine, are sort of guesses. I looked up what a healthy weight was for someone my height, which is 155...that seemed lower than I could imagine and somewhat unrealistic, so I added 15 lbs. I figured if I get down that low, I'll see how I feel and if I'm still losing steadily. It's hard to imagine when you're at the beginning stages, but having watched some of the previous posters in their process as they got down to and past their initial goal weights has been very helpful.
  8. Regarding the eating after bypass, I followed a gradual procession back to regular food like anyone else after WLS, but after getting through the stages, I've been pretty much eating real food. I don't do artificial anything either. I do pretty well with salads, beef, chicken, seafood, cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese. For me some exceptions include ham, for some reason, it really fills me up quickly and so do egg yolks; I do better with egg whites. Earlier on it was sometimes hard to get all the protein in through real food. I wanted to be done with shakes as soon as I could. I had my own little concoction that provides about 40 gr of protein, but I wanted to be done and just eating real food. One of the nutritionists said, if you are relying on meat for your protein, it puts a lot of pressure on those meals and sometimes you fill up unexpectedly and then what do you do? That made sense to me, as I was experiencing that, so now I have a couple shakes a week, especially if I'm going out and unsure of what foods will be available. I use unflavored Unjury protein powder and mix it with 2 T collagen, 2 oz unflavored kefir, 2 oz unsweetened almond milk and a t. of PB2 powder. When I had my surgery I also had a pretty big umbilical hernia repair at the same time. I felt like any pain was well managed with meds, but according to the hospital staff, they felt that the pain I experienced was due more to the hernia repair than the bypass. I just sort of felt like I'd had a really big workout for a week or two. I felt like it was very do-able. It doesn't sound like it's great timing for you with your work, but if you can get that piece figured out, I think you'll be able to manage the rest.
  9. kayak19


    That's so exciting! Congratulations!!
  10. Hi @Kim M - I just reread this thread altogether; you've been through a lot these past months. I had a bypass and so far, no issues or complications. My friend who had a sleeve just before me had a pretty tough time the first couple weeks, unable to keep food down. She now has issues with reflux and her stomach makes noise all the time. I have not experienced any of these things. The sleeve was not an option for me because of having reflux issues before surgery, but I'm pretty happy that I had the bypass over the sleeve. My reflux is totally gone now, no meds at all for that. I know some people worry about not being able to take ibuprofen after bypass; I was trying to not take that anymore anyways and have needed pretty much zero pain meds since my surgery. Besides not wanting another WLS, what are your reservations about the bypass, if you don't mind me asking?
  11. kayak19

    Answer and Mixed Feelings

    Congrats! I was still feeling like, "I thhhhhhink I'm going to do this but I'm not 100% sure?" when I came up to the 10 day pre-op diet. I was not sure I could do the pre-op diet, but it was surprisingly very doable for me. So much so that I started thinking why did I need to have surgery if I could do the pre-op diet so easily? That said, having the surgery was the best decision I've ever made. I'm just 9 months out, but the things I can do now and the way I feel every day fill me with joy. I am building an active lifestyle for myself and prior to that was becoming more and more sedentary even though I didn't want that for myself. I was just physically unable to do what I wanted to be doing. I'm on a break from work right now so I went to strength training and then yoga this morning and am heading out for a bike ride in a bit. Very different than last year at this time. You can do all the pre-op requirements successfully and then after your surgery start creating the life you want to be leading. I think people in our situation wonder if they have enough willpower and we absolutely do...you'll be on the loser's bench before you know it.
  12. I am in need of a long sleeve or 3/4 length sleeve compression shirt. Does anyone have suggestions? I found Under Armour for about $50; thought I'd ask here before investing.
  13. kayak19

    What Are You Wearing Today?

    Your outfit is amazing - you look great!
  14. A fun thing happened today...I stopped at the plus-size shop that has pretty much been the only place I've been able to shop until just recently. Nine months ago I was purchasing 5X clothes and today I bought 0X tops (not sure the point of 0X, but that's okay, closest to size 0 that I'll ever be and that's just fine ). I had run out of the house without a coat today and ended up putting on a coat that was in my car on the way to be donated (because it's frickin" freezing, Mr. Bigglesworth - bring on the warm weather so I can ride my new bike!). It is a pretty blue embroidered coat from J.Jill that always made me feel like I was a little bit fashionable in my really large clothing. The saleswoman commented that I needed a new coat, which I've been hearing a lot lately, but I've been trying to wait until next winter. Then a few minutes later a woman got in line behind me and commented on how pretty my coat was. I thanked her and then thought a minute and said, "Would you like this coat?" I told her it had been in the donation pile and that I would love for her to have it. I took it off right there and had her try it on. It looked great on her and made her so happy. It made me happy as well. It's hard to get rid of some clothing even though it's exciting to be in smaller sizes and it makes a difference if you know someone is going to enjoy it as much as you did. Not only that, it prompted a conversation about WLS. This woman had recently been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and because of the experiences shared on this forum, I was able to provide information about the impact surgery has for people with that diagnosis. My other fun story is about a recent visit with my 8 year old niece. We were at a restaurant for a family dinner and playing games in her notebook to pass the time. After many rounds of tic-tac-toe and the dot/square game I asked her if she'd like to play the adjective game (once an educator, always an educator). She agreed so we took turns writing words that described each other. Her initial list for me (not to brag or anything) consisted of awesome, best, fantastic...I was trying to get her to think a little deeper and was writing words for her like funny, talented, sensitive. On her next turn she thought for a minute, looked me up and down and wrote "healthy." I can barely keep from tearing up just typing this. So glad the right messages are coming across and that I'll be able to increasingly keep up with (and be here for) her and her sister as they grow up.
  15. kayak19


    I threw up a couple of times, maybe 3, about 3 months out, always with meat, such as lunchmeat, always if I was eating too fast, too big of bites, back to an old habit of scarfing food to get to a meeting or some other kind of rush...had just gone back to work and didn't have papaya enzymes stashed everywhere yet. One of the times, I was trying to get home, didn't make it and had to pull over. Another, I was monitoring kids in the lunchroom and had to run into my office, barely made it. Starts with foamies and then feels like I'm throwing up a lung. Hasn't happened since then, but I did adopt a pretty narrow menu of foods that I take to work and lunchmeat is not on the list. Chili, cottage cheese, yogurt, cheese, apples, nuts, more recently salads are working, and papaya enzymes in my purse, car and desk. They usually do the trick if I take that extra bite, but I know more how to recognize when to stop now too. I almost always leave at least one bite behind.