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  1. 6 months... seriously!?

    You look great, @Kio and are doing so well. Thank you for your inspiring post. LOL you don't look at all like ET, but I can relate to feeling that way. Sometimes I feel like my nose is the only thing not getting smaller. I struggle with water too and I don't really know why. I like water. It just feels like you have to be drinking it CONSTANTLY to get water goals met and then of course the inevitable impact of all that water. I have water available and around me 24/7 but sometimes a couple hours goes by and I'll realize I haven't had any. It is one of my short term goals every month but I know my goal amounts are pretty modest currently. If you figure anything out to increase your intake be sure to share!
  2. Back from the Winter Walk!

    What a great accomplishment - congrats!! Your smiles tell the whole story!
  3. I did it!!!!

    Congrats, @CheeringCJ! That's amazing!
  4. 7 Months Later...

    Thank you, @Res Ipsa! This is so true. I remember a little debate a few months ago about your famous saying, "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels." I didn't have an opinion at that time, but I now find myself thinking something similar often. People ask me if I am missing certain foods and this saying is what comes to mind. It may not be the "skinny" part exactly, but all the things that come along with being at an increasingly healthier weight and size, the things on my list and the literally hundreds of other things that could be added. A cupcake or piece of pizza just isn't worth it. And I'm no longer avoiding those foods because I'm afraid of them, because I was until just recently. Now I'm choosing and am perfectly fine with not having them. Hope is the biggest factor for me...I had gotten to the point that I felt nothing was going to work. Having hope does amazing things for a person. I feel so badly for friends and family who are struggling and may not be at a point of considering surgery because I recall the feelings they are having so vividly and and it's a miserable place to be. Counting my blessings daily!
  5. 7 Months Later...

    Thanks, @CheeringCJ and @Gretta! I always enjoy and am inspired by your posts too!
  6. 7 Months Later...

    Thanks @Kio Here is a little more about my exercise journey in case it is helpful to you or anyone else. I knew that I'd need to do some toning so I asked around and got recommendations of places to try for weight training. I did not think just going to the gym by myself would get the results I wanted so I was thinking a day with a trainer and then maybe 2 days on my own. The gym I loved is all personal or small group training and they really care about the people they train. I started with one day a week and am at three days of small group training now. The difference is the feedback you get. I know I won't get injured and they switch out the weights or up the challenge when I'm ready for it. I always leave feeling like I did something really good for myself and challenging at just the right level. When I would try to go to the gym on my own, I didn't leave with that same feeling at all and I guess I feel like I'm at a place where I want to invest in me right now. So finding the right gym and trainer was key for me. I just edited this to add @Kio that when I first went to the trainer, I told them I couldn't do things sitting on the floor due to sciatica (and of course issues with getting up and down). Over the 3 months I've been training I've gradually been doing more and more on the floor. I don't have to use the supports to pull myself up anymore and the other day I found myself rolling up from crunches to my feet like I'd been doing that my whole life...I blew my own mind with that one! It does not take long at all to see improvement with strength training, especially with the right support people. Then I added yoga and I am enjoying the process of learning about all the different kinds through classes, videos and books. "Yoga with Adriene" on YouTube is a great place to start. There are a ton of them from 10 minutes on up. I can do maybe about 75% of the positions/flows currently but it is great for building flexibility and core strength. I found that my balance was pretty off from losing weight and that has stabilized. I take a local class a couple times a week and am looking to try some others as well as some local all-day yoga events. Both in yoga and weight training I'm sometimes surprised at what I'm able to do. I've also tried some other things like spinning and pilates using Groupons or often they let you try a class for free. At the first pilates class, the instructor was almost oddly very enthusiastic about my surgery and results so far and then I found out she'd had surgery with the same surgeon 15 years ago. It was so inspiring to meet someone IRL who was not only successful that far out but working in the fitness industry! I knew I'd be exercising at some point...I had no idea that I could love it so much...I just hope it lasts! If theme songs are inspiring to anyone, feel free to borrow mine..."Try Everything" by Shakira...it's a great workout song!
  7. Today is a Snow Day so no work today! I'm cozied up in my CuddlDuds with some coffee, looking at the falling snow and thinking about how different my life is now compared to this time last year. Tomorrow is my seven month surgery anniversary, so I thought a list of differences to celebrate might be in order... Got up to get more coffee and just used my legs to stand up, did not have to push myself off the couch with my arms Woke up yesterday with some kind of (painful and debilitating) shoulder injury (turned out to be a tendon had slipped out and after a trip to the chiro is 95% better) and all I could think about was how this would interrupt my exercise routines (whaaat?!?). I should add that although I was in pain, I still went to my workout (modified of course) at 6 am (whaaaat, whaaaat?!?!) I have goals, weight/health related and other, and I am succeeding at them. It amazes me how feeling good about yourself health-wise impacts all other areas (I know, duh!) There is a long flight of stairs where I work that has created great anxiety for me, who's watching, am I breathing heavy, do I have to two foot the stairs...that I now actually look forward to climbing. I currently can walk up them without holding the rail and am anticipating a day when I can skip up them like young thin people do, without thinking about it. I fit in all chairs and no longer have to google restaurants before agreeing to outings to check to see if their chairs are sturdy or spindly. Bring on those cheap spindly chairs! I can zip up my old boots, circa 2003-ish? Because I've been out of fashion-thinking since about that time, I really have no idea if they are still wearable from a fashion standpoint, I think maybe they are, but they are zipped nonetheless! I am comfortable trying different types of exercise, classes, venues and am not worried that others including the instructors are wondering what on earth I'm doing there. Love, Love, Loving my exercise classes - they are the best parts of my day now. I am at the top of my list of priorities - I know it's such a cliche, but I can do all the things on my list of priorities and take better care of all the people in my home and work life when I take good care of myself. That means thinking about and acting on it every single day, not just with the leftover crumbs or special occasions. My health and well-being are worth those efforts. (again a cliche) I'm starting to be able to buy clothes at regular stores, have a foot in both worlds currently. BUT, just bought a school spiritwear shirt and not only did I not have to call the vendor to make a special arrangement for a really big shirt (beyond the plus sizes on the form), I also did not have pay $4 extra for a regular plus size. Most people would have no idea what a big deal that is, to just pick up the form, check the box and order your shirt. I am comfortable talking about my WL journey (when I choose to). Never talked about my weight with anyone really prior to this. I am no longer worried that I'm going to be crushed by my steering wheel if I have so much as a fender bender. I can run an errand or two and not have to take a big nap/rest afterwards (and bring in all the groceries, well okay the much smaller amount of groceries, and put them away and then do more stuff!) Sleeping comfortably in my bed after several years of armchair sleeping due to sleep apnea, reflux and just not being able to find a comfortable position. Find myself planning and participating in more social activities, many of which involve physical activity. February is a busy month this year! I could probably continue to think of more things all day, but probably the biggest difference is that every day I wake up and feel hopeful that my health, well-being, mobility, appearance and satisfaction with my life is going to continue to improve. Finding Thinner Times was the tipping point for me, causing me to decide that I would in fact go through with the surgery and where I found the community of people who were serious about making sustainable changes. I'm so thankful for all of you - for sharing your stories, successes, challenges, tough love, humor and compassion. Namaste (yes, I'm a yoga girl now!) and happy Snow Day!
  8. My Three Month Surgiversary!!!

    This is so true! I think it's about hope vs. despair, control vs. no control. You are doing so great and cheering everyone on in the process!
  9. Any ideas for a book club suggestion?

    Thanks @Gretta, @Lankyliz and @TP1210 - really enjoying this thread and all the recommendations!
  10. Any ideas for a book club suggestion?

    Thank you @NerdyToothpick @Jen581791 and @kristinwitha_k. I'm enjoying checking out the suggestions you shared! Over the past couple of years I had found that I was not able to focus on reading...I'd fall asleep whenever I'd try and I just couldn't get into it. It was troubling because being a reader had been a big part of my identity throughout my life and and not being able to settle down with a book added to my feelings of being slug-like. Lately I've been enjoying riding my recumbent bike and listening to audio books while I do that and on my commute to and from work. Between that and my newly embarked upon yoga practice, both helping with focus and mindfulness, I'm finding space and energy in my life again for reading and it feels really good. So thanks again for the suggestions - would love more if anyone has some! I find it interesting that weight loss can impact so many different aspects of my life, like reading...
  11. Pre op weight loss

    You can do this - good luck to you and let us know how you are doing!
  12. Annoyed!?!?

    It does seem like on certain days I'll hear many compliments and it usually isn't when I'm wearing something that I think is particularly slimming. I think one of the things about the whole compliment thing is that even when someone says something kind, I sort of put my guard up because we are talking about something so personal to me, my weight, and I never know what they're going to say next. I've had a couple odd comments, as we probably all have. So all throughout the day, mentally my guard is up/down, up/down. When I get a compliment that I'm not expecting, I feel like, "oh yeah, this person hasn't seen me in awhile, here we go." But I do think that for the most part the compliments are well-intended and from people that are happy for me that I'm healthier and able to live life to a fuller extent. And I am so I think it's an okay trade-off.
  13. Just some Observations/Experiences

    Congrats on your weight loss! What you describe experiencing so far with food is similar to what I experienced. One tip that helped me...I was eager to eliminate the protein shakes from my diet and just get my protein from regular foods so I was kind of pushing that. At a support group everyone was talking about struggles with meat and the leader shared that even though she is 13 years out, she does not rely on meat sources to get her protein in. She eats dairy, cottage cheese and yogurt primarily, and then supplements with protein shakes, maybe one a day. She does eat meat but because she still gets full so quickly with it, she just considers whatever she is able to consume bonus protein for the day. She said relying on the meat for her protein puts too much pressure on her to get through those meals. That made a lot of sense to me and so I've adopted that thinking for the past few months and it has really helped. I don't have a protein shake every day, but I do if I'm going out to eat later that day as those are the more unpredictable meals for me, sometimes they work and sometimes I fill up after two bites. Good luck with your continued success!
  14. Starting the removal

    Excited for you! Can't wait to hear the updates!!
  15. still losing hair

    Glad to hear this...just at the 6 month mark and ready for those follicles to come back on!