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  1. kayak19

    ONDERLAND are you kidding me?

    That is so awesome, congrats, Tracy!!! I am so happy for you! Love that you tried 3 scales before you believed it. : )
  2. kayak19

    5 weeks in and struggling

    I tried to add foods according to my dr's schedule and definitely had to put some on hold until later. I couldn't believe the difference between a thinner soup and a thicker pureed soup, it was huge. These stages seem like they last a long time, but in retrospect they really don't. Try not to add too many new things at once as this makes it easier to tell what you can tolerate. For me a "meal" would be a 1/4 cup of cottage cheese or a couple ounces of soup. Take a minute between bites and stop as soon as you think you might be full. It only takes one bite to make the difference between full and really uncomfortable or experiencing side effects. Also, unexpected foods will be hard for some reason. I get really full on plain scrambled eggs. It is better for me if I add cheese, why? Who knows? I can eat egg salad with no problem too, but plain scrambled eggs are harder for me, just as an example.
  3. kayak19


    I just ordered the same from Lands End - I love it!
  4. kayak19

    First Time(r) for Everything

    I felt like I was 50/50 going to/not going to go through with it as I scheduled my date and did the pre op testing. My timeline was about the same as yours but last year. I'd read something that made me nervous, like about possible hair loss for example, and think, that's it, not going to do it, and then I'd read some more and see how people managed to get through that particular aspect and come back up to 50/50. Then about 10 days before surgery, I had a dream that I woke up after surgery and my dr said that they weren't able to do the procedure for some reason. I woke up feeling incredibly disappointed even though it was just a dream. I realized that this was maybe my last chance to get healthy and have the more active lifestyle I was wanting. From that point on I was 100% going for it. Best decision ever. What you're feeling is normal - this is a big step, but the results can be amazing if you are ready to make the necessary changes to go along with the procedure. You can do this!
  5. kayak19

    I’m new here

    Hi @Flawed Princess good luck with your decision. I've been very happy with my bypass. Stats are below...
  6. kayak19

    these pants used to fit

    Amazing! You're so close to your goal. That's a great pic!
  7. kayak19

    I did it!!!!!!

    That's awesome! Those are some pretty skinny feet on that scale!! Congrats!
  8. I was lucky to not experience nausea. I know two people who had sleeves who had nausea for about that length of time. One, I know, tried quite a few meds, but really suffered for awhile and then it seemed to dissipate. She then went on to be quite successful with her weight loss. I'm sorry to hear this is your experience so far.
  9. I once went to a restaurant gathering with work colleagues only to find that we were eating on the patio, ahhhh! I had to cram myself into an iron chair with side arms. My body was completely immobile except for my arms, I could barely reach the table. I was in pain the whole time and went home with huge bruises on the sides of my legs. I feel thankful every time I go somewhere and the seats work (which is always) and I'm doubly-thankful when once in awhile I realize I went to the gathering, enjoyed myself and didn't have that old panicky feeling of whether or not the seats would work. I wonder how long it takes for that to go away totally or if it ever will?
  10. Some of these may have already been said but they are so significant I couldn't not repeat...I am not at my goal yet, but it is amazing to me how great I feel every day and the things that I'm able to do now. not having to read restaurant reviews in order to get a glimpse of their seating before saying yes to eating out being able to lead an active lifestyle with cycling, kayaking, weight training and other types of exercise and activity watching my fitbit steps increase without even pushing to reach higher goals; I'm just moving more throughout my day being able to work in my garden for much longer periods of time and being able to kneel for hours without pain confirmation that I actually have a lot of willpower and determination and whatever else is needed to lose weight successfully the shopping is fun (and a little intimidating at first; good is the enemy of best, we no longer have to buy it in all the colors just because it fit okay) not having to worry about how far I might have to walk if going to a baseball game, going out with friends, going to a work event having energy not having acid reflux or sleep apnea anymore
  11. These are the ones I've been using - couple do the trick every time https://www.amazon.com/American-Health-Multi-Enzyme-Super-Papaya/dp/B00822YO96/ref=sr_1_6_s_it?s=hpc&ie=UTF8&qid=1526261410&sr=1-6&keywords=papaya%2Benzyme%2Bchewable&th=1
  12. You're in a tough place, not having the FMLA days and having a parent who needs care. I was a little worried for you with not having many days to take off to recuperate from surgery. Maybe it will be better in the long run to wait a bit. Hang in there - keep yourself on the list of people you take care of.
  13. kayak19

    3 months post op

    Congrats @Lankyliz! That is an amazing milestone! For budget exercise, I highly recommend Yoga with Adriene on YouTube...free and she has tons of videos to choose from.
  14. kayak19

    Maintenance Month Two: Hold the Line

    @Jen581791 stunning pictures - love that you are sharing this aspect of your journey and Oman adventure with us. I have had to take some little treks in my daily life lately and every time I marvel at how I'm able to just keep going without fatigue, heavy breathing and sweating and all of the self-consciousness that goes along with that. Only those on our journey could really relate. It is not only a physical but a mental unburdening for sure. I wonder if I'll ever get used to it. Thank you for sharing the fashion info too - it's hard to explain to people how odd this piece is (you described it perfectly), especially when essential clothing pieces fit fine one day and absolutely do not the next. I tried on five pairs of black pants the other morning, trying to get ready for work, looking for some that fit...it was like Goldilocks at my house, too big, too small, too small, not sure I can pull this off, don't have the right shoes for this pair, okay still cold enough for cords...found a pair, Finally!! Bread still scares me : ) I just started some PT and one day I stopped in the building's restroom and, I know this is weird, but I walked into the most delicious bread smells. Apparently there is a Jimmy John's in the building that vents into the ladies room!? No bread since June and man that really smelled good...an paradoxical moment to be sure. I'm fine not eating it, but I don't want it around the house and I really don't want to smell it! My husband basically eats the equivalent to Wonder bread which is not at all tempting. Maybe someday it will be back in rotation, but not sure if that's a good idea for me...we'll see...
  15. I'm an educator so I'm off for most of July. My surgery was on the 10th, which was a Monday, I was in the hospital two nights. I was home all that week after that and then worked for a morning or two the next week. Like I said, I think a significant amount of the pain I experienced was due to the hernia repair, so perhaps without that I may have been okay to be back at work in a sit-down job the following Monday. People on this forum have certainly done that. I think you might want to have a plan B just in case though. For the shakes, if you like peanut butter, I recommend the PB2 powder. When I add more than a rounded teaspoon, it's too much for me, but the small amount I add just sort of masks the tastes that would make me gag too. Also, it's a pretty small shake so I can get it down in about six mouthfuls. Sounds like you've moved into a better place with all this; glad for you and glad they could do your surgery near Memorial Day to give you the extra time.