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  1. Hi Beth...I am also from Chattanooga. I am working with Memorial's Weightloss Program/Dr. Sass. Who did your surgery? Michelle

  2. 3.21.2008 ~ 3 year Post -op're one of those lookers that it is hard not to be jealous of....Congrats on your continued success
  3. Toony's Time: One Week Out

    Love that you are doing so well...and LOVE THE WIEGH IN PLAN! What a way to keep inspired and on track....Way to go TOONY! Beth B. in TN
  4. Anyone on Creon? or "overshot"?

    Cat...I was getting down there during my internal hernia time span....another forum told me about enzymes that they sell at vitamin stores and even walmart here. IT has enzymes from fruits and veggies and even Ox bile to help break down the food for absorption. I take it with my vitamins and one before each meal. My blood panels have always come back great and I've maintained for about a year and a half but I wasn't trying to gain. Talk to a nutritionist and maybe add more healthy fats 9omega 3 and 6s-olive oil, flax seed oil safflower oil, borage oil, walnut oil....macadamia nuts, almonds, walnuts) to your meals with a few whole grain carbs. If I add fats with carbs, my body puts on weight and I have to go back to keeping the two seperate. So for you needing to about adding carbs with healthy fats? Beth B. in TN
  5. Petersons Hernia?

    I had an internal hernia I'm not sure it is the same but the description the doctor gave me sounds very much like yours. He went in laproscopically and untwisted. fortunately I have no permanent damage as I acted quickly and so did he. I knew something was not right my upper gut was swollen and I was in major pain I couldn't straighten out without excrutiating pain. The major pain was right above where my belly button should be. When I called his office his nurse sent me straight to the ER and he (who was on his way home after a day of surgery) met me at the ER did a CT scan and took me straight in. He said he almost lost one lady who waited to long and he had to remove so much of her colon she will be fighting malnourishment the rest of her life. I am saying all that because the wait and see thing mentioned above worries me. Beth B. in TN
  6. Okay today was a no weights slow day because yesterday was work it hard and ripp it day. So today I did Leslie Sansones 4 mile walk and then Pilated acelerated body sculpting...WOW. This is the second time I've attempted this one and my oh my my lower abs are crying......Oh the joy. Beth B in TN
  7. Another newbie....

    Seems I missed this post. I only look every few days. This an exciting time for you. Your life will change. Make healthy changes on your way to surgery and remember that this is a lifestyle change. I'm now considered the "health Nut" in my community group at church.....Wow my life has changed. Beth B. in TN
  8. Hey Y'all! (a.k.a. Alabama Losers Unite)

    You know I live right on the edge. Chattanooga is super close to Georgia and Alabama. I really just stopped in to say. You Look Marvelous! Beth B. in TN
  9. It Happened Last Night!!!!!!!

    Congrats! Young Love! Awesome! Beth B. in TN
  10. Mamaw not doing so good

    I haven't been online a lot lately. When I saw this post I just felt I needed to tell you I'm sorry for your loss. I lost my grammy the night before my surgery. It was surreal. She had suffered for so long that I was actually more at peace with her being released from that bedbound condition than if I had left her in the capable care of my sissy for weeks while I recovered. I know it is true one can decide it is time to leave. MY grandfather passed away the very night the doctor's told him he'd live another ten years after he had surgery after a stroke to clean out his neck arteries. He was gonna need rehab on his leg and arm. He had never been in the hospital since WWII. He just looked at the doctor and said 10 years? He left us that very night. I know he didn't want to stick around for rehab because he was always so independent. He would always get up at 4:00 am every morning and make his breakfast and pack his lunch. When he tried to retire he couldn't stand it, he went back for half days. It is wonderful to remember those gone on before. I hope you get some great stories to help you get through this time. Beth B. in TN
  11. Pictures of new boobs

    YEP, Boobie envy here too! I need a refill! WOW you had to be getting looks from guys (and their dates who HATED you!) Beth B. in TN
  12. I Feel Good!!!!

    You go Girl! Work IT! Funny how things change. I'm now the weird one in my Sunday School Class. I exercise daily and eat healthy foods. This weekend, 3 couples were cooking for a high school retreat....and I finally took away the hydrogenated Country Crock crap and threw it in the garbage. I had brought Smart Balance for those who "needed" something on their biscuits or pancakes. Hey, I felt like throwing most of the food away but I just couldn't stand the really really bad fats. I had so much energy it was unbeleivable. Keep it up! I FEEL GOOD TOO! WE, WE WILL SURVIVE....and THRIVE! Beth B. in TN
  13. Lets toot for bread!!

    yep....sugar subs and carbs do it every time for me.... I used to save my weekly "carb treats" for Saturday nights if I had been a good girl that week...but that made life yucky in church the next day(OMG) So...I finally figured it out too! Beth B. in TN
  14. Here I go, crying again!!!

    YEAH! I need some of that giddy OMgosh feeling. Good for you! We Are so proud of you! Beth B. in TN
  15. My mother is stressing me out

    Wow! I did read your post and know how theraputic it can be to vent. So vent away. Your mom sounds alot like my dad's mom. She has disinherited him at least 5 times that I can remember. She always ALWAYS speaks her mind with no "what shoudld I say" filtering. I thank God for her. My dad is one of the most giving, forgiving, honest, nonhurtful people I know. I bet you're a keeper too! Blessings on your journey. Beth B. in TN