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  1. First post too many more!

    Hi Tammy thank you! My second month post op stage 2 liquid diet starts next week. Which means I can add soft vegetables mashed up.. today I had to try guacamole. It was the best guacamole I ever had. Lol. I had the sleeve done but my surgeon gives the diet for bypass for both patients. I look forward to growing with the group. Surgery buddies, mike
  2. First post too many more!

    Thank you Trish
  3. Reality Check -- This isn't supposed to be EASY

    Awesome! Well put!!!
  4. First post too many more!

    Thank you
  5. First post too many more!

    Thank you!!!
  6. First post too many more!

    I've noticed every surgeon has a different plan. My surgeon has one plan for both bypass and sleeve. Basically I'm following the bypass diet. But I feel it is good.
  7. First post too many more!

    Thank you! Sounds delicious. Thank you!!! It's only a matter of time... it's crazy I'm not hungry... but I just want to taste the foods.
  8. First post too many more!

    Thank you! Yeah sometimes it's like the liquid diet will never end.. on the 5th week I get to add oatmeal, soft vegetables like mashed potatoes or mashed carrots. Looking forward to the 7th week when I can start going to the gym
  9. First post too many more!

    Hello everyone! I was just sleeved on June 19, 2017. HW 445 SW 370 CW 355... I'm still on liquid diet for another month and I'm tired of popsicles and jello