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  1. lj1980

    6 months

    Today I went to my 6 months pre op appointment I am no longer morbid obese I am obese now. I have come a long way. #106.2 I am excited and proud
  2. lj1980

    As a Hispanic individual what foods did you eat?

    I went to Puerto Rico 4 months after my surgery what a challenge I had. Having the surgery one gives a lot up.. I look for roasted chicken and healthier choices. My son is Hispanic and I know I wont be able to eat a lot of the food that I use too. I don't eat canned food either i make everything from scratch but to my liking and change the way i cook it. something's you will just have to suffer through in the beginning it doesn't last that long.
  3. lj1980

    Yay! I'm only overweight now.

    I have also lost 105 lbs and almost obese instead of morbid. Its so exciting to see my weight go down instead of up.. cognates on your weight lost
  4. lj1980


    well I haven't gotten sick in a long time but I finally found something that doesn't like me. Broccoli. Its almost sad because I use to like broccoli so much... Just my thought for today
  5. lj1980


    Keep your head up. it will happen 6oz added up will turn into pounds. the more weight you lose the easier the healing process is for your foot. Good luck keep the eating healthy up it will count in the long run
  6. lj1980


    Thank you for all the infomation
  7. lj1980


    I am down 96 lbs since March when I had my RYN I feel at a stand still all I want to do is eat again. How can I stop myself from eating?
  8. lj1980


    I have had some incredible things happen to me in the pass 5 months since surgery. I have lost a ton of weight, at a weight I have never been in my adult life. My confidence it high I feel physical wonderful. My clothes are falling off. I went to the rain forest in Puerto Rico hiked for miles and wasn't tired. That was a proud moment for me.There are some parts that are hard like losing my hair and feeling hungry and controlling my intake even after the surgery. What are some positive/negative up and downs my fellow WLS peers have faced since there surgery?
  9. lj1980

    before & after and still losing

    I guess I don't know what to really except from the gastric bypass I don't want to go to low in my goal and realize I will never meet that goal and disappoint myself. At my weight now I have never been in my adult life it feels great and scary at the same time.
  10. lj1980

    lajeana iverson

    I am 5 months out from my surgery and my hair is falling out in big chucks. Does anyone else have this problem.? Is it fixable? I started taking biotin and its not improving. I cant go in the sun anymore my scalp gets burned. Any recommendations? does it grow back? This is the only problem I have had with my surgery so far...
  11. lj1980

    First Step & Ramblings

    I am 4 months out and happy I had the surgery . Once I made my mind up to have the surgery there was no turning back. I am happy with myself and have never been so small in my adult life. I am down 96 lbs and counting. I am in love with myself.
  12. lj1980

    Three Month Surgeversary!

    I am 4 months and understand those cravings. Sometimes going to bed hungry and calling a friend crying to them because I thought it was going to easier to forget food . It has gotten easier now I am not restricted so much. good job. If I can do it anyone can do it
  13. I am down 96.3 lbs and feel great. this is me in Feb 2017 at 358 and a few weeks ago at -82 lbs. I went to a carnival with my son yesterday and was able to get on the rides that I hadn't in a long time and it wasn't tight. I had my surgery March 13, 2017 and feel blessed to have it. I have already lost the weight that my son is. More determination and I will be down to 200 hopefully soon.