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  1. Thanks @burgandyboy you are right! Looking at registering for a 20 mile bike ride event in October and the austin half marathon as I type! That's my goal to get back to where I used to be. I'm so embarrassed when I tell people I used to run marathons and half marathons. I want back in the present tense. And looks like my stall finally broke! 186.6 this morning!!!
  2. So I'm almost one month out. I'm handling it a little better. Food still fills me up fast, but I find I'm hungry alot. I feel thinner but the scale has been stuck for almost 2 weeks now. I'm at 188 from 211. I've been tracking my calories and 1200 or less per day usually. I'm having a really hard time eating enough protein so I bought thin sliced turkey and soft cheeses hoping that will help. I've drank a couple times socially (obviously went over 1200 calories those days). I miss beer. My job has been keeping me sedetary 10 hours a day but I have been trying to exercise on the weekends (kick boxing, walking & soft ball practice) but i still am not 100% yet, I have to rest and can't hit a full bucket of balls. I want to start running again but im afraid and it's super hot out. So far my knee pain has subsided a lot, (knee replacements were my big fear and knee pain was holding me back from exercising) Again we will see next week when I get back to playing softball 2 nights a week, if I feel like the tin man the next day. I'm still afraid of being fat. My food habits still plague me (but I guess that never goes away). I've cheated and eaten a few fries and picked at pasta from my family's meals. If I could sick to a diet I wouldn't be fat. So that worries me too. This was supposed to stop that. Only time will tell. One day at a time.
  3. Im two weeks out and my doctor has me on stage 2 liquids cream soups, oatmeal, grits, cream of wheat, protein drinks, pudding, yogurt, so far I'm good with it since I can't eat much anyway
  4. So cream of wheat is actually on my stage 2 diet that I started 2 days after this post. I'm still going thru my past eating disorders haunting me (thinking I've got to starve myself) I've lost 21.5lbs since surgery (2 weeks yesterday). However I gained .5 lbs in the past two days. My calorie count is about 500 per day but I'm back to work so no time for exercise 10.5 hour days the past two (no breaks for lunch either) sitting at a desk so that may be why. Its 100+ degrees here in Texas and I'm having a hard time walking in the heat too. Got to join a gym.
  5. So stupid question but I'm on day 8 and not eating due to extreme boredom with broth and popsicles. I made some cream if wheat with 2% milk. My stomach made some noise but ultimately I finished it and it was so satisfying. Now I'm feeling guilty. Could I have stretched my pouch? My first doctor visit isn't until Friday. I couldn't wait anymore. I had cream of butternut soup yesterday and that helped and i read where people had eaten cream of wheat in the hospital post op. I'm down 19lbs in 8 days. I started at 211. And I was getting lightheaded.
  6. Thanks everyone... especially smashlee83, yes your life sounds a lot like what we like to do.. that makes me feel a lot better. We took my stepsons to the local AAA baseball league for the game & fireworks last night. My first outing since the surgery. I had friends at the game who wanted to meet for a beer ... people with their hot dogs, nachos, pretzels, frozen drinks, all of which I craved initially but ultimately didn't mind missing (although I was with my step children who are pre teen & teen but I still don't like drinking when we are out doing family stuff). My girls from softball were all there having beers/drinks.. wondered if my relationship will change there. But overall a positive experience. Except found out my husband lost my wedding rings (from the hospital) and finally admitted it last night when I was searching the car. I guess I can obsess over that instead for awhile. ** joking** I do want to run the Austin 1/2 marathon this February... I'm going to focus on that!
  7. Hi! I too am in Texas and 7 days post surgery for sleeve.
  8. Hi Gretta Jersey girl here too. Now living in Texas 2 years. I had my sleeve 6/27/17. I have to say I had no pain, gas, nausea problems just hating this clear liquid diet so much I've stopped eating. Broth, jello, popsicles, clear protein only for two weeks is impossible! You seem so happy. I'm miserable even 15lbs down (started at 211.6). I'd do anything for a Greek yogurt or cream of wheat right now (stage 2).. how are you so happy?
  9. I had a VGS on 6/27/17. I went to my surgeon to inquire about a lap band. I'd gained 60lbs in two years since my marriage and move to Texas and my knees and my 10 hour work day/commute making it impossible to exercise so the weight was gaining faster and faster. The heavier I got the more my knees ached to where I could barely walk the next day. He pushed the VGS. at the time it seemed perfect, no foreign object in my body, no fills for the rest of my life, no band slippage ( 2 of my friends have had slippage happen). I scheduled surgery right away, a phone consult with his nutritionist, a cashiers check and off I went @211 llbs. I've lost 15lbs in one week and I'm absolutely miserable. I'm so sick of this clear liquid diet I'm not eating at all, water makes me sick so I'm not drinking enough, and I'm bored to tears. I've always been active my whole life, (up to two years ago). I always had binge isses so I exercised daily and ran distance races (marathons and half marathons). I went up and down the scale but averaged 170lbs. I worked out fanatically the year before I got married. I was a toned size 8. This coming from a girl who struggled with weight all my life, I was 48 and looked the best I ever had. So when I reached my heaviest ever just two years later at 50 and my knees were so bad I couldn't run (my go to for losing weight). I freaked but I think I jumped into this too fast. First of all, my husband& I circle of friends are social drinkers. We have beers after softball, or a day out watching football or at the pool, or tubing or dinner. Now i hear i can't drink ever again? Especially beer?? I got hammered off vodka before the surgery. And eating... I can't do this clear liquid anymore. I'm so depressed. And then the whole fear that I spent all this money and I'll just stretch this thing out again??? And I'm so bored... I can't just be a wall flower the rest of my life. I've always been that "fun " girl.