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  1. I do bootcamp 3 mornings a week for an hour. It's usually a combination of running and weight training. Then, I train with a trainer 2 times a week which is mostly circuit weight training. Maybe I need to step up on the cardio.
  2. I track my diet on, and bring it to my personal trainer each time I see them. (I go to bootcamp 3 days a week and train individually twice a week). I think I will try the 5 day pouch test this week, to see if I can tell a difference. My pouch still works. I feel full very quickly. I will have the occasional bread or sweet, but not daily and not enough to be stuck like i have been. Ive had alot of complications and I get frustrated because I think the complications would be easier to deal with if I was at least at goal...or close to it. So, my plan is to do the 5 day pouch test and then go back to the basics. Thanks for the advice.
  3. I had a revision from lapband to gastric last June 30. I had the lapband and only went from 280 to 215. When I has gastric, I started at 280 again, and the lowest I've gotten is 203. I'm at 208 right now, and I'm so frustrated. I know several people that had the surgery right after me that are around 150ish. I dropped a ton of weight the first 6 months, and I haven't lost a pound in about 8 months. I dont understand why my weight loss just stopped and I never even got into the 100s. I didnt change anything with my eating habits. Recently, I switched surgeons (long story), had an endoscopy, bloodwork, etc. Everything came back normal except for a vitamin D defiency. I really do not understand why I can't lose anymore weight. I go to bootcamp 3 days a week. I guess I should try to maybe do liquids a few days and then the pouch test. I'm 5'10 and to reach my dr's goal, I need to lose about 40 lbs. That seems so overwhelming to me. I'm so frustrated that I did this invasive thing to my body and I'm not getting the max results. thanks for listening to my whining/venting.
  4. I haven't been on in forever. I have been super busy and kinda feeling sorry for myself. One thing I learned tonight is I need to check in here because everything i've been feeling, so have you guys! I'm losing my hair, have the dizzies, stalling, feel like i've fell of the wagon, etc. From catching up on everyone, seems that we are all feeling somewhat the same. I feel like some days I eat too much and then I freak out that I've stretched my pouch. I am pretty much driving myself insane! lol. I'm down 60 lbs. Yesterday was 4 months. I'm so glad everyone is doing good, and I'll be checking in more often.
  5. I walk three times a week for an hour. I need to try some greek yogurt. Does it have a flavor??
  6. Yes, I know, and I'm concerned about the hair loss. I dont even know how many grams of protein I'm getting in a day. I mean I TOTALLY have fallen off the wagon. I bought some Optifast protein shakes, but I do not like them at all. I havent had time to experiment with other shakes, and I'm hesitant to try things like that away from home. I have next week off, and I'm planning on focusing on my eating and planning out meals for work going forward. Is there a protein mix you reccomend? I hate the ones with the vitamin tastes.
  7. OK. I've been struggling lately. I had surgery on June 30, and am down about 47-48 lbs depending on the day. I've been plateau'd for about 3 weeks now. I feel like I can eat alot more than I could just a few weeks ago. I'm not getting near the protein in that I should because I have a super busy job with 8-9 meetings a day. I know that if I don't do my due diligence in following the rules that I will fail. I had a lapband for 4 yrs. I lost 85 lbs, but never made it under the 200 mark. I'm 31 lbs from that mark now, and I'm so worried that I won't make it. I'm also worried that I've stretched my pouch. I'm afraid I've been eating too much and too fast. I know with the lapband I could do liquids for a few days to get myself in check. I wasn't sure if this surgery was the same. I need the experienced folks to 1) give me tips on how to get my protein in on a busy schedule, and 2) advise me on how you guys checked yourself and got back on track when falling off the wagon. I really do want to succeed.
  8. Wow Michie! You look great! As for food. I think I'm eating too much too. I had a lapband before so I'm super paranoid about having a stretched pouch.
  9. Hey Everyone!!!!! I have missed you guys. I have been soooooooooo busy, and when I've tried to login and post, the forum wouldn't load for me. I tried to catch up, but dang, you people talk alot! LOL I started week 12 today, and I'm down 48 lbs. I have been stalled for THREE weeks now and I'm dying. It's my fault because I'm not eating enough or getting my water in. My job is super busy, and I usually do 8-9 hrs of meetings a day, so my eating consists of me grabbing crackers or something to get me through the day. I usually eat eggs for breakfast, and i've been eating alot of salads...just lettuce and chicken because its convenient. I took next week off, so my goal is get back on track with my eating and write out some menus for work. Starbucks does have this protein breakfast tray that is really good. It has grapes, apples and cheese on it. I love them! I think I might do the 5 day pouch test just to feel like I'm back on track. I kinda feel not so much on track right now. LOL Im so glad everyone seems to be doing so well! I'm proud to be a Junie. Ill def be logging in more for support. If the stall dont pass soon I'll be in the nut house! lol
  10. I havent been on in awhile because work has been NUTS. I read back a few pages, and it sounds like everyone is doing GREAT!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so proud of you all. I had surgery on 6/30, and I'm down 46 lbs. I feel a little behind with some of you who are in the 60's. LOL. I am having trouble making the right food choices, mainly because my job is super busy and I grab stuff on the fly. My goal next week is to start bringing my lunch with lots of protein. I just need to figure out what protein is easy to pack for lunch. LOL I've been walking 3x a week with a friend, but we are about to up it. I'm 5'10, 232 and in 16/18. Still a LONGGGGG way to go. I'm glad everyone is doing so well!
  11. Hang in there. I was stalled out for almost 3 weeks, and yesterday I dropped 5 lbs. Its frustrating, but I think everyone is right about the inches. Im like you...I forget to eat and then I start feeling light headed. Then other days all I can think about is eating and I pick all the wrong foods. It's a no win situation!
  12. I just had a revision from a lapband to RNY. I had my band for 4 yrs before I started having issues. Everytime I go to my surgeon's office I meet 2 or 3 people there with complications and having to have theirs removed too. It seems like the 3 or 4 year mark gets alot of ppl with the band.
  13. I had 8 days of horrible diarhea, so I feel your pain. There is an over the counter medicine you can take for diarhea that my surgeon told me to try, but for the life of me I cant think of the name. Sorry! For those that are further out than I am. Did yall have the dreaded 6 week stall? I'm about to go insane.
  14. If it makes you feel any better, everything has been great since my 2nd stricture repair. I've been hospital free for 1 1/2 weeks. Thats a record for me since I had this surgery. My dr put me on solid foods to keep it stretched out. I'm curious to see what your surgeon has you do. Keep us posted!
  15. My dr told me I could start lifting light weights. I've been walking. I have a convertible and I had the top down this weekend, but when I pulled it back up my "big" incision killed me for 2 days. You know the one where they cut through the muscle? So, I'm thinking I'm not quite ready.