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  1. Hi! My name is Toya, nice to meet you. I would love to be your buddy. You are right I am new to this, but I am doing a lot of research and trying to change my eating to more healthier diet. It is so hard....I crave everything that I should not be eating. To be eligible for UHC to pay for my surgery I had to see a dietician for 6 months and they want you to lose 10 lbs. When I saw the surgeon 2 wks ago he said I lost 19 pounds. Yippeee! I was so happy. Now im just waiting for UHC to send approval to surgeon, then I can get an actual surgery date. Im sorry to hear that you have to pay for your own surgery. Is it less expensive in Chile? Talk to you soon :-)
  2. Thank you all very much. I am now waiting for final approval from UHC and then can schedule surgery. I am just ready for surgery and start living life the way it was meant to be lived, without all this excess fat I am carrying! HW: 286 CW: 267
  3. Amazing!!! You are so handsome!
  4. Hi! I saw Dr for first time Jan 2017. Now 6 months later I have met all United health care requirements. I'm hoping to have my vertical sleeve surgery next month. Starting: 284 Current: 268
  5. Hi! I too am looking for someone near Chicago, I live west suburbs. See my surgeon today. Hope to schedule surgery next month.
  6. You look awesome... Great job! I'm hoping to have my surgery in Aug 2017.
  7. Actually, my journey started 1/2/17. UHC require 6 month with dietician. All other test has been done. I meet with my surgeon 7/17.