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  1. Cloebird

    Self Pay in Utah?

    Yes, the insurance is will not benefit me to use my insurance. That is why I get to shop around for the right doctor. Our university hospital is $19,200. The lowest surgery center I have found is 11,750 with no complications.
  2. Cloebird

    Self Pay in Utah?

    Thanks for the reply. I have spoken to 3 facilities (1 in Idaho 2 in Utah) and they absolutely say it is cheaper to self pay in my insurance situation. One center told me that that they bill close to 34,000. Their self pay is 20,500.
  3. Cloebird

    Self Pay in Utah?

    Did anyone do self-pay in Utah for the sleeve? How much did you pay? Which doctor and/or facility? My darn insurance only pays $5000 with a $3000 deductable. I believe I would end up paying more using my insurance. Thanks so much!