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  1. thank you for the advices, my PS office called me they said to write a letter appeal to my insurance, I am trying to get all info I can and then take more pictures, I was also thinking talking to my PCP to see if an xray could show how low is my pannus. Any help in how to challenge the insurance criterion about the length of my pannus.? I am collecting info and send a letter with a lot of resources and they better get ready because I am sending a lot of pictures of my lower body area not so pretty view of almost naked woman, lol.
  2. Hello, my name is karil and was before on this forum back in 2012 when I started my journey to weight loss, but forgot my previous info, so decided start again. I had a gastric bypass in September 2013, prior I had 2 C-sections and two ovarian surgeries (C-section like), I am happy with the weigh loss, but in the last summer I started to get this rashes under my apron's mom (aka pannus) after the C-sections I pretty much lost pain sensitivity under my belly bottom but I get the rashes itching I could feel but not relieve . The rashes and the sweating (so much I would go to my panties letting me feeling like I peed on them) are making my HSV-2 breakouts come back more often, soooo.... cutting short to the end I saw a plastic surgeon and submitted a pre approval to my insurance, they are always pretty good fast to answer, my bypass surgery was approved a week after request was send, well I receive a denial from my insurance because "pictures didn't demonstrate excess skin" according to the policy "Panniculus extends below the inferior margin of the pubis ramus". Well my apron doesn't cover my genitals but make my life hell, but also notice that there is a lot of skin sagging from my genitals, I want to appeal but don't know what way to go or how to demonstrate that my pannus is enough to require s prompt solution, specially since recently I was diagnosed pre-diabetic and don't want those rashes become worse. any help or advice is really really greatly appreciated Karilhg