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  1. Chefman77

    I am not sure what i should eat. 2 years PO

    There is some great stuff in this thread. I think for me I have to remind myself where I used to be and why I wanted wls to begin with. After all the research and education about it I had a decision to make. Live to eat or eat to live. I gorged myself most of my life on all the comfort foods I loved. I decided I was willing to give up my love affair with food for a chance to be thinner, healthier, and happier. I'm a pretty strong willed person, but I'm weak when it comes to food. I knew/know that going back to the same bad food choices at any time after surgery would be detrimental to my success and health. I didn't go through all of this so I could eat like I use to. I have to remember how the desperate obese man that I once was was willing to do anything for a second chance. I would have done ANYTHING to get to where I am today! I can't afford to go back down that dark, lonely path. It's a slow suicide in my book. I choose life and happiness. It's not easy. It's a choice. I wish you the best getting back on track. Workouts, lean protein, vegetables, and water...
  2. Chefman77

    How much is too much fruit and whole milk questions.

    I ruptured my achilles back in '04. Not a fun injury or something to take lightly. I've been doing jells, chews, bananas, and fig bars mainly. I do those usually just on rides over 40 miles. It's usually good to fuel about every 40-45 min. 17 mph is a good average. I usually average between 16-18 mph depending on the amount of hills on my route. I did a 50 mile ride in a group back in June and averaged almost 22 mph. Drafting makes a huge difference. I think I'm going to back off on the length of my rides. Maybe keep them between 20-30 miles and stick to protein bars for fuel. I'm going to be doing a 50 in the morning for a local cause.
  3. Chefman77

    How much is too much fruit and whole milk questions.

    Since Valentine's day. I fluctuate between 194-199. I'm starting to worry about winter coming and some of these bad habits that I've gotten away with biting me in the butt. I've gotten into some longer rides up to 60 miles and I'm usually between 100-150 miles a week and I take in quite a bit more calories so I don't bottom out on my energy on these rides. It's been harder lately to get the miles in though and as winter gets here that will get worse. I need to get more disciplined with my eating habits sooner than later. Have you been riding much?
  4. Chefman77

    How much is too much fruit and whole milk questions.

    Thanks @NerdyToothpick I was glad to see this topic come up! I think I'm part monkey because of my love for bananas! I usually eat 1-2 a day either blended in a shake, on a long bike ride for fuel, or as a snack. Sometimes I throw some blueberries in to join the party in the shake. I must admit I haven't been very good about logging things in myfitnesspal lately and have developed some bad habits that I've gotten away with because of all the calories I typically burn in a day. I need to grab onto the reins and get back to some of the things I know I should be doing.
  5. Chefman77

    Here’s our group photo!

    What a great picture! You all look amazing! Wish I lived closer.
  6. Chefman77

    What a difference a year makes !!!

    Happy surgiversary! What a transformation! Great t-shirt by-the-way!
  7. Chefman77

    I did it!!!!!!

    Congratulations!!! Keep up the good work!
  8. Chefman77


    Hi @Luke76. I suffer from bipolar and anxiety and I had gastric bypass a little over a year ago. I was concerned as to whether or not my medications would continue to work for me post-op as good as they had for years prior. I take the same meds and the same doses that I did before surgery and I haven't had any problems. If anything, the weight loss has improved my mental health. For my two cents, if you have a good relationship with your doctor and are open and honest with how you're doing and what your needs are, you can work through any adjustments that may or may not be necessary post op. I wouldn't be surprised if your dosage stayed the same or even decreased after significant weight loss. One thing I was concerned about was absorption. I crush every pill that can be crushed to alleviate the absorption problem. The only pill I take that can't be crushed is my bupropion and I haven't had any issues with it. I wish you the best as you move forward in this. Let me know if you have any questions.
  9. Chefman77

    My 1st Surgerversary!

  10. Chefman77

    I got brave :)

    You look great @Nana Trish!
  11. Chefman77

    My 1st Surgerversary!

    Thanks Trish! You’ve done spectacular too! Especially with everything you’ve been through.
  12. Chefman77

    My 1st Surgerversary!

    Thanks CJ! My wife is super proud of me. I am surprised at how much things have tightened up, especially the “moobs!” I’ve never been able to see obliques on me before. It’s pretty awesome!
  13. Chefman77

    My 1st Surgerversary!

  14. Chefman77

    My 1st Surgerversary!

    The first picture was the morning of my surgery and the second was this morning. I set my goal at 185 pounds. I’ve been at 195 for a couple of months now. My body seems to like it at 195. I’m pretty happy with where I’m at. I lift weights 4 days a week. I ride my bike between 100-150 miles a week and have recently started running too. I signed up to do a century ride on June 16th. My farthest ride to date has been 64 miles. I think I’m going to join the gym again so I can get back to swimming laps. Maybe I’ll do a triathlon before the summers over. Who knows? I need to scroll through the forum and catch up. I haven’t been on in a while.
  15. Chefman77

    When do you get out of the hospital

    All good in the neighborhood now!