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  1. Husband seems bipolar about surgery

    It's so back and forth depending on the day. I'm having GB in August, got the ball rolling to start it last October. At that time my husband would move mountains to get me approved for it and was 110% supportive saying he'd do anything to make it happen and could take off any time needed to watch our young kids and we're in this together. Then 2 months later when I was seeing docs for it he became completely unsupportive and said I shouldn't do it. Bitter even. 3 months later he was on cloud nine that I had been doing well at the nutritionist, etc and excited. A week or two later back to hating the idea and yelling how I better not expect him to take a single day off of work to have anything to do with it and I better find some babysitters while I go out of town for the pre appointments, etc because he's not wasting his time with my business then recently he did put in for days off the week of my surgery and for my last preop appointment day so he's up for it but still bitter and makes me feel guilty that it's a waste of time still........did any of you have your significant other be so completely bipolar or up and down about your surgery?? I know I can't be the only one and that it is a huge life change. He isn't a bad guy, he just seems so extreme when it comes to expressing how he feels about it and I think he's confused himself.