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  1. SoSots been a while since I have posted. I am now 9 month Post op and I have ran over my "goal" weight of 240 and have hit 210. That is 181 pounds down. I run 2 miles every day and doing alot of weight training. I feel great and most of all I feel Blessed. Here are my before and after pictures. I also have very very little loose skin which I am so happy about.
  2. Its been a while since I posted but I wanted to touch base and say hi. I was 4 month post op yesterday and I am down 120 pounds since surgery and 134 total. I feel amazing. I did have a little issue with a stricture (spelling) about 6 weeks ago but that is all fixed and I'm doing great. I am in a routine and getting my vitamins in as well as my proteins. My family has been so great with support and I feel blessed. Its is crazy to think that only 4 months ago I was a different person body, mind and soul. I have moved from a 48-50 waste to a 38-36, I lost 3 inches on my neck and I even dropped 2 ring sizes. Now I'm 6 foot 3 inches and I weight 257. My doctor and I have set my goal weight at 240 or 245 so I will continue to do what I am doing and eat healthy move my body and enjoy life. I was in the Bariatric center last month for my 3 month check up and there was a lady there who was just told that she would have to wait 7 months before surgery and she would have to go through all the classes and visits. She was visibly upset and I told her (which is very out of character for me) to trust the program you will need every bit of those 7 months to prepare and learn about what you are going to go through. Without the education and the team at the Winchester Medical center Bariatric Center I don't know that I would be as healthy as I am today. I hope that everyone considering this surgery realizes that its not s quick fix and that they are just giving you a tool to use. this last year both pre and post op has been an adventure and I am so happy to have done it. I keep mu faith strong my hopes high and my heart open to share my story and help anyone that may need it. Thanks for listening Tom
  3. No as of today I am 4 weeks post op and am down 50 pounds. I am just following my doctor's orders. Getting in my water and protein and exercise. I'm walking 2 to 3 miles a day. I guess everyone looses different.
  4. Thank you for the input. Thankfully my gallbladder has been gone for many years now. As far as water I was not retaining much day of surgery. I truly think it's mostly fat loss. I can see it in the mirror and feel it in my clothes. Idk I guess I will just keep on keeping on at this point.
  5. So I have a question. This Monday i will be 3 weeks post op and i am already down 40 pounds. Am I losing too fast? I am following my diet getting my protein and my water I am walking about 2 to 3 miles a day. It just feels like it's too fast but I don't know.
  6. Cloud Bread has been around for a while and it's not rocket science but if made right it sure can help squash that yearning for bread. Here is my adaptation of Cloud Bread. Feedback welcome and please enjoy. IF YOU ARE ONE TO TWO MONTHS POST OP I DO NOT RECOMEND CLOUD BREAD AS IT IS A BIT DRY AND CAN GET STUCK. CHEW WELL EVERYONE IT'S IMPORTANT AT ANY STATE OF YOUR POST OP. INGREDIENTS: 6 eggs separated discard 2 of the yolks (whites in mixing bowl and yolks in another bowl) .5 tsp cream of tartar 4 oz. Fat free cream cheese (allow to get to room temperature) METHOD: Add cream of tartar to your egg whites and whip them to stiff peaks. Mix your cream cheese into your egg yolks in till it is smooth. At this point if you want to flavor your bread add that flavor to your egg yolk mixture. For a sweet treat add a bit of vanilla extract and some cinnamon. For savory try some herbs and some garlic powder. DO NOT ADD ANY SALT!!!!! Add half of your egg whites to your yolk mixture and fold in the whites being careful not to deflate the whites. Continue to add the whites till they are all incorporated. Preheat your oven to 325 dag. On a sheet tray cover with foil and spray with non stick spay. Portion out your mixture into the sheet tray getting 6 on a tray. Using the back of a spoon spread the mixture out just in till they are about 4 inches wide but no more. Bake them for 30 min or in till they are golden brown. Remove from oven and let them sit for a half hour. NOTE: Cloud Bread in my opinion is best the next day they take on a more bread like quality. They can be toasted or used for sandwiches or burger buns. I hope you all enjoy this recipe I will be adding more over the days. Thanks again and I hope you like my recipes.
  7. I will definitely post my recipes. I am working on a new one today for cloud bread which is a completely ish carb free bread alternative high in protein. I made a wonderful batch of Turkey Meatballs last night that were low fat high protein and tasted amazing. I wish you all the luck in the world on your journey to good health.
  8. Last night I was sitting with my family watching tv and I was amazed how many times I heard the characters on the shows use the word "fat" as an adjative. Such a reckless use of the word as well. It seems to have been deemed ok to describe someone as "fat". I wonder why it is so socially accepted for people to be described as "fat" rather then by another word? If I'm always described as the "fat" guy then what will I be called when I loose this Weight? Makes me think about what is my next strongest trait that people can label me if I'm not fat anymore? I am guessing it will be hey look at that "%!#%^(&" over there....... it's a true shame that we can't just see past what the person looks like rather then use hurtful words that just perpetuate the cycle.
  9. Today is 1 week post op and I am 20lbs down from a week ago. I am getting plenty of water and I am eating pretty well. Hard when your not hungry. I am in deep keytosis according to my test strips so that is good. I am a professional chef so I am starting to have fun with recipes for myself and my family. I am very glad I decided to have this surgery. I am walking each day and am trying to progress a bit more each day. Im very glad I found this forum.
  10. I know that the scale is not the end all be all of seeing my results. I am 6 days PO GB and I am using an older scale right now. I know it was always off from what the scale said at my doctor visits but I just assumed that part of that was I weight in at the doctors with clothes on and at home al-natural. I also understand that the doctors scales are very expensive and I would assume very accurate. For me I took a benchmark before I went to the hospital for surgery and I am using that. All that being said can anyone recommend a good scale for me? I am currently 359lbs so it will have to be a scale that goes to 400lbs. Many thanks. Chef42974
  11. Hello brand new to forums. I am 7 days PO and doing well. Winchester VA area.