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  1. I'm pleased that your evaluations picked this up and that you are in a better space now. In hindsight, I wished that it had happened to me, as I may be in a better place now. Once surgery is done, it can't be reversed.
  2. Hi, I had surgery on 3 March 2017 (now 16 weeks post op) and I suffered from severe depression before surgery (last 22 years), and thought that I would be ok with the surgery. The surgery proved to be a lot harder than thought and I have had a lot of complications. I'm seeing a specialist tomorrow as my anti depressants have stopped being absorbed since the surgery. It has been hell and I had a session with a psychologist, who gave me the tick for surgery. I have constant stomach pains. I don't want to eat or drink, or take medication or supplements as it hurts so much. Please don't underestimate depression, as it can be hell trying to deal or fix it afterwards. Take care and hang in there. WLS is a major event.
  3. Hi Gretta, thanks for the reply. I'm taking Pantroprole (sorry about the spelling). I'm on 40mg a day. Prior to the surgery, I was taking Prednisone for Lupus (5mg daily). My surgeon didn't know anything about Lupus/CFS/M.E and my GP didn't really know about WLS, so I was taking it after the surgery, not realising it was ulcerating my stomach. I'm not taking it now, as I just don't want any medications that would ulcerate my stomach. I was wondering if this is something that the surgeon should have known. He knew I was taking the meds, four months prior to the surgery.
  4. Hi everyone, I'm Cyprus and I am a 52 year old female from New Zealand. In March 2017, I had a gastric bypass. The surgery was keyhole and took twice as long as planned according to the surgeon and I had nearly 1.5metres of bowel removed as it kept falling apart, when the surgeon when to reconnect the stomach and the bowel. i am currently 15 weeks post op (as at 18 June 2017), have been back in hospital twice since the surgery and still have a number of post operative problems, including almost continuous heartburn/indigestion, even when not eating something. The pain in the stomach and breastbone is unrelenting. i have joined this forum so that I can speak more openly about my surgery. I also suffer CFS/ME, Lupus and depression along with high blood pressure. I had the surgery to obviously lose weight, and to reduce the amount of medication that I'm on for other weight related medical matters.