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  1. Do you have regrets?

    I know for the first 2-3 months, at least, I had regrets on and off and wondered if I had made the right decision. Now, just over a year out, all regrets are 100% gone and I am so happy with my decision. The healing post-sx is tough, painful, and draining, but it passes and the lasting benefits have been amazing.
  2. I know what slider foods are now !

    I noticed that when I stalled, if I went back to making sure I was eating/drinking enough protein, that would sometimes kickstart it (especially if protein had been replaced with more...yummy...foods).
  3. 2 year update

    Fantastic! I'm trying to get back to 2 shakes a day 1 year out to make sure my protein stays high enough, I feel like every other month I'm finding I need to increase or decrease something lol, forever tweaking what works best at the time.
  4. Stall

    Happy for you! I know I had plenty of stalls, some as long as 3-4 months, but they all ended eventually. My nut. said to email her if it lasted 4 weeks or longer, anything less than that was normal.
  5. In about 1.5 months I will be having a tummy tuck/stomach skin removal (hip to hip scar, no drains/quilting sutures) and a breast lift (and possible reduction), done in a hospital with a one night stay. The surgeon seems great, and I'll have a pre-sx consult with him in a month, but I am getting so nervous, and wanted some advice! 1) What questions do I need to clarify with him at the consult? 2) What can I do pre-sx to help with the post-sx/recovery period? (work out? lotion? idk) 3) What should I get/have on hand for post-sx (in the hospital or at home), or what things helped make the recovery at home as quick/smooth as possible? (scar stuff? binders?)
  6. Who has had skin removal surgery?

    This is so nice to hear, one because that's what I was quoted for tummy & breasts, so it's good to see that is not out of line with what other people are paying. Also, where did you go to find the report? That sounds like such a good idea. I'm really leaning towards having it done this summer (which will be 16 months post op), especially since I'm at goal now and have a TON of loose skin (estimate by surgeon ~8-10 lbs of skin). I don't think insurance will pay for it, so I'm leaning towards using Care Credit to pay for it, even though it'll be expensive I just think more and more that the cost will be worth it.
  7. 9(ish) mo post-op and finally feeling good

    Congrats to you also! It's nice to realize how much better I'm feeling since I REALLY struggled (emotionally and physically, buyers remorse) for a few months.
  8. Who has had skin removal surgery?

    Yeah, I'm starting to think I'll have to find another way to pay for it. The excess skin is all in one area and is very heavy, but I haven't had any rashes/etc., so I don't think I'll be able to get insurance to cover anything. Might try and see if anyone has had any luck with insurance companies only requiring that there is an "overhanging pannus," I've heard some are moving to only requiring that rather than rashes etc. If not, I'm not sure the best way to finance, but trying to figure it out now. I went to one plastic surgeon in our area who did a free consult, said the cost of full abdominal tuck/skin removal/muscle sutures and breast lift would be close to $15,000! So......back to the drawing board....
  9. I am just about at my goal weight and am starting to think about skin removal surgery (NONE of my skin "snapped back"). This summer I'll be around 18 mos. post-op and I'd like to have surgery then (long story short, that is the only time in next few years I know I could take plenty of recovery time). I know that this will only happen if I stabilize for 6-ish months, but I'd love to hear about: 1) how far out did other people get surgery? anyone else right around the 18 mos mark? 2) did anyone find an insurance that would cover at least part of their surgery, and if so, any tips on companies or process you went through? (I'm guessing I'll need to finance this myself, but would love to hear if/how other people made this work) 3) any other tips or experiences that might help me figure out what to do/get/what questions to ask, how to plan, etc.! Thanks
  10. I had a ROUGH post-op period, really sharp pain for what seemed like an unusually long time, post-surgery depression, all of it. Now that I'm 9 months out, and hit the 90 lb weight loss and my original goal weight, I am feeling so much better. Started an anti-depressant and therapy, kept with the eating/drinking/medication plan, and am feeling better all the way around. I feel healthier, stronger, and more confident. Funny enough not crazy about all the people I barely know stopping to gawk and ask how I lost so much weight, but really, I'll take that over the weight. Now I'm trying to lose just another few pounds so my BMI will be in the "healthy" range, and then work on stabilizing and maintaining (and hopefully considering skin removal....we'll see). All that to say if you are feeling the post-op regrets and depression, it really will get better!
  11. What Did You Eat Yesterday (or today)?

    I am LOVING this thread. I've been trying to find lists of people's daily menus to see if I'm doing alright and to get ideas for how to vary what I'm having. (Especially since I don't like yogurt and plain flavored things, like plain tuna/chicken, tough to find variety without adding too much sauce/fat/etc.) Today: Breakfast: protein shake made of 1/2 cup blueberries, 1/2 cup rasberries, 1/2 banana, 1.5 scoops of vanilla protein powder, and ~8 oz of ff milk Lunch: 1 oz left over meat only chili (no beans) on about 1/2 cup of spinach and 1/2 cup (this part is a guess) of shredded cheddar cheese Snack: 1/2 Quest protein bar Dinner: 2 oz. left over salmon with a drizzle of terayaki sauce Snack: 1/4 cup almonds, 1 oz hard white cheese (like a white cheddar), and 1 small piece individually wrapped sugar free dark chocolate (russel stovers) Still probably have one more snack, either a 2nd protein shake or something similar to one of the things above. Any feedback greatly appreciated Ps- just over 4 months out
  12. 5 mos post-op, looking for some day-to-day advice/tips!

    Side note, is there a forum on here where people post their daily meal menus? I didn't see one when I looked quickly, but thought maybe I was missing it.
  13. 5 mos post-op, looking for some day-to-day advice/tips!

    It's getting a *little* easier to give myself credit now that I'm a few months out and doing.....okay. Spending July 4th in my research lab, so have my berry smoothie with me, meals planned out all day packed, and my fitbit on so that I *hopefully* get a little closer to the 10,000 step goal. Thanks!
  14. 5 mos post-op, looking for some day-to-day advice/tips!

    Thanks for all of the help! I definitely want to try Syntrax Nectar, I've heard great things about them. I found a good berry flavored shake that has been working well for me if I plan ahead and bag up the ingredients so I just have to dump it in the blender in the morning (1/2 cup blueberries, 1/2 cup raspberries, 1/2 banana, couple leaves of spinach, vanilla protein powder, low fat milk). Hoping to try more protein powder flavors soon, but it's so expensive! Looking forward to the day when I will no longer be in grad school and have a "grown up paycheck"! I was just given a fitbit flex 2, which is fantastic because it buzzes if I haven't taken at least 250 steps that hour. I have not yet hit 10,000 steps, but am slowly/steadily increasing my exercise, so feeling better about that. Still working on improving meal planning also, trying to find some more sample daily meal plans tonight to help inspire me. I'll also probably try setting alarms in my phone tomorrow to prompt me to eat/take vitamins/drink water on time, which I'm hoping can help me get back on track also! Love the ideas and help on here, definitely, helps when I'm struggling to get my mood/habits back on track!
  15. 5 mos post-op, looking for some day-to-day advice/tips!

    I've never tried the SlimFast ones, so far I've been avoiding anything with sugar, but 1 gram is so low that might be worth it if it tastes good/is ready to go. Thank you for the daily meal schedule, I find these so helpful in figuring out how I can plan my day to see how other people are eating, really helps me plan ahead/brainstorm!