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  1. Thank you! The pregnancy has actually been remarkably easy (compared to what I was worried it would be like in the beginning). After a bunch of testing, it was determined I didn't need to follow with the high risk team. My weight gain has been within the range of normal, and have been more flexible in my diet than usual. Overall health has been good, and I haven't had any high blood pressure, preclampsia, etc., like I did with my last baby (pre-surgery), and this is the first time I've been pregnant and had the "stereotypical" pregnant baby belly, which has been kind of fun. I think if I'm not careful I can get dizzy/weak/etc., so I have to be more mindful of eating and drinking enough water, etc. than others, but overall everything I was most worried about in the beginning has not been an issue. I anticipate needing to hit the forums and get some support getting back on a strict diet post baby. It's hard not obsessing about my post-baby body and what that will be like, but trying to practice some self-acceptance and think positively about that (even if it takes longer than I'd like....). I also had skin removal surgery, so a little anxious to see if I'll be able to breastfeed/pump post-baby, that remains to be seen. I have 6-8 weeks left, and it remains to be seen if I'll be more at risk for a c-section, or if my surgery (bariatric and skin removal) scars will cause any issues. Anyway, all that to say, it's been challenging in some ways (mostly mental), but good, though will have a lot to do post-baby (both mental & physical). Thankful for support!
  2. Love to hear any and all success stories (both birth and post birth weight loss) lol! Also hopeful I won't need a c-section, but I've heard mixed things on that being more prevalent post bariatric surgery?
  3. @Res Ipsa - thank you for checking in! I appreciate it, I don't know anyone IRL who has been through this! I've read a lot of the other posts on here, but now that I'm farther along wanted to go back through to see if there's any other tips that will be helpful. I am at week 13 going on 14, made it through the first trimester, and all test results have been great. They've decided I don't need to be followed as "high risk", so overall I'm feeling better/more confident. I've gained 10 pounds so far, which has been difficult to accept, but has been slow/steady and I'm trying to reframe my thinking and not be fixated on weight/etc, but that has been tough!
  4. Long story short, found out that I am unexpectedly pregnant 2+ years post surgery. We weren't planning on it, and so I have done zero research and am still waiting to try and get in with my surgeon's office and PCP. I have so many questions! 1) I saw in a few posts there were some questions re: the safety of protein powder/protein shakes during pregnancy. What have people been told? I'm guessing it's not protein specifically, but are there certain ingredients you were told to make sure weren't in your powders? 2) I've drifted from my specific vitamin/diet plan more recently (was just getting back to strict post surgery plan before the news). What amount of different vitamins were people told to take? I started a prenatal vitamin, and additional calcium, but wasn't sure if the other vitamin amounts in a prenatal are enough for pregnant + post-surgery. I did read the pinned post with some of the recommended vitamin amounts, but there were a few in there that didn't specify vitamin amounts. 3) I've had some minor nausea, upset stomach. Almost a decade ago, when last pregnant, if I was nauseous I ate crackers. What calms your stomach if you are avoiding carbs? 4) Were you primarily followed by your PCP, or did you find a specialty/high risk/bariatric-specific doctor? 5) This one I hesitate to ask, because it's a vanity question, but I just spent a year loving my body for the first time ever (after making goal weight & having excess skin removed). Anyone else get pregnant AFTER having skin removal? How....bad....was it after? Do people ever get skin removed at same time as a c-section? (I'd ideally like vaginal birth, what I've always done before, but thinking through all the thoughts....) 6) Anyone have a recommended diet they followed? I have always done best when I have sample diets to follow with examples/amounts, so thought I'd ask in case anyone was given any when they were pregnant. 7) Just........any other tips, suggestions, things that were helpful, things to look out for? Definitely still in PANIC mode.... Thanks
  5. @GAviv - This is very encouraging! Did you alter any food amounts or frequencies? Or follow any particular food plan (besides the high protein, high veggie, no sugar, etc.)
  6. I'm 2.5 years from sleeve surgery, and over a year from skin removal surgery. I've been at my goal weight for 1.5 years, though recently gained a few pounds and was getting ready to switch in to strict mode for weight loss. BUT.... just found out I was pregnant. Unexpected and unplanned, I'm working to set up some nutrition appts now, but would LOVE to hear how other people have managed, what their diets were, what advice they were given, etc.! I don't want to lose all my progress, but obviously most concerned about nutrition for baby. A little freaked out, so any advice/thoughts/experiences = welcome!
  7. I haven't, but just wanted to say how much I love hearing about how people have maintained for a decade! Awesome.
  8. It has been 2 weeks and 3(ish) days since surgery. Tomorrow I start back to work, so that will be interesting. The worst part of the last week was the hematoma they removed in the left breast. I had to go back every single day to have the packing removed and put back in (ouch). The last one was yesterday, and today they evaluate if there is any need to remove a smaller one in the right breast. Hoping not. The 2nd worst part is pain/soreness in the lower incision line/ pubic region. This is supposedly pretty common, so I think this is just a symptom I have to deal with the next few days. It's not sharp pain, just ache/soreness. Below are some current pics, 1 week after the last ones. I think it shows a little less swelling, but not a ton. At this point, I shouldn't have too many more big body changes, minus decreasing scars. Bulk of swelling, etc., is over. I'm looking forward to the pain being gone all together, because I go back and forth with how happy I am with the surgery (this is totally normal), but I fully expect that once I can have full mobility back and less pain, I'll be a lot happier overall.
  9. This time it was a hematoma or large blot clotting, so they had to open it up, squeeze it all out (painful, and looks like black jelly, so gross), then they pack it with....gauze? Idk. I had to go back today and every day for the next few days to have it unpacked and packed. Blech. Painful, time consuming, but not at all a serious side effect/complication, and will improve with time.
  10. No pics yet, some extra complications as of last night. I was walking, felt wet, though I had spilled some coffee, looked down to see I was gushing blood! Went to the doctor, and they did an in-office procedure to drain hematoma/blood accumulation. I was awake, which sucked because anesthesia cost money and I'm cheap lol, but the rest of the procedure was free. It's now packed, stings some but not awful, and I need to go back every day the next few days to be cleaned out and re-packed :/ fingers crossed complications over for now!
  11. I was going to call and ask about this! My skin was so "beat up/wrecked" (thank you for continuing to describe it that way doc that the scar is so puckered and rough, I was hoping to do this, just in case it helped. How soon were you cleared for this? Was there any certain brands of silicone sheeting you really liked?
  12. Yeah, I HATED the idea of posting pics at first, but I now sort of like the idea of tracking changes, and I know seeing other pics really helped me to not have unrealistic expectations, which I think has helped me feel much better now. I called about the sharp pain, because it has also now spread to numbness over the top of my right thigh. They told me to go straight to the ER to make sure it wasn't a blood clot. It was not (wohoo!), but I guess it's not a super unusual side effect for a neve to get sewn over or something. The *hope* is that it will clear up in a few months, but there's no guarantee, and they had zero advice on how to make it feel better (weren't sure if ice, heat, compression, elevation, stretching, anything would impact it). So that was a little rain on the parade. Bruises have all now turned yellow/green, so def looking like the Walking Dead for sure. Some stitches have been oozing/bleeding some, but that's supposed to be pretty normal also, so other than the leg pain, I think things are going as planned. Post tape pics later!
  13. I will definitely post some pictures later, now that the tape has all been removed, but an update: 1) Went for the one-week post-doc, the doctor seemed pleased, he cut off a few of the stitch strings hanging out, and that was about it. He was concerned about a pocket of swelling on my left breast side, so moved the follow-up to 2 weeks instead of 3, but didn't seem super concerned. 2) Things I am more concerned about include-- my upper/outer vagina has been swollen, black, and hard. Apparently, this is not unusual and will go down, but sticking frozen peas down the pants = fun times :/ 3) I have developed a sharp shooting pain in the top of my right thigh, like lighting, HURTS! It's spread now to the whole top of the thigh is numb. A bit worried though Google says this isn't totally rare, but waiting for a call from the doctor. 4) Some of my scars are really lumpy and look awful. Hoping to find pics from people with similar scars before and then a few months after, so I can have more realistic expectations (so hook a girl up with links if you see any!). Despite any of these = STILL TOTALLY WORTH IT. Can't wait for no more pain, then I can really enjoy this new self!
  14. if anyone is reading this that has already been through it, I'd love to know a) if you experienced worsening pain in the lower incision area as time went on, and b) did you find any spanx type compression garments more comfortable than the binder?
  15. That is the biggest thing I'm upset about, no idea!! I weight more post surgery ( due to swelling) and they didn't say. I'm hoping they can tell me this afternoon, and if so I'll update! I really hope it improves from here (swelling above lower incision line, but even if it doesn't I'll be thrilled.