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  1. STOP JUDGING ME I know I don't swim very well thanks
  2. I was wondering if anyone here follows a Paleo regime ? It seems very compatible and I have found some great recipes. I don't think I could go full on - but just interested if anyone else has tried it?
  3. I have also lost around 36 lbs but have now stalled - ramping up the swimming now. My doc says it's fine - just said to make sure to keep having plenty of water and concentrate on protein first. I still have no sensation of being hungry or 'full' just started getting a little pain as have started on more substantial food so definitely know the pouch is there now. I need to set an alarm to remember to eat. My Doc is not a fan of calorie counting but has told me to not starve myself which will help with the stall and must keep up the exercise - he says this is the transition point for the long haul and totally normal - definitely should not expect to keep losing at the early rate. He seems pretty confident I should hit 75% excess weight loss over next 9-12 months and should stop weighing myself daily now.
  4. I'm a little nervous going to wild as I still have zero sensation - I'm literally only eating something because the alarm goes off on my app and have no idea if I'm 'full' or not. I did experience dumping from a protein shake so really limiting portions until the messages start hitting the brain (could take a while - lol)
  5. Welcome to the club- I am only one week ahead of you. Walking is really helping me a lot - I'm trying to get up above 3 miles a day. Please please post recipies, my soft food creativity is lacking. Chicken stock with half an egg dropped in is working ok
  6. I have a withings Withings - I like it because it syncs to my phone
  7. Thanks - that's what I thought - will add to the wish list!
  8. Not sure what measurements you are using - I was told to come off metaformin during my liver shrinkage and was at 9.6 mmol/L going into surgery post surgery I have not gone above 5.3 mmol/l - was at 4.5 this morning - guess no more db2 metaformin for me any more !
  9. So I'm still in puree stage and getting a bit bored of it at the moment. Cannot wait to get onto more normal choices A person I met at the doctors recconmended getting one of these vacuum pack machines - so you cook larger batches and vacuum pack the portions you need, she said it saves her a lot of hassle and she always has at least three or four different portions ready to heat up and use depending on what you fancy. She also said that doing chicken and fish sous vede (water bath) cooks nicer and not as dry and if you do a good slow cook in the waterbath chicken can come out very juicy and easy to chew and swallow. Was wondering if anyone else has tried this ? I'm a sucker for buying kitchen gadgets - the wife dispairs of me - but this actually made some sense. Well more sense than the spirialiser
  10. Also RNY here - type 2 diabetes - my blood glucose has imeadiately improved since the surgery - and the doc said I can also stop one of my hypertension pills today. (yay!)
  11. Experienced my first dumping today - drank a protein shake too quickly. Got quite faint and had to lie down - pulse went through the roof. At least these messages are starting to come - I still have no pain / fullness feelings at all but been told to wait at least 2 more weeks and don't do anything stupid food wise. Did make some very nice rice pudding and had two spoonfuls to finish off the day
  12. I'm dropping about 1kg a day at the moment - but the number I'm paying attention to is %fat - I'm doing more excercise since the surgery - well just walking but that is excercise for me. My youngest also came on the walk so that was really nice
  13. Thank you all - yes definitely intend to make the most of it! All my incision pain is gone now and had a little twinge in the chest eating some yogurt today so I guess it's my pouches turn to speak up. I am a little worried that I am not getting enough protein - trying a new shake recipe tonight.
  14. Hi - nearly one-week post-op - seem to be doing ok. Been lurking here a while - great to find a friendly forum like this. I guess I'm still in honeymoon mode - I have no sensation at all when eating - also no feeling of hunger whatsoever. So trying hard to monitor how much I have and try to get enough protein. I am so pleased with the changes in taste, everything seems to taste more vibrant, hope it stays this way!