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  1. Live in Front Royal and work in Manassas.
  2. Curious, where is your home country? I just had my surgery in my wife's home country of Latvia 2 weeks ago. Travel was fine for me a week and a half after surgery. Same deal, my insurance didn't cover it and they have a really good surgical center in Latvia. Coincidentally I'm also in Virginia. So we have a similar story.
  3. I'm in line to get RNY on the 20th. I was wondering if anyone had a change in their personality after surgery? My wife says I'm kind of an %!#%^(& to be honest. She thinks it's because of the burden the weight has become. I tend to agree with her but maybe I'm just an %!#%^(&. I'm honestly worried about becoming more of an %!#%^(&. My co-worker had worked with someone else that had WLS and became and it had a negative effect on their personality so I'm just wondering if anyone had a similar experience?