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  1. Almost time....

    Good for you! Down to the wire now. Can't wait until I'm at that point. Good luck!
  2. No more soda

    Thanks for the advice. I drink a cup of coffee most mornings and I plan to drink iced tea as my cold drink of choice. I know eventually I'll need to eliminate the caffeine as well, but I'm taking baby steps.
  3. No more soda

    I have my first appointment with the bariatric doctor to start my 6 month medically supervised diet on Wednesday. I'm anxious to see what the game plan will be. Regardless I have decided it's time to make a commitment to giving up sodas. I had my last Pepsi today. Goodbye my toxic friend.
  4. 1st week

    Thank you @Jen581791! That video was very informative.
  5. 1st week

    Thanks everyone! I appreciate the feedback. It certainly looks like there's some variation depending on the surgeon. @Jen581791 thanks for the reassurance that I won't be hungry. I've read that before but it's good to hear again.
  6. 1st week

    Hi. I'm a newbie and just starting the process. I will be going to the bariatric doctor to start my 6 month supervised weight loss in a couple of weeks. I'm sure this has been asked and answered before but I can't find it. What do you eat the first week after gastric bypass? I believe it's just liquids so do you pretty much drink protein shakes? I'm sure I'll get info from the doctor and the surgeon, but I'd like to have some idea now. (Impatient) Thanks.
  7. I'm just starting the process at St Vincent's. Anyone else going there?
  8. Days won

    Well that's interesting. Thanks!
  9. Days won

    Ok... I give up. What does days won mean on a profile?
  10. I've just started my process as I mentioned in a previous post. Is anyone out there planning surgery in or around Indy? I am working with St Vincent's in Carmel.
  11. Hello

    Hi. I'm new too. I hope someone can answer your question.
  12. Noob

    I'm new too. I went to the information seminar and doctor consult and I had my psych evaluation. I have a doctor's appointment to start my 6 months supervised weight loss. I'm anxious to get this show on the road!