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  1. Boho Rosy

    I am not sure what i should eat. 2 years PO

    Love hearing this. I have so enjoyed having you, in particular, to look to as someone on a similar journey at a similar time.
  2. Boho Rosy

    I am not sure what i should eat. 2 years PO

    Thanks @Jen581791 and @msmarymac. I really thought everyone was going to start internet screaming at me (lol) and I appreciate your open mindedness.
  3. Boho Rosy

    I am not sure what i should eat. 2 years PO

    I would like to offer a different perspective - one that I know is not popular on TT, and that I have been afraid to express on here (which is why I spend less time on this site these days). There is an alternative to a super low carb diet. You can practice moderation. I am a recovering binge-eater, and my psychologist (who specializes in working with obese patients) figured out that for me, the concept of cutting out carbs was a recipe for disaster. Basically, the minute I tell myself that I can't have something, all I want to do is eat ALL of it. I was not one of the lucky ones that lost my appetite after surgery. I used to be disappointed about it, but now I view it as a strength because I have had to consciously practice moderation from day 1. For me, it's like a muscle that has gotten stronger with time. ALL THAT SAID...I find that in order to hit my protein goals, I almost never eat more than 75 grams of carbohydrates a day, but that is a byproduct of the fact that I count calories and grams of protein religiously. I generally eat between 1000-1200 calories a day. Every single day, 80-150 of those calories belong to something in the dessert family and I will not apologize for it. For ME, knowing that I'm "allowed" to have whatever I want makes me feel less desperate to binge. I have become a person who can sit near the office candy jar and not touch it for days because I know that if I want to have some, I can and I'm not a failure. You can have WLS and still be a someone who enjoys food. I am only 9 months out, so I know I'm not an expert, but my nutritionist and surgeon agree and I receive my care at one of the best medical centers in the world (I also happen to work there, so pardon the brag). I also have friends on here who I won't call out by name who have had long-term success and also consider themselves "foodies." There are so many yummy things that you can make and enjoy in small portions. Focus on protein, water, and exercise. If you're getting all of your protein and water in, there is rarely room for much else. So...if you're at all like me and start suffocating when people tell you to adopt a highly restrictive diet, taking a more moderate, calorie-centric approach might be helpful. Here is a sample menu from a very delicious and compliant day: Breakfast: Sous Vide Egg White Bites from Starbucks, iced decaf coffee, a little half and half Lunch: Grilled chicken over sauteed onions and peppers with a couple of tbsp's of tzaziki Dinner: An egg sandwich (1 egg, .5 oz of American cheese, 2 slices of bacon on a light English muffin) and a side of steamed green beans Various Snacks: 1/2 an Atkins protein shake, a Think Thin S'mores bar Dessert: 2 Dove dark chocolate promises This totals up to 1050 calories; 79 grams protein; 70 grams carbs (also, I do high intensity interval training 4 times a week)
  4. Boho Rosy

    Dodgy tummy :(

    I am a longtime cannabis user - I vape, not smoke - and I refuse to hide it because it's RIDICULOUS that we live in a country where cigarettes and alcohol are legal while cannabis is not (but I digress). I took a break for the 2 months leading up to surgery and the 2 months after, but I have been a regular user since then and have had zero problems. One of the best things about dispensaries is that you have more control over the strain that you are getting. There are several strains that do not cause things like "the munchies" There are also specific strains that would absolutely help you with pain relief and sleep. The more cannabis is regulated and studied, the more we will be able to reap the benefits which, depending on strains, can be highly personalized to your needs. Anyhoo...I'm not at all passionate about the subject.
  5. Boho Rosy

    Saggy skin

    It will get so much easier as the weight comes off. Believe me when I tell you that I was ALLERGIC to exercise before all of this, but now, I actually look forward to it. Just yesterday I was doing plank jacks and the trainer came over and whispered in my ear, "you never would have been able to do this 6 months ago and I'm so proud." I actually teared up, but luckily my sweat masked it. Another tip is to get involved in group classes. I now have "gym friends" who I look forward to seeing in class and who celebrate my successes and laugh with me about "that time I fell on my butt in front of everyone." They keep me accountable in a non-threatening way and I love it!
  6. Boho Rosy

    Saggy skin

    Thank you so much Kristin. So are you!!!
  7. Boho Rosy

    Saggy skin

    Hi Burgundy. They sure are. Thank you! I can hardly believe it, and yet I've never felt more like myself in my life!
  8. Boho Rosy

    Saggy skin

    I thought I would have a ton of saggy skin, but it's been way less than I had anticipated and I believe that's because I exercise a lot and always include weight training in the mix. My surgeon at Johns Hopkins told me that it was the key to minimizing the skin issue and I think for me, his advice has rung very true. The best thing I ever did was to have WLS. The second best thing I ever did was to fall in love with exercise (small group training to be more specific). I got really into it about 2 months after my sleeve surgery and I wholeheartedly believe that it is my secret weapon. Best of luck!
  9. Thanks, CJ! I need to get into the thrift shopping thing. I've never done it before because I felt like the plus sized offerings were usually not great, although I recently dropped off 8 trash bags full of my old clothes to Goodwill, so some stylish size 22/24 person out there is in for a treat.
  10. Hi guys! LOVE hearing your updates! Congrats to everyone on your progress, and thank you all for your honesty. I shall provide a dose of my own: I'm doing great. As of this past weekend, I'm 100 pounds down from my highest weight ever, and I can hardly believe it. My weight loss has picked up again recently for a few reasons. First, I'm doing some pretty hardcore exercise about 4 times a week - I take these small group training classes that incorporate cardio and weightlifting in short intervals. I come out of those classes sweating so much that I look like I just walked out of the hottest shower of all time and I feel AMAZING. Second, I started dating, which occupies so much of my time and makes me so nervous that I'm rarely hungry. And third, I continue to weigh myself daily and when things aren't looking too good, I get myself back on track before things get out of hand. That's something I could never do pre-WLS. Clothing has been a nightmare. Nothing fits me for longer than a month, and although I'm no longer wearing plus sizes, I am having trouble getting myself to shop in non plus size stores. Is that weird? All I ever wanted was to shop at stores like Anthropologie, and now that I can finally wear some of their clothes, I just want to run into a Torrid and hide. The dating thing has been a hoot. I'm getting attention from guys that would have never given me a second look before, and I find myself feeling conflicted about that. Still, I've met a bunch of really nice and interesting prospects and have been relieved that no one has gone running for the hills as soon as they've seen me in person. As I often do, I must publicly thank @Stephtay for pep talks and compliments and enthusiastic texts that have helped give me the confidence I needed to finally get out there. I've been asked by many of my dates for a second or third date, and I am beside myself that I have so many options. This is definitely new territory for me. On a related note...yeah...the whole saggy skin thing. In some places, it's not nearly as bad as I expected, and in others, it's pretty bad. Not to overshare, but this definitely weighs on my mind as things get physical with guys. I have now been in two situations where I made myself vulnerable (that's what we'll call it, lol), and I approached it by saying something like, "So, I lost a bunch of weight quickly and my body shows evidence of that. I refuse to apologize for myself though, because I'm so proud of myself for the work I've put in and I feel great." From there, I take a deep breath, project some artificial confidence (fake it till you make it, right?), and get back into the moment. And guess what? Neither guy said "ew, you're gross, I'm leaving." Every day I am reminded that this is as much of a mental challenge as it is a physical one, if not more so. As my body evolves, I now realize that it's my job to be proactive about making sure my mind is evolving as well. This has been a beautiful journey for me and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity every day. p.s. Again, my apologies for oversharing. I just know that there must be others out there who have similar fears and are maybe afraid to discuss it, so I thought I'd just put it out there. Also, the picture is about 12 pounds ago. I still have more work to do, but I actually feel ok with how I look in photos now.
  11. Boho Rosy

    The power of negative memories

    Thanks for the support, @Stephtay, @Gretta, @Jen581791, and @msmarymac. I think a lot about how fat-shaming seems to be one of the few safe places left for bullies. For whatever reason, people love to hate those who are overweight, and society still allows it for the most part. It's important to me that I always remember this as I continue to transform so that I can be a friend to/support those who are going through it. It's rough out there!
  12. Boho Rosy

    The power of negative memories

    It’s funny that you ask because I almost wrote on here about it just today, but then hesitated. Your question has convinced me to go ahead with it. Things went great on the way there. I didn’t come close to needing an extender, the seat was comfy (relatively speaking) and the tray table fit just fine when I pulled it down. On the way back, however, I encountered an %!#%^(& who, while in line a few people before me to board, went on a loud tirade about how he “better not have to sit next to that fat girl behind us.” There was no question that he was referring to me, because he turned around and glared at me several times and continued talking about how fat and pathetic I was. After he was seated, he watched me until I passed him and then turned to his girlfriend and loudly expressed his relief that they weren’t stuck with “that fat girl.” It was pretty awful, because I had convinced myself that I was at a point where people weren’t noticing my weight so much. I mean, I know I have a ways to go, but I’m closer to my goal than to where I started and I’m barely wearing plus sizes anymore. Oh. And here’s the kicker. The guy was overweight (and for the record, he had a sunburn all over his face and head - everywhere but the painfully white outline of his sunglasses. Such a jerk. I wish I had defended myself. Or, even better, that someone else did. Sigh.
  13. Boho Rosy

    The power of negative memories

    I haven't been on here in a while, but your post caught my eye. I can SO relate. I'm actually flying on Friday and I'm totally nervous about this stuff even though I know I don't have to be. I flew to Paris 25 pounds ago and the tray table and seat belt were all totally fine for the first time in FOREVER, but I'm terrified that even though I've lost more weight since then, I will have problems. I've been kicking myself all day for throwing away my seat belt extender even though I know I won't need it. It is amazing how deep-routed anxiety and fear trumps my ability to think logically. I still have a ways to go with my weight loss, but I know one thing for sure. The emotional scars will take much longer to heal than the physical ones!
  14. Boho Rosy

    Maintenance Month Two: Hold the Line

    Awesome update - thanks so much for sharing! My favorite part was what you said about being someone who used to gain on 1200 calories a day (ME TOO!!!), but post weight loss you need 1800-2000 to maintain. Not that I'm desperate to eat 1800 + calories, but I worry that when it becomes time for me to maintain, I'll have to starve in order to do it. Everyone's body is different, I know, but still, your comments give me hope!
  15. Boho Rosy

    November Newbies....we outgrew our name....

    You bet! We had an amazing time. I will definitely be returning!