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  1. Hi I am 2 and half months post op and sure could use a support buddy to encourage each other. I live in Fayette County West Virginia. Is anyone out their looking for the same?
  2. Thanks, I use to be one of those that thought surgery was the easy way to lose weight but now I know it is very difficult and far from easy. From the tedious steps and screenings and dr visits you have go through ,to the " head " adjustment to the timing of everything you put into my mouth at first. Good luck on your journey.
  3. Hi! I had my gastric vertical sleeve March 20, 2017. I am older than most people I am 64 , so I am not losing weight like all those under 40. So I get discouraged and could really benefit by having you all to talk to and to pass on tips. I am forever worried that I'll eat too much and gain weight back. I have lost 37 pounds. I have not lost inches were I measure not waist or hip but in between .