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  1. Boho, please don't give this a$$hole the power to steal the joy you have in your accomplishments. I know that is easier said than done but claim your victories and know that you are changing, evolving, becoming even more wonderful and this poor man is unkind to his core, which isn't likely to change anytime soon. Shake it off and stand tall girl! <<hugs>>
  2. Thanks for the insight BB, eager to try.
  3. @Readytobeme I had the best luck with Poshmark (blogged about it here) and it is a little bit more work than a flea market but I found that everyone wants to haggle and get super cheap prices at flea markets so it wasn't really worth it - I could get more with the larger audience online. If you already sell on eBay, you might have even more luck there. I have a friend who sells quite a bit on eBay so I had her post a wetsuit and waders for me as I knew that wasn't the right audience for Poshmark (all women really and not really the outdoorsy types).
  4. E -xcess L -egs E -ntrance/Exit V - ictories (non-scale and scale!) E -xcitement N - ew home This eleven + month update (one year surgiversary is just 4 short days away!) brings together so many changes and excitement in my life. A year ago about now, I was on the pre-surgery diet, excited and nervous about the changes this surgery would bring. I have not been as active on this forum as I was in the beginning and I'm not sure how I feel about that. Perhaps I should make it more of a goal to post more than I do but I have never been a big one on social me
  5. Sorry for my delayed response. My yard sale was a total failure! I really thought there would be more people out but it was not meant to be - I ended up donating the majority of the stuff to the thrift store. On the up side - I did get to meet and chat with more of my neighbors! I would suggest combining with other people (friends, family, neighbors) and have a combined yard sale to draw in more diverse crowds. I had no clothing out (I've sold ~$400 worth of my gently used clothing online), no children's clothes, mainly household goods. Perhaps if my offerings were more diverse, there wo
  6. T aller E thanol N ature Ten months since surgery y'all! Last month brought many deaths into my life, my ex-boyfriend re-entered my life (after a year!) and proposed, the harassing work situation from last year has re-surfaced and I've been house hunting for my first purchase! I suppose at this point in my life, I really thought I'd be married (and that answer was NO) so house hunting alone has been a bit anti-climatic but still an interesting process (especially my first offer....and subsequent rejection! lol). I keep wondering if when I walk into these houses, is it suppose
  7. I love the dapper look @Dtrain84! Congrats to your successes so far and cheers to many, many more scale and non-scale victories!
  8. Awwwww knee high boots, there was a special funeral for you.... I actually used the weight loss (and new smaller calves) to justify purging those boots out anyway as they were looking pretty tired. I also bought a pair of over-the-knee boots that I NEVER would have thought of actually buying pre-WLS. I agree that getting measured is key and plan for a little decrease - which would most likely impact you if you are already at a 0.5 size. For instance, I wear a women's US 11 and now my feet will fit into a 10.5 but the 11 are still just fine.
  9. So sorry to hear of your turd-filled two months and big wishes for a turd-free next two months. We are terrible at caring for ourselves but don't get in the way when loved ones need us! Be kind to yourself Nerdy and get that rest whenever you can. <<hugs>>
  10. SO glad to hear she is progressing so well and relaxing at home.
  11. BB you paint such a beautiful picture! Perhaps next on my travel list should be a Zen temple to practice my skills. I never did archery at camp or in school so this was my first exposure. And my forearm is bruised to prove it! P.S. CONGRATS!! on onederland!!! I love that it kinda snuck up on you and I hope you, your wife and son are still having fun with your svelte self!
  12. I should add that the severe downside from my not eating and just having protein came to fruition this morning. OUCH And I'll be working on getting those veggies in and adding some Miralax until things are back on track. Why did I forget that this was the problem with such an unbalanced diet? Why did it take me so long to remember!!???
  13. Thank you all for the condolences and for not making me feel bad about being so absent @CheeringCJ! The last of the three deaths was my one remaining grandparent, my father's father. My parents are actually here visiting me as this was a trip they booked months ago. It's comforting to be with them again even if I just saw them this past weekend. I am so thrilled to have my brother and his future wife so close! In New Jersey I learned that "Sunday Dinner" is practically a religion around here. Its an Italian thing where the family always gathers each week at the grandparents or parents
  14. I averaged 29 days and had my period right before surgery. The first month I started after 20 days, again after 14 days, and AGAIN after 21 days. Then I went back to ~27 day cycle and have been regular since. I wouldn't be surprised if your cycle became a little wonky but I would think it should be back within 6 months. I talked with my surgeon and my gynecologist when mine went off course and they were both surprisingly unhelpful. LOL But definitely track it and if the irregularity lasts for an extensive period, I would say go back to your doctor and have some tests done just in case.
  15. You look amazing @CheeringCJ! I think the photos are what will help you continue to get over the body dysmorphia - and see the changes have really stuck! And big congrats on the new job and transition in your year of me!
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