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  1. Tales of Woe: My $281.25 Utilities Bill

    Seems as thought I might need to get some cats....
  2. NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    That is GROOVY @Stephtay!!! How fun! Especially the disco ball drinking cup!
  3. NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    I feel the same way about the leg crossing @Nana Trish! I do it all the time now, just 'cause I can! @TP1210 The not being recognized is a frequent occurrence in my professional life as I attend various meetings that only happen once or twice a year. The downside is that you have to re-introduce yourself and remind people that they do in fact know you! All my networking has come undone and I have to re-introduce myself over and over again! And I am an INTJ so it is already a tiring experience being in big crowds of people and always being 'on' for them. I seriously might need to bring a photo of myself at my higher weight just to job their memories! But this is a small, small price to pay for this fantastic life!
  4. Back from the Winter Walk!

    I went hunting for this thread @Kio! I saw your new photo and knew there had to be an amazing story behind it! I love that it was taken on a walk that you woudn't have previously been able to enjoy and a cause that helps others who are struggling. HOORAY!!!
  5. NSVs—Let's share!

    I think @Aussie Bear was the first one to make me realize I would need to be saying good bye to my big-calf boots and I've said adios to two pairs so far. I'm not looking forward to saying goodbye to the others but I know it's for a great reason! I'm focusing on wearing the heck out of the old boots now! Congrats @Madhouse Heidi on all the new spots you can shop for cute boots! As far as calorie-free and cost-free rewards, you can take some laps around the mall, trying on lots of boots - unless you're the type that would spend money even when window shopping. Alternatively to that, for other free rewards I like to pick up movies or a new book at the library, take a walk at the beach or my favorite park, give myself a mani or pedi.
  6. Four Months Make a Difference

    You look delightful @xmandy!!! And you are <<THIS>> close to ONEDERLAND!!! Congrats!!
  7. Tales of Woe: My $281.25 Utilities Bill

    @Cheesehead I think a heated throw may be the next purchase. Whew! I was joking about this with a friend and she said I'm losing so much weight and looking svelte but no one will know because I'm wearing two layers of clothing - so come spring, I'll unpeel the layers and come out like a butterfly! I thought that was a pretty analogy but with all the layers I feel more like Ralphie from A Christmas Story than a beautiful butterfly in a cocoon!
  8. Tales of Woe: My $281.25 Utilities Bill

    Lol @TammyP I had the same revelation with whisky. Back under the blanket I go!
  9. How did you know when to stop?

    Could you skype with brutally honest friends back home? It can be hard to find friends willing to be brutally honest within a year of meeting them!
  10. My Three Month Surgiversary!!!

    Congrats @CheeringCJ for the change in thought patterns, for noticing all the NSV, for the big scale victories! and having the courage to post your progress photos! You can really tell the difference in your profile photos - I think you and I carry our weight in the same place! I experienced the same 'shopping from my closet' feeling about every two weeks. Whenever I am at a good thrift store I look for clothes not only in my size but also in one or two sizes smaller. It always feels weird to do - to confidently acknowledge and plan for that smaller size - but I am getting used to that great feeling! The same feelings for meeting old friends. No need to dread that meeting or fear judgement, you are kicking butt CJ!
  11. Tales of Woe: My $281.25 Utilities Bill

    @Aussie H that certainly puts a cost in perspective! I wish there was a way for me to switch to solar but it's not possible where I live.
  12. Tales of Woe: My $281.25 Utilities Bill

    @Kio and @BurgundyBoy high five on the heating blanket/pads. I 'pre-heat' my bed with an electric blanket each night although studies show that your body is triggered into deep sleep through a drop in temperature so I turn it off once I'm in. @kmsbanr those CuddlDuds layers look super comfy! I've tried putting on layers to sleep but I've been sleeping au natural for too long and get all tangled in the clothing! I'll just have to stick with my electric blanket.
  13. Tales of Woe: My $281.25 Utilities Bill

    Yes @CheeringCJ it certainly better than the alternative but I would have rather spent that saving on many other things! New clothes! A vacation! Downpayment! @Gretta and @Jen581791 because when life gives you a high utility bill, you search out funny animal photos to make ya smile!!
  14. For us folks here in the Northern Hemisphere, particularly the farther northern parts, its that time of year when you need to layer up and batten down. When you wish for luxuries like electric blankets, remote starting cars and heated car seats - the finer things in life which have become even more valuable to myself and my fellow losers! Winter has been particularly brutal in my neck o' the woods and after shedding over 120 lbs of excess weight (and more to go), my natural heating blanket has left with the pounds of fat. Many here on the forum can attest to the new 'always chilly' or 'always frickin' cold' mantra that we now sing. My song comes to the tune of a $281.25 electric bill for the past month, which would typically crest at ~$100. OUCH! I guess all of those times when I inched the electric baseboard heaters just a wee bit warmer have added up in a big way. I'm going to have start wearing a hat and gloves at home... And now for your viewing pleasure, animals in sweaters!
  15. NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    On that same vein @delilas, I had a checkup at my orthopedist last week and when I was there months ago, I went to stand up ...and well the chair came with me. The arms stuck to my wide hips embarrassingly enough. This time, that chair stayed put! And my surgeon was stoked at my progress.