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  1. Heartburn

    omg does anyone get really bad heartburn that bad it double me up i think maybe i am eating to much had a gastric bypass am eating now about 2 cups is that to much? i had a scope done all clear any advise please
  2. Shoulder tip pain

    Thank you am loving being back in my old jeans never thought i would be wearing size 9 again still have breathing pain but it will get better just exercise , had the most amazing after care Doctor owe him a lot
  3. Shoulder tip pain

    Hi everyone sorry i have not been on well what a ride the shoulder tip pain turned out to be a collapsed lung with a litre of fluid i have been in and out of hospital then the pain got worse again turned into pneumonia so back into hospital another 12 days with a lung scope operation , after saying all this the bypass was great have lost 18 kgs in 10 weeks very happy eating well very happy with the out come goal weight is only 7 kgs away best thing i ever did
  4. Shoulder tip pain

    Hi everyone am 5 days post op everything went well surgery took 3 hours but in recovery 3 hours then icu for that night , Surgeon was amazed how well everything went I took a big risk cause of previous band erosion and othe things liver ect any way , I am drinking 1000mmls daily but the shoulder tip pain is killing me it radiates across left breast as well gives me extreme pain when I move especially getting up any advise for this some said try mylanta as it is used for gases and shoulder pain is a gas thank you In advanced
  5. Stressed

    Well it is done I am 5 days post op I have recovered well drinking about 1000ml daily trying not to use pain meds but I am having a hell of time with left should tip pain which radiate left chest as well they say it is normal if it wasn't for that I would be running this keeps me awake at night any suggestions for this someone said take mylanta cause it is a gas and mylanta helps that thoughts fouls be great peeps
  6. Stressed

    Hi everyone i am 7 days out from surgery getting excited and nervous at the same time , my partner is negative he does not want me to do this a friend told me he said it is not going to happen cause he has visions that it will be called off i am stressing now cause what he said i just want it done can anyone advise what i can do . Thanks everyone
  7. New

    Hello my name is Sue and will be having bypass surgery on 22/06/2017 have been previously banded but it eroded last year so have decided to go the bypass as have gain 30kilos a little bit nervous incase something might go wrong not sure what to expect my main concern is do u have a nasal tube after it and the pain thank you