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  1. Unflavored protein

    AAAAAAAAAAAAH I see - that's prolly true, then. LOL. I wonder how they could really tel what it does provide given people's metabolism. Like I am hypothyroid and I bet I absorb WAY less than your friend. How on EARTH do they regulate that> Crazy.
  2. Unflavored protein

    In 2017, they published their findings of 20 bariatric patients. The absorbtion was proved superior. My labs have come back with great readings for protein (8.1). I swear by that product. I use it every morning in my yogurt. I LOVE it. Others may disagree. Just my $0.02. I also cannot handle most whey proteins. Like projectile vomiting and diarrhea at the same time. Not fun! Lol TMI? Lol this stuff had been my savior.
  3. Noooooooooooooo! Well, too bad. I love it. I'll have to deal with the leptin later. It is the only thing that even comes close to an exercise I like. So far it has been a HUGE part of me losing 70 pounds, so I am going to HOPE my Leptin is stubborn and likes to stay where it's at. Shoot High ghrelin, high TSH, high everything...why not Leptin? Hahaha! I am such a slug and my swimming is LAUGHABLE in terms of speed and intensity. **A swimmer who has an easy interval time of two minutes would consider a 100 m time of one minute 30 seconds very good.** HAW HAW HAW I looked at my Fixbit Flex 2 stats. 91 m in 3 minutes and 40 seconds. Yeah I won't worry about it stressing ANY levels on me. Heh heh.
  4. Raw veggies, salsa - uh oh.

    OMG that made my mouth water! Hahaha
  5. I am at work, so I am kind of jumping around in this post, LOL. I thought that it was after three weeks, post op, you hit this thing called "the stall." Then I thought – after my weight loss stopped for a week on week 4– what if they mean it is a stall for THREE WEEKS??? Well – this has been my weight trend as of late. Now – I qualify this with the fact that I was on extremely high steroids for the third week in January and take steroid nebulizer treatments and an inhaled mix of steroids (and will continue to through flu season) so I was a little munchy. This is the insane stall: Jan 9 - 224 Jan 12 - 220 Jan 17 - 218 Jan 24 - 222 Jan 25 -221 Jan 26 - 218 Jan 27 - 224 Jan 29 - 221 Feb 2 – 219 Feb 5 - 219 What wut? How am I GAINING weight? Now… the only thing I can attribute this to is something I have changed. I have added swimming back to my regimen - starting about January 8th - then I got realllly sick - and stopped for a week and a half and started up again around January 24th. I LOVE to swim. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Now, in my pre-op days, I started swimming on month three. That was the month my weight moved 2 pounds in four weeks. And it was UP. Does anyone know if there is something that your body gets pissed at when you start exercising or what the heck it could be? Now--- I follow all of this griping with the fact that after my stall in month 3, pre-op, in month 4, I lost 25 pounds in 4 weeks. 100% due to swimming, my dietician says. Now though, combined with the 2 miles a night jogging that I do, two trips to the pool (40 minutes before work and 40 minutes after work) is about 1.6 extra pounds a week that I would lose -- which does not even include to the food restriction courtesy of with my new little pouch. I get at LEAST 90 mg of protein a day and TRY – hehe- to stay at 30 grams of carbs a day – only coming from tomatoes or the occasional coffee creamer when I am being bad. I live on salmon, tuna and eggs. And I swear by Genepro powder. I mix it in everything. I eat NO bad foods - none. When I have had sweets, it has been well under half the serving and left me feeling incredible at my new choices I am making. So no times I look back on and say - ooooh yeah - maybe I should have not had this or that. I food prep every night for work the next day and never bring more than 4 ounces of food for all day. Anyone else experience this strange retreat in weight loss after you start exercising?? It’s SO weird. I was SO excited starting swimming -I was POSITIVE pounds would FLY off the scale, yet when I get on the scale, nope. And it is 100% NOT me building muscle. I swim and for a good while, but I am not Michael Phelps. I am doing like 1000 yards in 30 minutes. Not fast, LOL. Thoughts? Anyone else had this?
  6. Raw veggies, salsa - uh oh.

    Thanks for the heads up. I am slowly getting to where I can eat most things. My stomach is not moody at all anymore. Weird how things change so much. I got struck down and a beast of a strain of that flu. And, as luck would have it - was put on steroids, so any weight you would lose with the flu went out the window.
  7. Medical update from the LadyB ;)

    OMG Like SERIOUSLY - after the sleeve - I am now the MOST sensitive thing to whey you have ever met. I eat whey powder, and I vomit - like gross flu when you were 4 years old and could not control it sick. And the other end - OMG you don't want to know. You might be intolerant to new things. I am really glad to hear you are "better". You will find your new normal.
  8. Wow...6 months already!

    Whoa lady! You look fantastically fabulous!
  9. Medical update from the LadyB ;)

    Isn't it weird. Like if someone said something rude to @tracyringo @Gretta @BurgundyBoy @Michael_A @Cheesehead or @CheeringCJto name a few I'd punch them in the face. Like Texas Ranger curbstomp. I keep trying to remember to post to you because I remember how friggin bored I got in the one night I stayed for wls surgery I can't imagine how hard it is for you! Ugh. Soon enough that blood pressure will settle in and that glucose will chill out. Peace is coming, friend.
  10. Raw veggies, salsa - uh oh.

    It really IS varied from patient to patient. So far now, getting sleeved 12 12, I'm starting to "think" I'm somewhat healed. Now nothing bothers me. Nothing. Raw onions, pickles, artichoke hearts. Nothing. Now the antibiotics I was on came right back up (at work no less ), but I think that's just the sleeve not getting along with those horrible pills. (Changed antibiotics, btw!) I found a new friends in zucchini. I am on Prednisone for an asthma flu combustion that took up residence in my lungs. With Prednisone comes ridiculous hunger. Like insane. So I crossed up two zuchinni's worth of chips in the oven and made a pizza out of zuchinni, eggs and mozzarella cheese. Topped with onions spinach and a little sauce and cheese. Boom. Veggie sticks you can dust with unflavored protein powder and dip in marinara. Mwah! But I just thought of it. I think I have an aversion to beef now. Big Dallas former 300 pounder Brandi from Texas is afraid of beef? I'm going to watch for that to hit the news wire. I think I, alone, kept the black Angus farms in business down here! So weird person to person. Anyone else notice weird shifts?
  11. 3 month post op today !!!

    You too bubba! I'm on steroids for asthma now so I'm creeping to 900 calories with this hunger grazing the Prednisone causes! Don't get on that April! Stupid asthma!
  12. Medical update from the LadyB ;)

    Omg removing my gallbladder changed my LIFE. My friend had sludge. He said the same thing. It was 2005 but I still remember it like yesterday. I felt like someone had poisoned me. Like my blood was septic. Then the pain. I'll never forgot that pain. It was the first kick in the back, kidneys, stomach, and diaphragm. Horrible. Then. Boom. Gone. I sure hope this is your issue. They do 100000s of these every year. Even with complicated patients, these are usually super easy surgeries for them and you're gonna finally get on the WLS woohoooo wagon! I can't wait!
  13. Raw veggies, salsa - uh oh.

    Nice! I had ZERO reaction. So I think I'm ok for now. But yes virtual veggies for now!
  14. 3 month post op today !!!

    @tracyringo me too! I knew it was coming but the stall happened! It's easier to handle knowing it was coming. I was at 224 to 222 to 219 to 218 ... To 220. To 222. To 224 lol I eat 400 to 600 calories a day so I'm not freaking out whatsoever. Just kicked up a protein shake a day for a while. May is the goal!!
  15. I love it. And at work it reminds me, too.