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  1. Man...I'm so jealous! I LOVEEEEE LaCroix soda water. I asked and pleaded. Nope. Nope. Nope. Bummer!
  2. It looks like no one ever responded but YES!!!!!! I was put on 100 mg losartan with 25 mg hctz when I weight 287. Now at 198 - SAME MEDS. I thought it would go away. Nope. Ah well.
  3. I know it is not everyone's meal plan, but my doc said NO carbonated nothing. Ever...again.... haha. Maybe because I used to drink them and he doesn't want me to go back to that bubbly delicious ...sigh...way of life. I do miss my LaCroix! I ended up making a half water / half coconut water, mint, cucumber with wild dewberrries and a splash of lemon juice and stevia to sweeten it. It was AWESOME!!!
  4. My rock on here has been @tracyringo if ANY if you need to gripe... Please let me know. PM me and just GO OFF with your frustrations nothing off limits. It helps so much to have someone who understands you and will allow you to use them as a sounding board! If you saw all of our private messages, lol, most of mine start with "I can't believe I'm still the same weight..." I swear. It was stall after stall after stall. Both of us... and her weight loss would move ... mine was stuck ... then mine moved ... hers would get stuck. It really helps. Sheesh. The doc explained recompositioning and insulin dependence and why the keto/Paleo thing works so well, it just clicked. And it seems like when you read my stats it was fast. NO. IT'S NOT GOING TO BE FAST! I thought ok I'm going to get the surgery and lose like 30 pounds the first month. Nope. I weighed 255 on 12/12. It's 5/11 and I've lost 55 pounds. Awesome? Yes. Fast....? No. Not at all as fast as I normally would thought wls would have been. keeps coming off. 0.4 pound here 0.3 the next couple of days. Next thing you know you're down another 5 and another 5. You look up and see one year ago you weighed 90 pounds heavier. It's like that hope gives you the wear with all to push through the plateaus. And not to mention ... if I had hit these plateaus before and not had the surgery to have in the back of my mind as a tool, I would have said SCREW THIS CRAP and eaten a gallon of ice cream and gained it all back. It's what I've always have done. The thinking just isn't like that anymore. It's almost like they cut my stomach to be smaller then tweaked my brain to finally understand food, nutrition and never be on a diet again. This is just how I eat. You don't eat healthy, and then go back to your old habits once you lose weight. You eat right and stay right. It's weird! Lmao Sorry for the soap box!
  5. Oooh That does sound good! I am finding sangria recipes and just taking out the alcohol. I am also thinking if it says grape juice, I could Nutribullet pulverize a half cup of grapes with water. Add stevia - boom - grape juice. Haha! Thank you for the compliment, too!!
  6. Ladies and gentlemen: I have reached ONE-derland. 198 pounds. Down from 287!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!! I will attach a pic from Summer 2017 to now. Whoa. Anyone who just had their sleeve - and they are hitting plateaus - just stick with it. THEY PASS!!!! They really DO!!!!!! I was hitting a plateau every other week, I swear. Now - the other question: The girls and I want to hit the lake this weekend. Of course, the alcohol will be flowing. I looked it up and thought maybe there was a light libation I could have. Nope; just not worth it. SO...that being said - what could be a funky, weird fun drink to enjoy at the lake in the sun? I *LOVE* Black Cherry Kool-Aid - like in a WEIRD way. I am obsessed with it. Haha. Maybe a sangria with that???? Like does anyone have a recipe for something frou frou like kiwi-cucumber-basil-stevia water or something? I am still trying to stay under 20 carbs a day, but I allow up to 50 - 100 on cheat days. Plus I will be floating and swimming ALL day, so I am not concerned about the sugar content of fresh fruit infusions. Lemme know your ideas.
  7. I'm on the 30 to 45 minute rule forever! I got sleeved December 2017 and still not used to it! I get sooooooooooooooo thirsty! Lmao
  8. Ok looked it up. How do you even find that out? I have no clue! @tracyringo you asked me what my bougie size was in a PM - and I thought you autocorrected to bougie from "biggest" hahaha!
  9. What in the world is this bougie you guys are referring to? Can't watch the vid. Husband is asleep lol
  10. OMG GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!!!!! I quit in 2006 with Chantix. And even with pharmaceutical help, it was HARD. I have been on all sorts of things - was the wild child raver chick in the 90s - even all the way of having a $5000+ week booger sugar habit in my 20s, yuk- and to this day, I still say that cigarettes were the hardest to quit. Good for you - no great for you- you are doing incredible. Remember relapse is a part of recovery, and if you slip - which I seriously do not see you doing, but if so, start the quit process again. In my blog I write- that I have neglected for a month, now - I wrote "People ask me how I quit drugs. Honestly, I tried to quit a million times- it was the million and first time that stuck. Katinka, I raise a glass of non-carbonated, sugar free, delicious Kool-Aid beverage in your honor. Your life is about to change in ways that you will never have thought. @tracyringo has become my sounding board for grumbling, but seriously - with every "struggle" I have now - it is NOTHING compared to having NO hope for ever losing this weight. You are going to emerge a different, better person whose self worth is elevated by the very choices you have decided to take in the right direction. I am so happy for you. Welcome to other side. It exists. And like you, none of us thought we could ever make it here!! And you know what the bonus is- alcohol does NOT taste nearly as good without cigarettes. I used to love a good Johnny Walker Blue Label over ice with a lime and a Dunhill Blue cig to pair up with it. Now - yuk that whiskey tastes like CRAP, and get that friggin' smoke out of my face!! Hahaha!!!!
  11. AAAAAAAAAAAAH I see - that's prolly true, then. LOL. I wonder how they could really tel what it does provide given people's metabolism. Like I am hypothyroid and I bet I absorb WAY less than your friend. How on EARTH do they regulate that> Crazy.
  12. In 2017, they published their findings of 20 bariatric patients. The absorbtion was proved superior. My labs have come back with great readings for protein (8.1). I swear by that product. I use it every morning in my yogurt. I LOVE it. Others may disagree. Just my $0.02. I also cannot handle most whey proteins. Like projectile vomiting and diarrhea at the same time. Not fun! Lol TMI? Lol this stuff had been my savior.
  13. Noooooooooooooo! Well, too bad. I love it. I'll have to deal with the leptin later. It is the only thing that even comes close to an exercise I like. So far it has been a HUGE part of me losing 70 pounds, so I am going to HOPE my Leptin is stubborn and likes to stay where it's at. Shoot High ghrelin, high TSH, high everything...why not Leptin? Hahaha! I am such a slug and my swimming is LAUGHABLE in terms of speed and intensity. **A swimmer who has an easy interval time of two minutes would consider a 100 m time of one minute 30 seconds very good.** HAW HAW HAW I looked at my Fixbit Flex 2 stats. 91 m in 3 minutes and 40 seconds. Yeah I won't worry about it stressing ANY levels on me. Heh heh.