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  1. KatyPuffer

    BCBS Approval

    BCBS of texas need 3 classes, ( I did them all in one day ) An evaluation 1 Nutrition class 3 years of past weight history Recommendation note from my Primary care doctor I would call your insurance to ask them for what all you need. Originally my doc office told me I needed 6 classes, and could only do One a month, but that was not the case. Good Luck!
  2. KatyPuffer

    Insurance approval

    I was told the more you call in, and bother them... the faster they work. I called in everyday Mon-Fri 3 times a day, and finally they put me on fast track. I have BCBS of Texas and they move sooooo slow...!!!!! The waiting time is the hardest. They needed more info the first time, I guess my Code was not sent in right by the doctor... that took ( 12 days) So when the doc sent it in, I asked her to put urgent on it so that way they have 72 Hour to complete it. Sure enough they waited till the last day of the 72 hours to complete it, but it was done and approved!!!!!!! I am now having surgery in a week and very nervous, and on my liquid diet... that's even harder than waiting for insurance to get approved.