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  1. Has anyone gained all their weight back after surgery? How does that affect the sleeve or whatever?
  2. Hi Trish! I just made my appt to see a doctor. They couldn't get me in till August. You'll have to keep me up on your journey. I'm in the Scranton area.
  3. I will need a lot of support, then and now. My one close friend is against WLS and thinks I should do it on my own. My mother (who is 97) doesn't understand where I'm coming from. So besides this site I'm on my own, unless hopefully I meet someone in the pre-op sessions. I do have depression and anxiety but its been in control for years. But I know I have to continue to work to keep it in check. Comfort food is a big part of my life. I hope I'm not being too much of a pain on here pretty much monopolizing the thread.
  4. As long as I can still have coffee, peanut butter and cereal I'll be good lol. Another question, how much does everyone exercise and what do you do? I've been a couch potato so long exercise is like a curse word! Has anyone had a lot of sagging skin or surgery to remove it? Is that covered under insurance? Thanks again
  5. Made my initial appointment!!! It's not till August 25th though ugggg.
  6. I would be happy eating peanut butter every day for my protein lol. I'm ok with sugar free stuff. Can you eat cereal? I've eaten cereal for breakfast all my life!
  7. What do you mean by smooth early out?
  8. I'm loving all this feedback! Ok here's a big one, coffee! Can I still have coffee? How about peanut butter? I love peanut butter! I bet I'll save a lot on groceries too!
  9. I'm a sweetaholic big time. Do you ever get to have sweets or is that something that you have to swear off? Also I heard you have to lose weight before surgery because of the liver is that true? The wait 30 minutes after you eat before drinking is that a forever thing?
  10. Hi. I am seriously considering WLS but have a long road of thinking and researching ahead of me. It would be so great to have someone who is also starting the journey. I am in Northeast PA. Anyone in this area?
  11. Thanks. What you said makes sense. I'm going to need tons of support, especially with beating mental hunger. It's so hard to even think there are things I'll never eat again. It gives me anxiety.
  12. Thanks for the comments. What is VSG and RNY?
  13. Not the greatest pic, but it is what gave me a shock showing how huge I really am. As I'm sure you all know, I've been in denisl, not looking at myself realistically, knowing how heavy I am but not actually facing it. My whole adult life I've lost and gained hundreds of pounds. I'm 57 and I think a part of me is like, I'm older, who cares what I look like. For as heavy as I am I've bedn lucky. No heart problems, no sleep apnea, no diabetes, etc. I do have some physical issues but I get around. So again the denial thing. I'm healthy so I'm ok. I'm still not 100% sure I'm doing this at this point. My journey is just beginning.
  14. Thanks for the responses! How do you know if you ate mentally ready? I know you have to be evaluated.