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  1. 20 min with a weed whacker at the wrong time of day.  :(  Now I look like I have a pox.  BRB while I claw my legs off...:wacko:

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    2. msmarymac


      Looks like chigger y'all have those in Boston??  They are usually found in grass/weeds and can't usually be seen.  Itch like the devil.  Have an affinity for tight spaces...dare I ask, any around underwear/elastic area?

    3. Kio


      @msmarymac - no, none around the undies; these were totally focused on my legs below the calf.  I WAS in pretty high weeds, though - we had let the side yard go all to hell while we were prepping for, and then actually on our vacation.  It was about knee height in some places.  It's possible that there was a mix - some of them were definitely mosquitoes because I saw the little monsters, but other bites do look like the little red dots the internet just told me about...

    4. msmarymac


      Chiggers are a part of summer in this part of the US.  A dreadful part!  We learn as kids never to venture out into grass without some sort of protection: bug spray, or sulfur powder.  They are dreadful little buggers and itch like nothing else.  Hope you're starting to get some relief by now.  We used to coat the bites with clear fingernail polish to keep from scratching.  Or, if you're tough enough use rubbing alcohol on them.  It burns like fire but that burning sensation seems to keep it from itching lol.  We're pretty brutal here in the plains :)