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  1. Kio

    still here!

    Hey guys, just letting you all know I'm out of surgery and back home. Also on the very good drugs. I'm having more pain than I did from my RNY, actually - with that I never got the collar-bone/shoulders gas pain everyone described, but with this one I'm definitely having a bunch of it. The doc said surgery could not have gone better, they got it all out in one piece (which doesn't always happen) and there was definitely one big stone about the size of a marble/ given size and shape they're sure that's what has been causing my pain. So crossing fingers that this WAS the cause, and I'll be better in a couple of days!
  2. Kio

    still here!

    Well, all this has made one thing clear to me: ALL the coolest kids have no gallbladder! I'm about to join an elite crew!
  3. Kio

    still here!

    So, quick update - the verdict is gallstones! At least one, probably more. So it's coming out - and fast! Monday is the day. The same surgeon who did my RNY is going to do the honors. I'm super excited to put this past couple of weeks behind me! I'm also a little nervous, though, about what life without a gallbladder will be like. I'm told I should avoid fat as much as possible for the first month, but after that life should return to normal - would those of you who've had this done say that's true? If not, anecdotes welcome!
  4. Kio

    still here!

    Hi Trish!! If it's diverticulitis, I don't think it's a very bad case. I'm not running a fever, anyway - it's just random pain. I'm really hoping the tests happen EARLY this week because I'd like to know what's going on! I'll be fine for hours, or a full day, and then suddenly ow again. Since they haven't called me about the tests yet (ugh) I'm definitely going to bug them first thing tomorrow! (they have NOT started me on antibiotics yet... hmmm.... I'll call my doc and ask about that, too!) Thank you for saying the words "Boston" and "summer" in the same sentence - that made my day. I'll be there!!!
  5. Kio

    still here!

    Hi everybody! I haven't been around much, but wanted to say I'm still out here, still (mostly) on track. I say mostly because I've had a pretty hard week or so just now. I'm having a LOT of intermittent abdominal pain from what is most likely a diverticulitis attack, and I've spent the past three days eating either nothing at all, or plain crackers, because that's all my sad little guts can handle. Dairy is right out, as is any other form of protein. On the bright side, my calorie intake is so low I'm losing weight again? Er, yay? Diverticulitis is something I had some experience with even before surgery, so it's unrelated to my gastric bypass if that's what it is. I'm having some tests done, and that's the prime suspect. The other possibility is gallstones, but I'm betting not; it's just too much like what I've had to deal with in the past - the same pain, that comes and goes in the same way, and all the same gurgling and burping and suchlike. Hopefully I'll know more soon; right now, all I can say is all the blood tests they ordered came back normal. I've got ultrasounds coming up next week. But the worst (knock on wood) seems to have passed. At least, I'm hoping so! Other than that issue, I'm just keeping on program and doing my thing. I miss you guys when I'm not around, and as soon as this situation passes, I'll try to be around more! Many hugs.
  6. SAME!! My shoulders are all bony and my clavicles are straight and clear, but I can definitely pinch a HANDFUL in some lower areas. Leah keeps saying I'm skinny and should stop worrying now, but I tell her I can point to every single pound between me and my goal weight...
  7. Kio

    Bostonredhead surgery

    I'm so excited for you!! Good luck, and let us know how you're feeling when you wake up. =D
  8. Good for you! It sounds like you're heading into this process with your head in the right place. I think the only advice I really have is that it's easy to stay on track early on, so that's the best time to build habits for yourself that will sustain you long term, even after your hunger comes back (sometimes it does) or your old habits come knocking at the door. Here are a few that have been helping me: 1) I don't eat before noon or after 8pm. (I do have a protein shake/coffee in the morning to fuel me through). 2) I weigh every day. I know a lot of people don't, for really good reasons. I don't think it has to be EVERY day. But I think of my obesity as "in remission" and as such I need to monitor myself and manage the condition. Like diabetics check their blood sugar regularly and adjust their meds or their diets, I check my weight and adjust my eating plans accordingly. 3) I try to keep my eyes on the prize. I like the new-me - I don't ever want to be the old me again. When I feel old-me's habits creeping back, I take a good hard look at new-me in the mirror and remember that I have to keep acting like new-me if I want to FEEL like new-me. I consciously think about how much it used to hurt to get out of bed in the morning, or stand up after sitting for a long time. And then I think about how easy it is to just sit up and bound out of bed now. The difference is sobering, and makes it easier to decide to make good choices. Hope this helps you too! You'll find your own way to success, and it may look a lot different from my list! The point, I think, is to HAVE a list, because a list is a plan, and plans keep us honest. Best of luck!
  9. Kio

    Slider foods

    I've been doing my "protein shakes" (coffee + fairlife milk) in the morning every day, then waiting until noon to eat anything else. Trying out this whole "eating window" thing where I only eat from 12pm-8pm. I don't feel full on my coffee-shakes, but I do feel basically fine nutrition-wise -- not hungry at all. Mostly, by 11 or 12, I just want to chew something -- it's not really related to being hungry. I guess I don't really ever "feel full" but I also don't really ever feel empty. I know I'm really hungry when I start to feel a bit jittery and scatter-brained, but that's about it. Honestly I rarely hit that point, because I do have head/mouth hunger so I eat a small meal or snack probably every two hours between noon and 8pm. Something healthy, about 85-90% of the time. in between, I drink a glass of something - broth or water or more coffee or tea. I'm trying to build in some nice checks and balances for myself, because I'm still pretty close to surgery - just 16 months out - and I know the lack of hunger doesn't always last forever. If liquids alone aren't working for you in the morning, have you considered a microwave breakfast at work? You can nuke a bowl of egg into scrambled eggs quite easily. Throw in some broccoli or toss some cheese on, and it's really quite good. The trick is to microwave them until they're almost, but not quite fully set, then let them finish cooking on their own by "resting" them for a minute.
  10. Kio

    Slider foods

    Yeah, this is a great and timely reminder! I've just gotten back down to the bottom of my five pound window (and back to the weight in my sidebar/sig) today, after a few weeks of indulging "here and there" in foods like crackers and uh -- over the holidays themselves -- a surfeit of pie. It's not like these are the only foods I can eat that are easy on my stomach, either - yogurt is super easy for me, and usually the centerpiece of breakfast and lunch. I can't say crackers or rice or whatever is the easiest. But they certainly are easiER than things like chicken or pork or beef or fish, and so that's what I tend to tell myself. On the bright side, I found that getting back down where I want to be is a lot easier than it used to be. One really low carb day got me half the way there; two more and I'm feeling like myself again. My NEW self - instead of my old self, which is what I always fear when I make choices that are similar to the ones I would have made 16-24 months ago. The tool works when I use it; it's just when I don't that things get dicey!
  11. I know, right?! It does seem to happen more when I have people over or something - I'm always worried somebody is going to think I'm bulimic!
  12. Kio

    On my way!!

    Yeah! Can't wait to go on a nice long stroll with you at the next Boston gathering, @Nana Trish!
  13. Yeah, me too. And unlike @tracyringo, sad to say, I'm at 16 months out from surgery now and it still happens a lot. For me it's not a sign of full - it's a sign I've taken one bite too many. And I know my new tummy well enough now to know that it signals a total strike - I'll be snotty and hiccupy for hours unless I uh, reverse the eating process. So once it starts I generally just go throw up to get it out of the way and enjoy the rest of my evening. I AM getting better at knowing how many bites is just enough to avoid that, and what kinds of food are most likely to cause it. So that's something, right?!
  14. I'm 16 months out now, and my weight loss has slowed considerably. It hasn't stopped completely, though - and to be fair some of my slow-down is related to eating more calories now (and more calories as carbs). I'm still on plan, and still low carb for the most part. But I'm probably around 1200-1400 calories a day now and probably up to 50 grams of carbs a day from around 20. I kind of feel like this is a natural progression from the early days, so I try not to be too worried about it. A couple of months ago I felt like I had bottomed out between 170-175. Now I bounce around between 160-165. Hopefully in a couple more months it'll be 150-155, and then goal. But to be honest, I won't be sweating too hard if I don't get to the goal in my sidebar - I'm doing great right now, happy and healthy and normal by most people's standards. So the slow-down is a bit frustrating sometimes, but not a major source of worry for me!
  15. Kio


    You know, you're right... it's kind of like if I had named myself DoritoKio! (Kind of has a nice ring to it, don't you think?!)