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  1. What are you eating today?

    I get them at my local Vitamin Shoppe - but I think they can also be ordered frozen online!
  2. What are you eating today?

    Wow, five a day! That is intense. I'm glad you get at least one "real" meal each day, too. My pre-op diet was two shakes and a low carb/high protein meal each day, and I only really had to do it for two weeks. Lean on us if you need to rant or rave about yours, we've all been through at least some of it!
  3. What are you eating today?

    Yum? Did I read you right in the other thread, all your shakes are strawberry? I'm so sorry! Is optifast really that horrible?
  4. Awwww, please don't worry. I've had this crazybrain for a while, and it's old hat now. And honestly, it's like a switch that gets flipped - it's either on, in which case I'm freaking out, or it's off, in which case I'm 100% fine. I'd say the switch is on about 10% of the time these days, which is actually a pretty decent improvement over when I was at my highest weight. At that point, I was so sedentary and so heavy that I was pretty sure I was about to keel over from a heart attack or stroke or pulmonary embolism at any second. I don't worry half so much about those things anymore! And there's usually a pretty limited subset of conditions I get set off by. Most of them are some kind of cancer. So I'm safe around here most of the time!!!
  5. I get why you are looking for the negatives, @ready2bme - I did the same thing, and pretty close to surgery. Unlike many people here, I met with my surgeon and started my program while I was still undecided about whether I would ultimately have surgery. I wanted to make sure the decision I made was informed by opinions and research on both sides of the fence. Mainly I didn't want to end up with some bad complication down the road, kicking myself because I'd been too scared to look at the other side of things. I admit, though, that your original post scared the crap out of me for a couple of days. I have pretty severe health anxiety, and a tendency to imagine that every ache or pain is a sign that The End is Nigh. I try really hard to avoid stuff that will set me off, and when I feel myself GETTING set off, I try really hard to stop the behavior that I know will follow (the endless googling of symptoms, the endless internal monitoring of my sense of my body, waking up in the night to read more about whatever it is that scared me in the first place). One of the things I had to consider when I was deciding whether to have surgery was whether I was in a good place for it mentally and emotionally. I knew there were risks, however small - and I knew that I would likely be more scared of those risks than most people. I also knew that I would likely blow out of proportion any symptoms I had post-surgery, and scare myself. Knowing all of that, I still decided to go forward with surgery; I just promised myself that I would be just as vigilant about symptoms of irrational anxiety as I was about symptoms of any complications/issues with my body. I think I've done pretty well at that. Most of the time these days I'm successful at heading my brain off at the pass. So while I was scared by your post, it wasn't like a big downward spiral or anything - it was just a scary blip. I've seen other scary things here, too - reading about @ktallon's experiences comes to mind, or about @Ladybugzzz86 post-surgical issues. (If you think I didn't research the hell out of portal vein clots after reading @Ladybugzzz86's story -- whooo boy!! I was pretty sure I had one for a couple of days!!) I DO think there is room here for discussion of possible downsides of WLS as well as just the upsides. I think we're used to seeing both sides here, too - but maybe the difference is that the downsides we read about tend to be people's personal stories, things that are actually affecting them. I guess my only contribution to this thread would be maybe we should keep in mind that many people come here at the ends of their ropes - in a vulnerable, easily influenced state. And so the way we frame these conversations is just as important as having them. TT should be -- and I think it is -- a place that is both safe AND honest. And I really value both of those things.
  6. Stall

    It's totally normal! I had my surgery a little over a week after yours, and I'm also currently in a long-ish stall. 222 for days and days and days. Sometime I'm up half a pound, some days down half a pound... seems like every day is either 222.8 or 222.2! Like you', I'm staying on my plan and like you I have still got about 55 lbs to go before I could even think about being done. But I get it - it's frustrating! For myself I know it's generally related to water retention and that I "flush" it all out right before/during my period. But the waiting is super annoying! Three weeks every month of wondering if the flush will really happen this month or if my weight loss has finally slowed down. All I can offer is what everyone here has told me (and will soon tell you too!) - you just have to keep working the program and trusting it, and the weight WILL come off. That only changes if we change our behavior for the worst!
  7. It's a good idea! I might try it. I'm such a statistician at heart, though, it's sort of hard to give up on a method of measurement. I'm wondering if there's some way for me to keep track of it without keeping track of it. Like maybe keeping a daily record, but never measuring it per month until I hit goal? That might work... then I would have the info when I wanted it, but NOT along the way, when it probably does me more harm than good.
  8. What are you eating today?

    I could too! It's awesome. I don't love cooked red peppers, so I always leave mine out of the pan and munch them afterwards, if I have any room left. I WISH I could convince Leah to use some fajita seasoning or something on the chicken, but she's a weirdo, so if I even want salt I have to add it to the chicken after. It's the eternal dilemma - cook for myself and have spices, or let Leah cook for me and do without. Tonight I'm pretty lazy. But she DOES make a mean guacamole, so that's definitely in her favor!
  9. Happy to be here!!

    LOL! Well, then you are DEFINITELY our people! I'm so sorry to hear about the hard road you took to get here - but it sounds like you're definitely on the right track now. Welcome!
  10. Oh, huh... you may be onto something with that approach, @CheeringCJ! I guess I saw everybody here doing the monthly thing, and just started doing it myself because it seemed like the thing to do. Maybe instead of tracking exact monthly numbers, I could just do like... a rolling average? Like, I've lost X since surgery, and it's Y months since surgery, so I've lost on average Z#/month... I'm going to have to give this some thought, it could really help with this!
  11. What are you eating today?

    Instead of posting MFP or my daily menu again today (spoiler: Same stuff as yesterday and the day before!) -- I thought I'd share what I'm eating right this minute. It's dinner time! This is 2 oz of chicken, and a bunch of guac, "sour cream" (that is, greek yogurt) and some onion. I won't make it through all the other stuff - it's basically just garnish for the chicken - but it certainly is yummy garnish! Basically it's a tiny fajita bowl.
  12. Whine, you know, is super low carb. Sadly, also low protein. This isn't really a serious whine - just a touch of frustration. Part of it is with my weight loss pattern, and part of it is with my crazy brain. So - like many of the other ladies here, my weight loss follows a specific pattern in tune with my monthly visitor. I tend to lose almost all my weight each month just before and just during my period. Even on months when my period doesn't show (I'm just starting to get it back) -- the symptoms do, and the pattern holds. So I lose a big bump of weight in about a week, a week and a half.... And then, for the rest of the month, zip. Zero. NADA! You would think, since I'm fully aware of how this works, I'd be fine with it. Maybe even fine enough to stop weighing during the weeks that I know I won't be losing much if anything. But I'm not that gal - I weigh every day, and every day when I see the same weight (or a pound up, then a pound back down, then a pound up and then down again) I have this little internal "ugh!" of frustration. It doesn't help that my cycle is kind of uneven. So my weight loss may "bunch up" in one month if I have a weight loss phase both at the beginning and the end, or it may lead to a month where I lose very little because my cycle hits just outside of my monthly measurement window. The problem is - my brain. There's what I know with my sane, rational brain - that this is all about my cycle, that it's mostly water retention followed by flushing, yadda yadda yadda. And then there's what my crazybrain whispers at me: "The honeymooon period is over." "This is as close to goal as you're ever going to get." "Well, your doctor SAID you might not make it down to 200." Etc, etc, etc. Right now I'm in my monthly stall phase, and though my body is telling me it's probably about to start losing again, my crazybrain is still whispering mean things at me when I least expect it. It doesn't make me do anything differently... but it does sometimes make me a bit sad, when sadness is totally uncalled for. In fact, this is one of the happiest times of my life - I'm healthier, stronger, more fit, more able than I have been in over a decade. I just sometimes need to call myself out on it, so I can see in print how silly I am...
  13. Peanut butter recommendations?

    Ooooh, thanks! I pass a Market Basket every day, though we usually do our shopping at Shaw's or Wegman's. I'll pop in and check it out! That is a great mission and low prices are never bad.
  14. Newbie

    Hi, Susan! Welcome! This is a great first step to losing that loneliness and depression - now you've got a whole troop of people at your back who have been exactly where you are, and know the way out. And even better news - good responses to weight loss surgery run in families! I was reading about this a few days ago, and wished I had someone in my immediate family who had done it, so I could see how it went for them. But Thomas doing really well after his surgery is good news for you! It means you have a really good chance of being a "good responder" too. There are a lot of great existing threads that may help answer some questions for you, or give you first-hand insight into what the process is like. Or you can start your own thread - we're all happy to jump in and help.
  15. Systemic Candida Yeast Infection

    Ugh, I really want this to stop for you. You've had to deal with so much! This just sucks. But I am really glad you finally got in front of a doctor who was able to give you some solid information and reassurance. I really hope the treatment you're pursuing kicks in hard and fast so you can start feeling good again. ::hugs::