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  1. Kio


    I'm not a fan of protein shakes, so I use Fairlife milk in place of them. But woman cannot live by Fairlife alone.... so I start every day mxing 8 oz of Fairlife with 11 oz of Starbucks Medium Roast unsweetened bottled coffee - the kind you can get in the cold section of your supermarket. (We won't discuss the number of times I END my day the same way...) Diluted as your espresso was, I doubt it will do you any harm. I did abstain from caffeine for 30 days after surgery, but since then I haven't given it a second thought. AND... I often drink it through a STRAW!!!
  2. Kio

    Pre-surgery weight loss

    FWIW I was 355 when I met with my surgeon and 298 on surgery day, and my insurance (Harvard Pilgrim) never gave me any trouble about it. I also did it via low carb. Good luck!
  3. Kio

    Five Months of Maintenance

    Your Dead Sea adventures sound awesome - I love the mud photo! I'd say you were brave to do that, but it sounds like you don't really have to be brave to do it now - you're right on track and maintaining at goal! Congratulations! And as usual, your update is super inspiring - I joined a gym, but haven't been going, mainly because I get self-conscious. NOT about my weight or appearance, weirdly enough - I get self-conscious about not knowing what to do, or how to use the weight machines. And I know that is something that won't last, so I just need to get over it and get in there. After a while I WILL know how to use everything, so it won't be an issue. I'm so glad you're doing so well, Jen - great work! And I really hope your family is gentle with you and that it's not as bad as you fear - you've done an amazing thing for yourself, and you should be proud of it, and so should they. I get what you're saying, though - I have a friend who had WLS who didn't do as well as I have, and regained a lot. When I see her, I know she's happy for me, but she also feels bad that it didn't work out as well for her. I hope your family members who are still struggling can see you as the inspiration you are!
  4. Kio

    5 week post op stall, need some encouragement

    Almost everyone gets a stall somewhere between 3-6 weeks post-op - it's almost like our bodies need to pause and take a breath before getting back to losing again. It's nothing to worry about! Stalls happen, it doesn't mean you're doing anything wrong. However, I would suggest tracking your intake for a while in something like MyFitnessPal - just so you don't have to "feel like" you're doing everything right. You can actually look at what you've done and be sure - which is a very good stress-reliever. Also, be aware that if you are of the female persuasion and not yet in menopause, you may have monthly stalls followed by monthly WOOOSHES, following the course of your monthly cycle. Many of us do. I stall for three weeks every month (this month, my weight stayed exactly the same, to the tenth of a pound, for 10 days!). In the middle of the stall I may go up a pound or two. My body retains water throughout my cycle that balances out the fat loss, and then lets go of the water all at once over five to six days. Everybody is different, but at this early stage, I would seriously advise you not to worry. Unless you're drinking your carbs or grazing all day, it's highly unlikely (and and just about physically impossible) that you've stopped losing fat or started gaining it!
  5. Welcome! You’ve come to the right place - we know everything and love to talk!
  6. That is awesome, CJ! I think I want that lady to be MY new BFF too! I'm still 20 lbs over you, and I know totally what you mean. I'm not skinny by any means, but I'm "normal" now - and I spend a lot of time thinking about it when I'm outside of my home. It's so odd! It's a mix of suddenly getting eye contact now (in that "oh hello you are a person and I am a person, we are people" way) and also going totally unnoticed (in that "you are not an outlier in my experience" way). I have to keep reminding myself that I'm just not that interesting now! Nobody is going to single you, or me, out for pity or disgust or shaming. We're just normal folks! I had to laugh at that description of what we should be having for breakfast. I can just BARELY eat two scrambled eggs... sometimes. With lots of butter so they go down smoothly. Two hard boiled eggs would pop my pouch like a balloon. I'm not much further out from you, and there is no way on this planet I could eat that, plus peanut butter, plus an apple! For one thing, it wouldn't fit. And for another... even if I tried to have that for breakfast, it would be lunch time before I finished it!
  7. LOL! I was listening to (yet another!) WLS podcast the other day, and the nutritionist being interviewed described them as "essentially crispy air" and totally devoid of nutrition. No kidding!!! I remember those days all too well. (I also remember eating the CARAMEL flavored rice cakes, which were crispy air with SUGAR ALL OVER IT.
  8. Kio

    What are you eating today?

    @Readytobeme - I do have premium now, but didn’t for a long time - this is what I’ve always seen. I did tweak the column headings to show the macros I’m interested in, but that was before I got premium. Do you use the app? I copied this from the web version.
  9. Kio

    Struggling a bit

    What is crack slaw!? I feel like I've heard you mention it but can't remember seeing the recipe (hint, hint!) I'm still over here doing my thing... I've had a couple of temptations, but each time I've said no. No to ice cream, on multiple occasions! I'm landing at about 1000 calories a day the past couple of days, and it feels about where I should be? I sometimes want more food than that, but it seems to be mostly my head, not my body, that's asking for it. Last night I made scallops for dinner for the first time, and that's definitely going to become a regular event - the protein and calories are right on target, add a little butter and they're pretty keto! I haven't seen any activity on the scale, though, and my biggest struggle right now is against stressing over that. I'm up a few pounds from this month's low - bouncing between 187-188 - and I'm just trying to convince myself it's water and not the end of my weight loss / beginning of uncontrollable regain. My brain is definitely not on my side right now. I know stress impedes weight loss... so then I stress about stressing!! I've got a vacation coming up second week of August, and I was really hoping to be in the 170's by then... and I stress about that, and then stress about stressing... I'm pretty sure I should just stop weighing for a bit until I get through this, but then I stress that not knowing will stress me out. Maybe I need some of my cat's Prozac!!! So, to keep myself motivated and on track, I joined a gym (finally) and went for the first time yesterday - I haven't been inside a gym in 20 years, so I had no idea what I was doing! It's Planet Fitness, which is close and what I can afford. I've read some pretty negative reviews about PF, but my experience yesterday was really good. You can meet with a trainer for free as often as you want, there are LOTS of free classes with the trainer that are either 1-1 or at most 1-5, and the place was very clean and had a very good "vibe" for lack of a better word. I met with the trainer to do a "design your own program" thing, and talked about my goals with her, then she walked me through the machines I should use and how to use them. I did one set of everything, but will be doing three sets on the machines when I work out for real. Upper body one day, lower body the next, then a rest day. And somewhere in there some core stuff - I'm not sure how often I'll be doing that, have to ask. Every time we went to a new machine, I kept thinking, this will be the machine I won't be able to do. But I could do all of it! I did feel some back twinges this morning, so I'll be pretty careful in that area going forward. Sorry for the ramble... talking this stuff through seems to help me get my head in the game first thing in the morning. You guys may be in for a LOT of long early morning rambles from me until I get through this!
  10. Thanks Kio...

  11. Kio

    New here...

    I didn’t have the six month diet requirement - but my surgeon was the out-going president of the ASMBS, and in super high demand. From calling his office for the first time to my surgery date was six months, just because that’s when he was booking new patients. There were a couple of classes/appointments I had to do - nutritionist and psych, one on one and in a group - and then two meetings with the surgeon before my date. Since I went into it a little unsure I’d go through with it, I wasn’t put off by the wait. And it was good for me - like a six month study period before the big exam!
  12. Kio


    It is only temporary!!! You’ll be through it and on to the good stuff in no time. Welcome to the Loser’s Bench!!!
  13. Kio

    What are you eating today?

    Working hard to get back on track - so here's my food for the day! I planned all this out yesterday. First, my first foray into the world of scallop-making! Then my food/cal breakdown. I'm trying to get my macros dialed in, and MFP has been invaluable in that - I can just tweak meals while I'm planning them out and see where the macros land. Today was basically right on target for 15% carbs, 30% protein, and 55% fats. I can't get down to 10% carbs without cutting out more dairy, and since dairy is where I'm getting most of my protein these days... I think I'll just stick where I am for a bit. I'm also at just about 60 oz of water for the day - and planning to have a couple of cups of tea before bed.
  14. Kio

    Edging up on 9 months

    I hope it went well when you went on the market - any updates?! Sadie has gotten soooo slow in our walks that sometimes it feels like I'm just standing still. I can't even really qualify them as exercise anymore. But I joined a gym yesterday, and went in today for orientation and to learn machines and stuff... and it was kind of awesome! I kept waiting for the machine I just couldn't do, the exercise I wasn't capable of... and we never found one. =D
  15. Kio

    Edging up on 9 months

    Xander is on Prozac too! We started him about two weeks ago. I think it's starting to work now... no more nightly screaming, at any rate! We're using a gel formulation that we just rub on the inside of his ear - because he's so prone to vomiting. Cross fingers for me...