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  1. Kio

    How did you lose weight before surgery?

    I had the same worry - if you were to check out my posting history, especially around July/August 2017, you'd see that I posted about it before MY surgery, too. I had tried everything before WLS - phen/fen back when people thought it was safe, low fat, calorie counting, constant exercise, paleo, keto, carbohydrate addicts diet.... you name it. I could lose for a while, but always bounced back up. I thought, sure, WLS works for OTHER people. But it's not going to work for ME. Nothing EVER works for ME. I had given up. Now, 15 months after surgery and at less than half my starting weight, I'm here to tell you - you will lose weight. I'm not even at my goal yet, and I'm thrilled with my new body already - and have been for months and months. The good part starts way before you get to goal.
  2. Kio

    Question for the ladies

    Everything related to my cycle has gotten worse! And this is good timing, because mine just started today. For one thing, I have one now - for the past 5-6 years I didn't, I was too obese. Now I have one, and it's pretty regular. But it's always a super heavy period now, with a lot more cramping and general stomach discomfort. Plus I tend to cry a lot the week before - It's not really depression, and not just sad tears - I get weepy over happy stuff too. Makes passing the time with Netflix kind of challenging! For me it's not so much a craving for sweets or carbs as it is a desire to constantly be eating. So I just try to make sure that the choices I make are low carb. I have plenty of flavored yogurt around for any sweet needs, and a ton of almonds and cashews, string cheese, lunch meat, etc. If I know from experience that the two days before my period I'm going to be camped out in front of the fridge, I make sure there's only stuff in there that's good for me. It helps that once my period starts I feel so gross I don't want to leave the house for the rest of the week...
  3. Kio

    How did you lose weight before surgery?

    I went totally keto prior to surgery. I started out at 355, and my goal was to be under 300 by my surgery date. I made it - with room to spare. I just kept my personal safety in mind - I was already scared of having surgery in general, and I knew that the lower I could be before surgery, the better my odds were of having no complications. It's definitely a mental and emotional grind at first, but after the first week, it gets easier. I thought of it as being "in training" for surgery. I ate as much as I wanted, as long as the food was carb-free. Many a pig was sacrificed to my body's demands for bacon that summer....
  4. Kio

    Hi guys

    Thanks everyone. You guys are amazing as always. I'm so lucky to have found this place!
  5. Kio

    Hi guys

    Sorry it's been so long since I've posted - I've been here as often as I can to drop in and read a few posts, but mostly I've been dealing with life stuff. Sad stuff, so be warned. Skip this if you need to. We had a very rough few months with Sadie's health - I was basically babysitting 24/7. (For those of you who don't know me, Sadie is my dog, inherited from my dad when he passed a few years ago). She developed a slipped disk in her neck and had a lot of pain - we had her on a ton of meds that kept her MOSTLY pain free, but they weren't good for her (one of them was a steroid). We couldn't leave her alone in the house, so we were all only able to leave in shifts. When I say we couldn't leave her alone... there were some weeks where I only got a shower after a couple of days (good thing I work from home!). It's been... incredibly stressful. I had to get up with Leah at 5:30 every morning because we couldn't let Sadie be alone after she left for work, and up until 11 or later trying to do the things I wasn't able to do while Sadie was awake. We've all been on high alert for yelps or signs of pain basically all day - I think I've been listening for it even in my sleep. I'm sorry to have to tell you all that we made the hard choice to put her down this weekend. We gave her the best last day imaginable. We took her for the walks she was not supposed to go on, we got her a chicken sandwich of her very own from Burger King, she had chocolate (which she had never been allowed but ALWAYS wanted), she had whipped cream, and a peanut butter ice cream treat. We piled onto the sofa together and watched a movie, gave her lots of scritches and hugs, and let her lick us right on the mouth (the ultimate goal of her life). We coddled her completely and she knew she was loved and I think she was really happy to be surrounded by us and to be getting every single thing she wanted. I feel horrible about it, though I do think it was the right thing to do - I just feel a lot of guilt, because I am sure part of the decision came from how exhausted and wrung out I've been. We just were not able to justify the cost of surgery for her when the outcome was in doubt, and when even with successful surgery she'd be severely restricted in activities for the rest of her life. No walks, no running or playing, no going up or down stairs, no jumping up on or down from furniture, nothing - and even with successful surgery, those restrictions would have applied forever. I think it was right... but I still have a lot of guilt. I haven't been to the gym in months, and I haven't really been eating well. For the past few months I've had to work downstairs, and the only available work space was right next to the fridge. :/ I haven't gained, and I haven't lost. I was 166 at my last update a couple of months ago, and I'm 167 this morning - I've been bouncing around between this weight and 172ish the whole time, but I'm on the way back down. I've managed to wrench myself back on track for the most part - I've moved my office back upstairs, away from super easy snack access, and I even got on the treadmill yesterday! But doing things that are good for me because I no longer have Sadie is also really sad. I miss her a lot, and I really wish she were still here with us. She was such a good dog, so smart and so many opinions and funny little ways about her. She was sweet and adorable and has had such a rough year, it's just not fair. Sorry, I'm just rambling on. I mainly wanted to let you all know I'm still here and working on getting my head back in the game. I miss you all and all your constant support and love. I'll be back more often now.
  6. Kio

    Halo Ice Cream

    I haven't made ricotta bake in a while... now that you've brought it up, I'm really missing it! Trip to the grocery in my immediate future...
  7. Kio


    That is so amazing, CJ - you've come SUCH a long way!!! =D
  8. Kio

    Feeling heavy

    I can't even express how much better moving feels now. It is literally no effort. No pain. And I'm still 30 lbs from goal. The beautiful thing about this surgery is you will start to feel this way long before you reach goal - it's not like you have to wait for it. Every week, every month, things will be noticeably easier.
  9. Kio

    What brand of yogurt do you all like

    I like Wallaby/Aussie Greek for my plain yogurt - I get a huge container of the whole milk version and use it like sour cream in all the places you'd use sour cream. I also sometimes put a spoonful of Better-than-Bouillon roasted-chicken flavor mix in it and it's lovely. I'm a big fan of the key lime Dannon light & fit Greek, and the caramel apple is good too. All of them are good, but I'm not a huge fan of the tiramisu, which somehow always tastes a bit "gone off" to me. For vanilla, blueberry, strawberry and peach, my favorite is YQ or chobani's "Hint of..." line. Man, I eat a lot of yogurt these days. I have a PhD in it!
  10. Kio

    Need suggestions

    If caffeine impacted weight loss I'd still be at my surgery weight... since I started drinking coffee again after 4 weeks. I agree with Res - water may be the key. Especially for ladies, it seems like the body holds onto water all month and then releases it in a rush... so I also agree with Res that you need to give a dietary change a whole lot of time to work.
  11. Kio

    Stretched out neck!!??

    All I can say is I have that too and it sucks - but it's still better than the alternative! My super fat face was far worse than my slim face with cheekbones and a little turkey neck. I'm also heading over to click @cinwa's link immediately.
  12. Kio

    Comments from friends

    Unrelated to the rest of this post - I'm feeling a bit blue today, what with the endless rain in the Boston area right now and a sad dog on strict rest orders grumping around by my feet. Plus I have some sort of swollen gland/sore throat/ear ache/stuffy nose thing going on - only on one side of my head, thanks universe - and I'm also grumping around a bit. So I thought I'd pop in here and share something, because you guys always cheer me up. (I feel like I could cheer up on my own if the weather would brighten up! This grey dreariness seems endless, and I'm cold like a million percent of the time.) This is a weird week, because Leah started her new job and has a new car, and now I'm no longer on driving duty, and technically I can sleep in! Except the dog hasn't allowed it yet, so mostly I'm staying up late because I can sleep in... and then getting up early anyway. So my sleep is kind of off-kilter. My attention to detail is suffering. So I totally forgot I had to do some stuff yesterday - like go in to the office for a couple of meetings, and then go to see my dermatologist. I remembered at the last minute, and because I had nothing else to wear, I put on the new clothes I bought at J.Jill this weekend. A lovely warm cream-colored sweater and some jeans. The jeans are a size 12, and the sweater is a SMALL (!!!). Today I'm wearing the hoodie I also bought there, which is ALSO a small - I tried on the large first, then asked for a medium... and then the sales lady said, "That's still too big" and brought the small instead!!! It's funny, because I have spent the past two days thinking things like, "Well, J.Jill sizes run big" and "I guess there really isn't much size difference between a small and a large" and other things that minimize the fact that I used to not be able to shop at J.Jill at ALL and now I wear their smallest sizes. Brains are weird, aren't they? Anyway - I went in to work, and at this point I never really expect comments anymore - people are kind of used to me being smaller now. But one of my work friends said, "You look SO good" several times, and then said, "You're done now, right? You shouldn't lose any more." She meant it absolutely kindly - she's a great lady, a a good friend, and a nurse, and super interested in my health. But it was the first time anyone had told me they thought I was done - and then later in the day it happened again with another friend. And another colleague - NOT one of my favorites - took one look at me and said, "Wow, Kio, you're just wasting away!" Which I took as a compliment, coming from her . But the thing is - I know I have more to lose. It's just that my losses are preferentially from my shoulders up, and that's where most people look at me. I have collarbones now, and cheekbones, and a jaw line, and bony little shoulders. But I also still have more than my fair share of thigh and belly, and I really want those to go, too. The other reason it's weird is - I have hit that mental place some of you have warned me about. That "fat thighs" place. Realistically, I know I'm so much smaller than before. But when I'm sitting down, and I look down at my thighs, I'm like, "Ugh.... they are just like they have always been." I think part of it is skin - everything flattens and spreads when I sit down! But the other part is a mind game. I KNOW better... but still. So that's my last few days - a mix of feeling great about the NSVs, and pretty good about people's reactions to me... but still feeling pudgy on the inside. My brain needs to catch up to my body, I guess!
  13. Kio

    Happy Fall! Pumpkin spice protein shake season

    Bought my own supplies tonight! Though mine included chocolate protein powder and coffee. One giant (protein) pumpkin spice mocha, coming right up!
  14. Kio

    Request - Egg drop soup instructions

    Thank you, @BurgundyBoy! that does sound very simple, totally having that for dinner. I don't have any fish sauce but I'll add a bit of soy, I think, and see how it goes. We do have sesame oil, though...
  15. Hi folks - I know some of you like @BurgundyBoy and @CheeringCJ make an egg drop soup with broth and an egg, and on a chilly early fall day like today, that sounds outstanding. Could someone walk me through the process, step by step? (Like, explain it to me like I'm five... I can't picture how one "whisks in" an egg, and do you use the yolk too? Mixed with the white like for scrambled eggs? Or no? What kind of broth? I have some Better than Bouillon chicken broth concentrate here, and also some boxed bone broth. What would work best?)