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  1. Hi everyone! Chiming in late, to say I'm doing pretty well. I'm a bit north of Boston, and my household is safe and healthy. Sadly I'm on furlough from work, which may or may not turn into a layoff - but even if it does, I'll be okay, we're well prepared. The other two of us are working from home. I miss the structure of having to work, but it's actually not bad to have someone in the household who can focus solely on keeping things clean and getting everything sanitized as needed. One of my housemates saw this coming back in January and started stocking us up for the long haul, so now we only have to go out occasionally, for things like milk or eggs. We're mask-wearing social-distancers 100%! We're nervous, but the only fever here is Cabin Fever, so we're doing okay. And since I don't actually have to do anything, I've become super-focused on closing the Activity rings on my apple watch! I started on April 3, and haven't missed a day yet - so that's 30 minutes a day in my target heart zone and then 650 "move" calories every day. I think it's mainly this that's kept me from regaining, because since lockdown started in mid-March, I haven't been half as strict about carbs as I should be. I hope everyone else is staying safe and healthy; I'm glad to see people checking in to say how they're doing!
  2. Welcome, @Woo67! Sorry you're having a rough ride right now. Sounds like you started out about where I did two years ago, and I can confirm that it does get better. It actually gets better pretty fast! It's fun to see a batch of newbies come in, all excited and ready to kill it on the loser's bench. Keep us posted, and if you have any questions, that's what we're here for!
  3. Welcome, @Jonathon - glad to have you here! Congrats on taking such a big step. Sorry you've had to deal with post-op pain -- I had RNY, and my pain wasn't too bad, though I did have a TERRIBLE sore throat from the breathing tube for about a week afterward. And I gained ELEVEN POUNDS while I was in the hospital for surgery! It's just water and bloating. Unless you're sipping liquified pasta, you're not gaining fat right now!
  4. *raises hand* Another person who had sleep apnea and hated the CPAP machine here - I was able to ditch mine 6 months after surgery! I might have done it just for that alone, honestly - I wanted so badly to just be able to crash on the couch for a nap if I felt like it. Of course I can't do that now - I trained myself out of it over my CPAP years and now seem incapable of sleeping anywhere but my bed! But sleeping in a bed without cuddling up to a plastic tube is STILL HEAVEN.
  5. Same here! I get the tiny cans, 8oz, and let them go mostly flat before drinking them. Temperature doesn't bother my pouch, but carbonation is not a great feeling in there. Other than that, I mostly drink coffee (cold brew or hot), black tea (sometimes decaf), and water.
  6. Ugh, so sorry to hear it, @Cindy Lou Who - that sucks. I know how you feel about exercise, I'm the same way. I think fear of regain starts as soon as our rapid weight loss stops, and I've gotten through mine so far with extensive use of my treadmill desk and visits to the gym! But you know like I do - we actually win our battles in the kitchen. You can get through this. Three months is nothing! And there's still exercise you can do. Spend those 3 months with weights, getting your arms/upper body/abs really pumped! Do some yoga/chair yoga to get stretchy! Crutch around the house and neighborhood as much as you can and are allowed to. And like @Res Ipsa says, you can modify your diet during these three months to suit your new, temporary needs. Holidays ARE super tough. I'm kind of afraid of ours, too. It's a bit easier for me, as I am pretty much completely turned off by leftovers. My intention is mainly to count daily calories instead of worrying about macros for the next week - that has generally served me well in the short term and helped me get through the big "food holidays." Plus I just try to make sure there are decadent cheese-based dishes that won't do me too much harm. Stick close to your TT home for the next three months, too - maybe try blogging briefly every day? I find there is a direct correlation between how well I eat during the day and whether or not I've visited this place. You guys still keep me honest. Good luck!
  7. Hi, Carl, welcome! I had to look up SADI - that sounds interesting! What has your pre-op journey been like?
  8. Welcome, MC! That sounds awful - what landed you back in the hospital? How are things going now?
  9. Hi, Suzie - welcome! I'm just over 2 years out from my gastric bypass, and a confirmed gulper! I took it easy for the first 4 months or so, but since then I've had no problems guzzling as much as I want to of any non-carbonated beverage. (I have to slooooooowly work my way through anything carbonated; sometimes it can take me a day to get through a can of seltzer water. I generally only do that if there's no other option available and I'm dying of thirst.) This varies from person to person. I have a friend who is 10 years out from her gastric bypass who still has to sip rather than gulp. I'm afraid for this you'll just have to listen to your body and see how it goes. I hope it turns out the way you want!
  10. Welcome, glad to have you on the "team"!
  11. Kio


    Hi, @CheeringCJ! Been a while! I'm doing pretty well - recovering from the renovation, which JUST ended, and trying to get my life back into a routine. It's been a rough time because I still have some issues with what I can tolerate vs. what I can't, and I basically lived on yogurt, cheese, pistachios and lattes for the summer. Now I'm trying to remember what cooking is and why I should do it! It's so easy for me to edge into "slider" foods because my physical capacity for solid food doesn't seem to have increased much (I'm still only able to eat about half a cup of chili or a single protein bar at a time) while my hunger - at least head hunger! - has definitely returned. So my other struggle is noticing which kind of hunger is which, and acting accordingly. I did end up gaining some weight back over the course of the reno, but not enough that I'm worried - just enough to warn me that I still have to keep an eye on things! How's life with you??
  12. Hi, Jane, welcome! Looks like your date is getting closer - are you excited??? Can't wait to hear how it goes, keep us posted!
  13. You've come such a long way! You look fantastic, and so happy!
  14. I think it varies from person to person. I had RNY 2 years ago, and I've been able to drink normally since about 5 months after surgery. I can chug water like a pro now. On the other hand, I have a friend who had RNY 10 years ago who has to sip sip sip to this day.
  15. I'm late to the party, but wanted to chime in - my sleep apnea is also gone since surgery! It's such a huge relief to be able to just go to sleep without all the tubes and masks and whatnot. Just being able to nap on the sofa if I feel like it is lovely.
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