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  1. Hi @Jennyfer Reyes

    How are you doing? Hope all is going well!

    1. Jennyfer Reyes

      Jennyfer Reyes

      Hey burgundyboy. I'm doing good. How are you? The weight is coming off little by little. I am almost 6 wks post op and lost 36 pounds. 

  2. Thank u burgundyboy and everyone who has been such a great support.
  3. I just spoke to my surgeon. And he said its normal. As long as it doesn't go down to 50's I shoukd b fine. But even then he sais there is nothing we can do. Its my body taking its time to change. And with the diet I'm on and losing weight my sugar will drop. So he said for me not to worry.
  4. Now my sugar is on 66 and no I'm not on diabetes medication anymore.
  5. Yes I'm only 6 days post op. I sent my husband to the store to get apple juice to see if it'll work for me. I am on liquids still...
  6. Hi I have a concern... I am6 days post op & My sugar levels had dropped to 72 even tho I don't feel sick it still concerns me. Is this to low? I had type 2 diabetes before the surgery. Just wondering if this so something that has happened to anyone. It wasn't always like this after the surgery it just started like for two days now.
  7. Czj lol yes I have tooted away.. Thank God! and thank u!
  8. Thanks burgundyboy! My gas pain has been alot better. I'm so happy I feel much alive. I bought some gas x pills and it seems to work for me. So hopefully I keep tooting away.
  9. Thanks trish13. Lol yes I've been tooting the pain away! Its the best feeling ever. I was in so much pain. It sucks. Can't wait to let more out!
  10. Thanks everyone. I just woke up from a nap. Pain meds can really put me down. But when I wake up I feel much better. My stomach is making all these bubbling noises lol I passed gas twice and burped like 2 little ones. But I'm happy it is coming out. You guys have been such a great support. I'm so happy I am in this group
  11. No I don't have any. Ill send my husband later. Where can I get some?
  12. I thoight yesterday I was going to call the ambulance how bad I was hurting. But I'm happy I didnt. I woke feeling a bit better today.
  13. I woke up feeling a bit better. Not too much pain. Getting pain now. I've been walking for about a half hr. Now I am tired sat down took my pain meds. And praying to get better with this gas pain. Thanks for checking on me.
  14. My blood pressure had been sky high since surgery. Is this normal?