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  1. Jaydee83

    Surgery abroad and flight back

    Brazil Where in VA?
  2. Now I don't have any issues but before the surgery I had a lot of reflux, heartburn. Doctor mentioned that they would end with the bypass. Thanks for answering me.
  3. I am back in the U.S. (I had by bypass 25 days ago in my home country) and I am wondering if any of you had to take one omeprazzole pill for 6 months as well? My doctor told me to take one 40g pill a day. I haven't found omeprazole with this dosage so I am just curious to know if you guys had to take it and which dosage was prescribed? Thanks
  4. Thanks guys - I will try syntrax shake and talk to a nutri.
  5. The only protein shake I can stand is the isalean shake from isagenix. It is not 0 carb and 0 sugar though. Will I be fine drinking it after 15 days? Attached is the nutritional info. Thanks! Isalean Shake.ashx
  6. Jaydee83

    Surgery abroad and flight back

    Thank you all
  7. Hello - First if all ... I am very happy I just found this community. I will have my surgery in my home country this next Monday. My insurance didn't cover the surgery in U.S., so I decided to go back home to get it done. I did all the exams, pre op apps, and I am ready to go (I guess). I will be flying back to the U.S 16 days after the surgery. I plan on following every rule to avoid problems, but I know things just happen. Question is...Am I crazy to do that? My doctor wanted me to stay at least one month, but I just can't. Any insight? Thanks.