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  1. TammyP


    @Nana Trish Oh my goodness at Kindergarten!!! Our oldest grandaughter Ameera will by 5 on June 1st, so she is also heading off to Kindergarten in the fall. It really is surreal how fast they grow, isn't it? Super glad Harper's Mama has been able to be home so much also. This fall will be a big change for her! It seems like just yesterday I was getting my kids out of bed to get on the school bus... How can I be this old? LOL Lots of love and hugs to you my dear friend! I still need to post some pics from home - at the office again. xoxoxo <3
  2. TammyP


    @Nana Trish Aww Zoey is so cute! She looks so very healthy and loved <3 Super glad the potty training is better now too. I can relate to the struggle lol. My puppy Teddy is now 9 months old. He does go outside, but also like to sneak to a potty pad once in a while lol. I guess as long as he is on a potty pad all is well. He is a little guy only 8# maltese/yorkie mix. I will need to post pics later since I am at work at the moment. My most exciting news of 2021 thus far is the birth of our second granddaughter on 4/29! Juniper was 6lb 6oz 19 3/4" long and is the most perfect
  3. How exciting!!! Congratz Mike! Please continue to let us know how you are doing
  4. Trust me, your body is still in "freak out starvation mode", so you will have plateaus. You must try very hard to get more liquids in. Keep following your plan and you WILL lose. My only regret is that I did not have my WLS sooner
  5. My experience with my sleeve was a positive one. 3.5 years after my sleeve, I still feel constriction when I try to eat too much. Weight loss surgery is not a magical pill, it is still a LOT of work. But I have a tool in place (much smaller stomach) that gives me a massive advantage over other conventional weight loss programs/philosophies. Best of luck to you in whatever route you choose. We are here if you have any further questions
  6. It's been Armageddon here in Dallas and most of Texas. We lost power for 16 hours and single digit temps made things awful. I am grateful we only had 16 hours without power, many have had no power for days. I grew up in Minnesota so I am no rookie to the cold. Major differences in the south for those not familiar: 1) No snowplows or salt on the roads. You just wait for it to thaw~ 2) Black ice is no joke 3) No one even owns a snow shovel here 4) There is very little insulation in the homes here so any heat dissipates very quickly. We are fortunate as no pipes hav
  7. My favorite as well! And so convenient because it is pre-mixed. I prefer mine refrigerated, and be sure to shake well before drinking.
  8. TammyP


    Hello sweet @Nana Trish! It was really good to read your post! I am glad you all are hanging in there honey. I was so excited to see you have a new family member, as we do as well! Teddy joined our home 4 months ago. He was 6 months old this week. He is 3/4 maltese and 1/4 yorkie (referred to as Morkies). This little man has brought a lot of joy to our home, and of course some frustration at times. Let's face it even the most adorable puppies can be little monsters LOL. My hubby had a procedure yesterday to alleviate his horrible reflux. He had a Linx device inserted around
  9. April, you need to do this FOR YOU. Only you know the pain you feel every day being trapped with all this weight. I am sorry your children are not being supportive. We support you, and are here for you!
  10. There is NOTHING wrong with you @hilllsister! I am sorry your family is not being supportive. Most of that may come from a lack of understanding the benefits of WLS. But at the same time, if they don't want to listen to your reasonings, you cannot force them to do so. I really talked about WLS a LOT while I was going through the process. Sometimes I needed to hold back and realize my husband may not wanna hear about this so much (even though he was supportive). Sometimes I just needed to step back and focus those around me, to still stay in touch with their lives and needs. It is easy t
  11. Good to hear from you @msmarymac! You summarized so well how many of us are feeling. Thank you for sharing. For some reason there is comfort in knowing we are not alone during these crazy times. I am also up and over goal weight by 8 pounds. It's sort of a balancing act as some people try to rationalize letting me know I still look good, 8# isnt a lot, you look fine blah blah blah. Which then in turn I struggle with accepting their rationalizations and have a very hard time buckling down like I know I should. People who have not had obesity issues just don't really understand what
  12. Great job @Ladybugzzz86! 15 pounds is fantastic! I need to get off 7 pounds to be back to goal. I am trying to be more mindful of fullness vs. mindlessly just eating everything on my plate, as well as less carbs, and getting back on my exercise bike. What was your strategy to lose the 15 pounds?
  13. Great job Charlie! Personally, I lost about 80 pounds and I have loose skin. Keep up the good work and stay diligent
  14. @Nana Trish Wow just wow! You both look so good! Like much thinner and younger versions of yourselves. Do you even recognize yourself now in the pre-surgery pics sweetie?
  15. Hiya honey! Miss you too! How are things going? I am definitely enjoying carbs too much. So frustrating in that I know what to do, but the mind games I play with myself to rationalize these carbs! Ack!
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