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  1. TammyP

    Knee surgery #2 scheduled!

    Hugs and prayers for you tomorrow sweetie! You will be in our thoughts <3
  2. TammyP

    How soon to feel better?

    Congratz on your surgery first of all! I went back to work in a little less than 2 weeks. I was still tired, but it went okay. I work a desk job so not very physically demanding. Best of luck and get all the rest you can between now and Monday!
  3. TammyP

    A "Lightweight" Having RNY

    My BMI was barely 35 when I pursued WLS. In order for BCBS to pay for the surgery, I needed to have a pre-existing condition (sleep apnea for me). My highest weight ever was 242, and I've maintained 150-151 for almost a year now. So I am in your 90 pound range of weight loss. I really don't think my journey was any different than any other sleever. except I may have hit goal a little sooner. You will still need to follow your plan diligently, and don't let your guard down when you go into maintenance. This is an incredible journey even for "light weights" Best of luck to you <3
  4. TammyP

    A couple of days ago

    Aww Trish I'm sorry hunny. My MIL just had knee replacement a month ago, and it has done wonders for her. She is still recooperating but her pain is sooo minimal compared to the pre-op pain. Hang in there sweetie - Praying for you as always. <3
  5. TammyP

    Lack of Variety in Diet

    Congratz on your upcoming surgery I think along with the small protein-rich foods, you will find that your taste for certain foods will change. The things you may like/crave now, you may not want anymore. For me food is simply not the priority it was before. Don't get me wrong - I still like food. But my "Love Affair" with food is over. I never got tired of the food repetition once I started to eat to live, and not to live to eat. We are here for you
  6. TammyP

    A couple of days ago

    My God Trish - you looks fantastic!!! Look at those skinny little legs! And your sweet Harper is so precious! He is so cute! Hoping you had a wonderful Christmas sweetie. Pretty quiet here as my daughter's were at their Dad's up north. I had lost a couple of pounds last week which was a good thing as I seemed to have put them on this week LOL. Keep up the good work! Love the pics <3
  7. TammyP

    Gigiwalter1 GBP surgery day!!!

    Congratz and welcome to the Loser's bench! <3
  8. TammyP

    Happy one year to me!

    @Boho Rosy Wow, just Wow! You are killing this girl! You look amazing! Big congratz on your one year surgiversary, and thanks for keeping it REAL. P.S. Cute kitty <3
  9. TammyP

    2 Week Liquid Pre-Op diet starts today!

    In my experience, by day 3 I felt a lot better. Make sure to get all the rest you need too. You CAN do this! I can tell you really want this, and we are all cheering you on to the loser's bench!!!
  10. TammyP

    Five years

    You, kind sir, are a True Inspiration to us all. Thanks for your diligence and presence on TTF!
  11. TammyP

    Revelation during support group tonight

    Agreed CJ - the holidays do not HAVE to be scary! I remember last year I was 5 months post-OP for turkey day, so still in full weight loss mode. I stuck to teeny portions (mostly because I wanted to "sample" everything). My sleeve restriction kept me in tow. I had a 2 pound fluctuation after Christmas, but even with that I felt successful for all the food that was being tossed my way. Just keep the protein first mantra ringing in your head, and you will fill up fast.
  12. TammyP

    Hi guys

    So sorry for your loss Kio. *big hugs*
  13. TammyP

    18 month surgiversary on 11-17-18

    You've done sooo well. Love and hugs to you always sweetie @Nana Trish <3 <3 <3
  14. TammyP

    My first year SURGIVERSARY

    CJ I loved this blog! It's so awesome to see all the changes in you. I thank God for you and your many words of encouragement on this site over the last year (and going forward). Thanks for taking the time to post all the pics as well - Your success is an inspiration to all of us. Well done! <3
  15. TammyP

    Misdiagnosed...no MS!!!

    Love and hugs to you sweetie @Nana Trish <3 It was so good to hear from you. I will continue to pray as you try to get a med without those side effects. We are here for you when you need us <3