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  1. TammyP

    Hi guys

    Hugs to all! I too am struggling. I think mainly because my "normal" schedule is no longer normal. My work is considered essential, so they have us alternating one week at home and then one week in the office. It's strange to be home. I still did a walk or did my exercise bike daily, but I am only getting about half of my normal exercise. Today I weighed in at 159.4 - yesterday 158.8. I only weigh weekly usually, so of course today pissed me off LOL. We have been ordering out fairly regularly to support local businesses, but sometimes that's a hard way to eat healthy! I am glad I checked in here today. I was afraid I was the only one struggling, and for some reason there is comfort that I am not alone. I will keep checking in. Thanks to everyone who is here posting - your encouragement means more than you know. <3
  2. If you like the Premier Protein shakes, I got 2 boxes as Sam's Club. Seems those may not being hoarded yet...
  3. Welcome Back Jabsie! Though I still haven't done it, I often see people refer to the "5 Day Pouch Test" to reset your pouch. I agree with Brass Monkey that keeping an eye on what you are eating, as well as portions is important Also the tips we all had as beginners to not drink right before/during/immediately following meals, eat your protein first, 60+ ounces of fluids daily, etc. Put your personal wellness first and know we are all cheering for you!!!
  4. So so sad - and only 23 years old. Addictions are so awful and I grieve with all of you. My 24 year old nephew just got out of rehab and is now in a safe house several months for heroin addiction. Though we cannot comprehend the pain of this family, I pray for God's peace and healing for every one of you, sweet Trish.
  5. Happy 10 year surgiversary!
  6. Welcome to TTF! How exciting - 36 hours to the loser's bench! I have never regretted my WLS, I only wish I had done it sooner. Best of luck tomorrow and let us know how it goes!
  7. I'm doing pretty well ty My daughter and her new hubby just bought their first house 2 streets over from us - so I am over the moon about that! Now the fun begins as they close on the house today and so we *get to* help move them LOL. Weight wise, I am pretty stable at 156 - one pound over my goal. At one point it bothered me enough to consider the 5-day pouch test, buy the items needed for it, but I didn't do it. Yes, I am lazy haha! Even though I eat a lot less than pre-WLS, I still like my food. I guess for me that will never change! We miss you lots so keep checking in. I don't post often enough, but I am lurking <3
  8. @Nana Trish Love and big hugs to you honey! I admire you having the guts to be honest and say it like it is! You know we are all rooting for both you and Papa Trish! I think if I had baked goods around I would struggle too so please don't beat yourself up over that. You will find your rhythm again! Praying for you too <3
  9. @tracyringo - You look incredible lady!!! I bet the cruise was so great being all skinny minnie! Thanks for sharing and motivating us all!
  10. Welcome @Dianerae! Your case of nerves is very normal! You are embarking on a journey that will make you feel so much better. My energy levels are great now. Believe me after your surgery and you see the pounds falling off, the only thing you will ask yourself is "Why did I not have WLS sooner?"
  11. My nut had no issues with coffee. Contact your nutritionist.
  12. I am guessing I consume 2000 - 2200 calories on an average day now (2.5 years post-OP). I also exercise 4 days per week. So far pretty steady at 156 pounds - one pound over goal weight of 155. @Aln1218, what is an average day of eating for you?
  13. The only times I have had any problems with reflux is when I have eaten something right before laying down to take a nap. Probably 3x at the most, and I am 2.5 years post surgery. Now I know better than to lie down soon after eating! Please also keep in mind that Facebook groups seem to prevail in gloom and doom.
  14. You look great honey! And so happy to see you posting here <3 Keep up the outstanding work my dear friend! <3
  15. @CheeringCJ - Girl, I am so immensely PROUD of you. I can echo so many of your sentiments and I enjoyed this update so much! Thanks for sharing. You are an inspiration to many. Don't ever forget that <3