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  1. TammyP

    I have a date!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your video. Thanks for sharing! <3
  2. TammyP

    I am not sure what i should eat. 2 years PO

    I went from a 6+ can of Diet Pepsi daily habit to no soda or caffeine whatsoever. I don't care for coffee or tea. My soda replacement is G2 (lower sugar gatorade). They sell 32 oz bottles at Walmart for $1. I sip on one per day, and then ice water to hit my 60 oz of daily fluids. When I have a meal or snack, I *always* look for protein foods. I find that if I eat any sort of carbs (bread/rice/pasta) I fill up so fast that I can't get much other food (protein) in. I don't count my calories, I just try to be mindful of anything I put in my mouth. We all have our moments/screwups. This week I gained .8, and last week I gained .8 (vacations wreak havoc for me). So this week - I will be evading any sort of carbs, and things will settle down again. Food addictions are no joke. See a therapist if you need some assistance. You worked so hard, You can do this!!!
  3. Oh and *high fives to the Morphine drip recipients* Use that as often as you need to. AKA - before you try to move out of your hospital bed to go to the potty.
  4. Welcome Tina! Surgery day wasn't that bad, honestly. If you have a CPAP for sleep apnea though....be sure to bring it with you! My arrival time was the same as yours. My surgery was done by 11:00am. I was stuck in recovery until 5:00pm because I had sleep apnea and my oxygen levels were really jacked up due to the anesthesia (I did not have a CPAP machine). Basically that meant I kept falling asleep off and on all day, then hearing the beep when my oxygen got too low. Finally they "borrowed" a CPAP from someone (LOL), and my oxygen got high enough to release me to my room. I was allowed to drink right away (gastric sleeve). I felt fine when I first woke up - that pleasant surprise that it was over with already. Gotta love that I walked the first night up and down the hallway with a nurse. I walked on my own, nurse was just observing I guess. I spent one night in the hospital and was released before Noon the next day. I was off work for 2 weeks, but to be honest I felt like I could have returned to work after one week. I was able to drive after I was off the narcotics/opioids. I only used the narcotics for 2 days because I can't stand how they make me feel. I was tired for sure. Get plenty of rest and follow your plan is my best advice. We will be happy to welcome you to the Loser's Bench on Monday!
  5. Pillow between the legs works for me! Good problem to have hehe <3
  6. Such a pretty lady! @tracyringo You look fantastic! Very happy to see pics of your amazing results! Welcome to the Maintenance Cafe <3
  7. TammyP

    Missing you guys

    @Lankyliz Liz you have done SO WELL! We all have our bad days. You know how to do this! Prayers and hugs for you and the hubby during the added stress with the drought. We are here for you <3
  8. Time to update your ticker info @CheeringCJ
  9. TammyP

    Month 8

    Lovely pics from a pretty lady! I enjoyed your update. Keep them coming
  10. TammyP

    August 23 ( Newbie)

    Welcome @never2late! I like your name here. My sleeve was the best thing I ever did for myself. You're going to love being on the losers bench!
  11. TammyP

    New to thinnertimes

  12. Woohooo excellent job @CheeringCJ! I can relate to that year (1984), but even then I was in denial as to what I weighed so I honestly don't know! The 150s feels really good to me too. Your self confidence must be growing and growing. Well done! <3
  13. TammyP


    Awww sounds like a rough few days honey. Hang in there - I am praying for you too for a speedy recovery. <3
  14. The first two pics say it all! Massive changes in your face/neck! Well done! Keep up the good work - You've got this!
  15. TammyP

    I finally made it...

    Wooohoooo that is so exciting! 200 pounds gone - wow just Wow! Amazing job you should be very proud <3