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  1. Newbie

    @CheeringCJ Yesss! :D ! We were visiting my in-laws this weekend and my mother in law couldn't get over how I look. I told her I'm almost to goal - one more pound. Today as we were leaving she said "You need to hang on to that last pound. You look great as is." LOL...I'm too stubborn to let that one pound stay!
  2. Newbie

    Welcome @Susanvmallory! You and I have similar stats, you are just an inch taller than me. My sleeve is the best thing I've ever done for myself. I just wish I had done it sooner! Glad you have joined TT.
  3. Hungry

    I still feel hunger too. I still get hangry. My body still tells me when I need to eat. I do feel I have head hunger at times also, but also actual physical hunger. Please keep in mind I am only 8 months out though.
  4. What Are You Wearing Today?

    Nerdy, you look so good! Size 4? Holy Hannah! I am a size 10 now, and I envy you. You are tall, slender and beautiful!
  5. Happy to be here!!

    Glad you found us MJ! Thinner Times is a great place to be <3
  6. Picture updates

    OMG Trish....you look so AWESOME!!! So wonderful to see these pics from you! You are doing great!!!
  7. Checkup today

    Not sure how I missed this post back in January! You look wonderful! Awesome job, thanks for sharing!
  8. COLD !!!!!

    My hands are freezing as I type this. This is the only time I miss my fat reserves! I am at work with a jacket on and an electric space heater running near my desk LOL.
  9. What will it feel like when I wake up?

    I was sleepy, but in no pain whatsoever. They were monitoring me in recovery for several hours. I dozed a lot. At one point I got up to go to the bathroom and was a bit dizzy, but they were impressed I was able to walk to the bathroom as far as I did with just a little dizziness. It is sort of surreal in the sense that you get a nice long nap - which to you seems like a minute - and the surgery is ALL DONE!
  10. You are so pretty Jen! And I like the jeans pic the best - you have no butt! Hehe.... I have enjoyed all your documentation of your journey. In an world that is sometimes filled with negativity (especially towards larger people), the compassion from you and others on Thinner Times has been amazing. Your encouragement and success pushes the rest of us to continue. Oh and is the second pic the new orange jeans?
  11. Jen581791's One Year Surgiversary

    Congratz Jen on ONE YEAR Surgiversary!@!!! What an exciting day! Thanks for all the inspiration you give each one of us. You are the best! <3
  12. Good Morning!

    Protein, protein, protein and liquids, liquids, liquids. And welcome to Thinner Times @newme88!
  13. What are you eating today?

    Hmm...this was not a good food day for me. Someone has gotta be the first bad eater today though! Premiere Protein chocolate drink 1 boiled egg 3/4 oz. cheddar cheese block G2 Fruit punch 12oz (x 2); lots of water 1 Cutie (small tangerine thingy) 3-4 ounces of blackened chicken, with a bite of diced tomatoes 1 Hersey kiss 1/3 of a chocolate chip cookie Less than 10 smoked almonds 1 Dove dark chocolate (40 calories) 1/4 of a Southwest Chicken wrap from Sam's Club One tortilla chip with salsa The sweets are not typically on my menu. Last week at work, one of my co-workers (police officer) was killed in the line of duty - so there is food everywhere in the building. While the generosity of the community is amazing, I have an issue avoiding these tasty treats. Definitely tells me I need to continue to keep the sweets out of my house!