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  1. You look great honey! And so happy to see you posting here <3 Keep up the outstanding work my dear friend! <3
  2. @CheeringCJ - Girl, I am so immensely PROUD of you. I can echo so many of your sentiments and I enjoyed this update so much! Thanks for sharing. You are an inspiration to many. Don't ever forget that <3
  3. Hello everyone! Our youngest daughter got married in August - so sorry I am slow to post pics. Was a perfect day for an outdoor wedding in Wisconsin (Sunny & 73!) Mother of the Bride is still maintaining at goal weight of 155. Though I am not here daily, I still browse and hope everyone is doing well <3
  4. How exciting to be able to share this with your spouse/best friend/love! Best wishes for amazing results and a speedy recovery @PapaDavid!
  5. I am doing well, ty honey! My daughter got married last month, so I will be posting pics soon of her special day <3
  6. Big big welcomes to TT @PapaDavid!! Your wifey is a sweetie and a hero here, so it's a pleasure and honor to have you here as well. Great work so far! We look forward to your updates
  7. Welcome to The Thinner Times! I cannot wait to hear how WLS will also change your life in a powerful way! Looking forward to your updates! Feel free to ask any questions. There is a ton of wisdom on this site
  8. TammyP


    Sounds like water to me! Hang in there tracy! It's frustrating that this is a life-long change sometimes, but you look great and you are worth it!
  9. Love love love that dress on you sweetie! <3
  10. TammyP

    Day 2

    I would check with your doctor on the pills recommendations. The crazy thing is you may not need the meds for long as you lose the weight!
  11. Congratz Tracy! You are a true success story and you look fantastic! I, too, worry about regain but I am glad we have each other to be accountable to. Have a blessed surgiversary <3
  12. As long as you follow your Doctor's orders/plan, you will be fine Things have changed a lot in the past 10 years! I cannot even fathom being on strictly Ensure for 4-5 months Ugh! Just stick to the plan. Yep, the excess skin sucks. Younger people seem to have a better elasticity to their skin. I am 53, and I definitely have some loose skin, though I exercise 3x per week. But believe me, I'd rather have excess skin than skin filled with fat any day! Clothing hides a lot of it. Keep up the good work!
  13. TammyP

    Day 2

    Welcome to the new you! Please let us know if you have any questions. This is a great group of people who want to see you succeed
  14. Congratz as you start this exciting journey! I have never regretted having WLS. I too was told I was "not that big" etc - but the sleep apnea that I had as a result of weight gain scared me into deciding my life was worth making this change. I would suggest you take before surgery pics, and also measurements (arms, chest, waist, hips, legs). I regret not having taken measurements pre-surgery. Believe me, those measurements will greatly motivate you as you see the inches as well as pounds come off. Though you are most likely dreading the 2 week pre-op (not sure if it is all liquids for you), the first 2 days were the hardest for me. It got easier after that. I too have a very supportive hubby who was careful not to eat or cook around me lol. That may not be practical in your home, but I did better not smelling food If you have sleep apnea, make sure to bring your CPAP to the hospital on surgery day. Anesthesia can really mess with your oxygen levels so the CPAP will be essential. Most importantly, stay on the plan your surgeon/nutritionist gives you. It's SO worth it. You are so worth it! We look forward to following your progress and we are here if you have any questions/concerns. <3