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  1. TammyP


    I'm doing pretty well my friend <3 I did an update blog a week ago for my 2 year surgiversary How did the x-ray go today?
  2. TammyP


    I will be praying for you sweetie for sure! Thanks for letting us know what is going on. I pray for good results in the x-ray tomorrow and wisdom for the doctor's to know to best get things cleared out ASAP! And keep venting as you need to. We are here for you! <3
  3. Welcome Gary! Make sure you take before surgery pics and measurements. I did not measure, and I regret it a lot. Good luck on your surgery this week!
  4. @kristinwitha_k Clearly mom needs to get her eyeglasses prescription checked! You have such a pretty face by the way. I am very impressed with the kickboxing. I wish I had that sort of tenacity. Yall's paintings look great too!
  5. Thanks so much Tracy for all the encouragement you give to all of us <3
  6. My two year surgiversary was last week, and had a my follow-up with my surgeon's office. My weight one year ago was 150, last week it was 153. She said she is not the least bit concerned since my BMI is still in a good range (23.3). My labs were good. For most people 3 pounds is like nothing. For me, it's irritating. Normally I do tend shift 2-3 pounds. I am still under my goal weight which was 155. But that 3 pounds bugs me. :/ Maintenance is not fun. While I enjoy the freedom, I also have such a deep seeded fear that I will mess this up. Each and every day in maintenance you STILL need to be mindful of what you are putting in your mouth. Is it worth it to be thin? ABSOLUTELY! Would I do it all over again? Yes but sooner! Some days would I like to just not think about carbs and nibble on this or that? Yup LOL. All in all though, things are going very well. You all have been and continue to be the biggest inspirations to me. Thanks for being faithful to supporting each other <3 And now... for some pics xoxoxo
  7. Best of luck to you! Exciting times ahead
  8. I have had a few issues with GERD lately as well. I really hate it. I'm pretty sure that mine is prompted by laying down too soon after eating. Even if it is during the day, if I try to grab a quick nap after eating, I'll wake up choking. Truly disgusting. So I am trying to stay vigilant and mindful of not eating before bed time. I have my 2 year check up with my surgeon next week so I'll probably mention the GERD since it's a new thing. :/
  9. TammyP

    I did it

    Thanks Robin. Make sure to take a lot of pics and your measurements. I wish I had more "before" pics, but I hated/evaded the camera as much as possible. I regret that now. This is been such a long time coming - I am very excited for you!
  10. TammyP

    I did it

    Surgery at 51! You've got this Robin!
  11. I had my surgery in Dallas - Baylor Scott & White Center for Metabolic and Weight Loss Surgery - Dr. Davis. Their website is weightlosscenterdallas.com My experience was fantastic and I have never regretted my WLS. Welcome to TTF!
  12. TammyP

    Hi guys

    Aww @Nana Trish So sorry to hear of the craziness you had to deal with in the last few days I am very glad you headed to the ER and that your bariatric surgeon was so quick and knowledgeable to fix this. Please try to get some rest honey <3 Keep us updated xoxo
  13. I am very very blessed to call Heidi my friend <3 And this post both breaks my heart, and gives me the greatest joy! I am so so proud of you honey! I know I have told you this a lot in the last year or so - but WOW here we are. Here you are ON THE LOSERS BENCH! What an incredible journey it has been and continues to be. I am here for you, and the wonderful people of The Thinner Times forum are here too. TY for sharing something so so personal. I hope and pray that lives will be touched, and your strength and committment to caring for Heidi will be an inspiration to all who read this. Love you girlie <3
  14. I guess it depends what you mean by a weight loss journal I have a notebook that I have kept for the last 2.5 years which is simply my weight from my Saturday morning weigh-ins. I have been pretty crazy about keeping that, but I am not a food tracker. I think it's a good idea depending on where you are in your WL journey.
  15. Big congratz dear @Nana Trish! You have had so so many changes in the last 2 years! You are the sweetest, kindest lady and I am so happy to have had the pleasure of hanging out with you and the many wonderful other peeps on TTF. What a blessing this place is! My 2 year surgiversary is next month! Enjoy this special day - you earned it! <3 <3 <3