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  1. @Nana Trish Wow just wow! You both look so good! Like much thinner and younger versions of yourselves. Do you even recognize yourself now in the pre-surgery pics sweetie?
  2. Hiya honey! Miss you too! How are things going? I am definitely enjoying carbs too much. So frustrating in that I know what to do, but the mind games I play with myself to rationalize these carbs! Ack!
  3. I had a uterine ablation about 12 years ago and never had a period again! At that time, I was bleeding heavily and cramping a lot, sort of like I was suddenly 13 again LOL. Ablation did wonders for me. I was past childbearing, so make sure to discuss that with your doctor as well since you are only 35.
  4. Hello @CheeringCJ! So good to read your post! I am glad yall are healthy. Unfortunately Covid is affecting many of us in the weight gain category. I am up 7#. I do feel like I am definitely not exercising as much either with all this stay at home stuff, so I started focusing on that this week. Congratz on 3 years!!! I hope the time at the gym is good to you. Please stay in touch when you can - your posts always made me smile
  5. Looking good! You are doing fantastic!
  6. TammyP


  7. Coffee bars are the rage right now and I love this idea! I am very very proud of you honey for getting the help you need, and the progress you are making. As far as updates, I am up 5 pounds from my goal weight. And we leave on vacation for a week tomorrow So to say I am a bit apprehensive is an understatement. We are going home to my parents house in northern Minnesota, so the food will be plentiful I plan on walking with my Dad in the morning. He walks one mile every day at 7 am. I will try to be mindful of the carbs. Even 5# is a struggle for me to get back into the "
  8. I love y'alls use of cedar shakes in this porch project! So cozy!
  9. My exercise regime is pretty much walking so I was back on a treadmill within 2 weeks of my sleeve. However, verify with your surgeon since your exercise regime is far more extensive than mine.
  10. Ladybugzzz, I am sorry you have had so much pain and obstacles in your journey. I know that you know how to get back to the basics, and I really think you need to do this FOR YOU! I couldn't help but notice your Quote/signature at the end of your post: "Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts." Winston Churchill I admire your Courage, and I hope and pray you will get the boost you need here to "get back on the wagon". <3
  11. Trish honey, first of all I am SO PROUD of you for sharing this burden with your friends and family at TTF. I hope you can feel the love and support and understanding people have for you here. You have been through a lot, but you also have so much to live for. I can't help but picture my own grandbaby when you speak about Harper. He deserves to have his Nana with him for a very long time! That is my hope and prayer for you - that moment by moment you would have the strength to kick the alcohol IN THE FACE. And get the wine and alcohol out of the house. Love and hugs to you my dear frien
  12. Hi Tracy! The only time I have ever had any sort of reflux is if I eat right before laying down. So I guess I have been very fortunate. Did you only start having acid reflux after getting the sleeve? My husband has it pretty bad :(
  13. I lost 85# in 8 months with my sleeve. I do have excess skin, but it's not terrible. I am older also and really don't desire to go through the pain of skin removal. I feel great and only wish I had had my WLS sooner! Don't let the fear of excess skin keep you from feeling great and living a longer life.
  14. You look awesome Tracy! Well done! <3
  15. Hi Ruby and welcome! The pre-op liquid diet is difficult, but I can honestly say when you get past day two it will get easier. It is very important to stick with what your doctor allows as this will shrink your liver and make the surgery easier for your surgeon. Compared to how great you will feel post-weight loss, this will seem like a small sacrifice. Hang in there!
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