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  1. Thanks for the prayers we appreciate it very much. It has got to be VERY weird not to have the restriction! I have recently started logging/weighing everything I eat into MyFitnessPal. I needed to combat the Covid binging! It really has worked for me to get back to my goal weight. I am super confident you can do this! You know all the rules and have the knowledge and I know you will succeed!
  2. Hi tracy! I am still here lurking and lingering as time permits It sounds like your surgery went well. I truly hopes this helps with the GERD. What sort of challenges are you having? I know I read your pain was worse with bypass I hope day by day you are feeling better. We lost my Father-in-law on May 14th to congestive heart failure. While I am happy he is no longer in pain, my hubby is going through a lot losing his dad. Hang in there hun and know some of us are still lurking
  3. Trish sweetie I am so so sorry for your loss. My heart breaks for all of you. I know this is an awful time to have a loved one pass, as my 101 year old uncle died on Monday and only 10 can be at a small graveside service. Lots of hugs and prayers for all of you during this difficult time <3
  4. Congratz first of all @Thallen84 ! What remarkable changes! I am almost 3 years post OP. I too have had to deal with being home more and I understand the struggle. My advice will be simple and perhaps seem silly, but the last week it has worked for me. Two things! 1) I have started to log EVERYTHING that I eat in the My Fitness Pal app. Now most people reading this may be like DUH - but I have never ever tracked my food intake like this. Three years ago I tried but got very frustrated with this app. It was not very user friendly at that time. I can honestly say that their app is MUCH better now and I love using it. Tracking every bite makes me VERY mindful of what goes into my mouth. 2) My scale was not consistent - seemed broken, so I bought a Renpho scale from Amazon. It was only like a $35 purchase. The scale has bluetooth technology so it uploads my weight as well as a zillion other things into the app for me. To be precise, Renpho shows me weight, bmi, body fat percentage, subcutaneous fat, visceral fat, body water, skeletal muscle, muscle mass, bone mass, protein, BMR and metabolic age. I feel better now about the small weight gain I have had, when I look at the big picture and see my BMI is still 24%, and my metabolic age is 51 (I am 54 so that's something LOL). Good luck and please let us know how you are doing. We are here for you
  5. I am only (almost) 3 years out from my VSG surgery. My BMI was also 35, with sleep apnea being my only comorbidity. I did not suffer from acid reflux prior to surgery. Very rarely post-VSG have I had any reflux issues. I learned that it is important that I not eat anything an hour prior to sleeping (including any lovely Saturday naps). I was told that bypass has faster weight loss and is usually recommended for people with a lot of weight to lose, so they steered me to VSG. I am VERY happy with my VSG. As far as weight gain, I am at 158 pounds today and my goal was 155. I blame some of the weight gain to less exercise since the shelter at home order for Corvid. My only wish is that I had done this surgery long ago! No regrets!
  6. TammyP

    Hi guys

    HAPPY BIRTHAY SWEETIE!!! It's okay to blow it on your birthday I'm still only down one pound, but I totally get what you are saying about this being a time to regain control. I just always thought this would be my "fast weight loss plan" if I ever started gaining LOL. But you are right, we won't lose weight (or maintain for that matter) unless we are in control.
  7. Big congratz Nerdy!!! So great to see you pop in <3
  8. TammyP

    Hi guys

    Hi Cheesehead! Day two actually went pretty well. I did not exercise on day one or two (usually take a break on the weekends). I did a Jillian Michael's 30-Day Shred video today. That definitely got my heart rate up Today is easier - soft proteins. So far I have had one protein shake, one scrambled egg, one ounce cheddar cheese, one boiled egg, 2 deli ham slices for lunch and 1/2 cup cottage cheese, sugar free popsicle, tangerine and we are having chicken salad for dinner (no bread of course). I am missing my smoked almonds most of all! I was still only down one pound this morning which was slightly disappointing, but I know this is good for me and my pouch.
  9. TammyP

    Hi guys

    So I did indeed survive day one of the 5DPT! I definitely had a carb-withdrawal headache, but it was gone after a nap. My daily liquids consisted of Premier protein shakes, sugar free jello, sugar free pudding, sugar free popsicle, chicken noodle soup (broth only), and one tangerine as my 5DPT instructions said this would help with the carb headache. I lost exactly one pound so far so things are going in the right direction Thanks for the encouragement to do this @Nana Trish @cinwa !
  10. TammyP

    Hi guys

    TYVM Cinwa! I am assuming it is the carb withdrawal that is causing me to be fighting this headache. Going to grab a nap and see if that helps. Thanks again <3
  11. TammyP

    Hi guys

    Start your engines, Ready, Set..GOOOOOOOO! Starting the 5DPT today lol. I weighed in at 159 again this morning. The first two days of liquids will concentrate on Premier Protein at meal times, Panera broth (only) from their chicken noodle soup (yum!), sugar free jello and/or sugar free popsicles. Lots of water. And ofc my daily vitamins, D3 and calcium citrate. I'm a little nervous but it feels good to know I can come here to get encouragement also. So excited for you Trish about 6 pounds! That is AWESOME! Well done my friend <3
  12. TammyP

    Hi guys

    Still in procrastinating mode, but I need to weigh on Saturday morning to see exactly where I am at, and then proceed. I will let you know <3 TY for the encouragement
  13. TammyP

    Hi guys

    TY sweetie! I am getting more motivated now! Added items to the shopping list even! I will let you know how it goes. xoxo
  14. TammyP

    Hi guys

    Hi sweetie! Love and hugs backatcha <3 So, in regards to the 5DPT, can you tell me specifically which items you allowed yourself to eat? I have the link and have read up on this, but I am just curious if you focused on like protein shakes for the liquid days, or broths or what combo exactly? It is the liquid days that make me nervous LOL. I know that probably sounds insane after all we have been through in WLS and the pre-surgery prep! Just curious what items specifically made you feel less hungry, or if it was difficult on the liquid days. I am so proud of you for dropping those 4 pounds. I need to do the same, but it seems I have a continual list of excuses that I give myself. :/