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  1. TammyP

    4+ years post sleeve

    Love this post <3 Thank you for sharing!
  2. TammyP

    2 days post op

    Rest as much as you can Carl. Welcome to the Loser's Bench!
  3. TammyP

    Comments from friends

    Hihi @Kio <3 I can so relate to people meaning well in their comments - but feeling weird being told you are "wasting away." Also the thighs (skin) eekz. And the needing smaller sizes - looking at something and thinking NO way will this fit - and it does. It makes me feel better to know that I am not alone in this. And you are not either You have achieved amazing things in the last year. You look great - we see no pudgy in your pics. Great job!
  4. Excellent advice @Cheesehead. One thing that drives me crazy about maintenance is that I tend to be more fanatical about the scale than I was pre-maintenance. I still only weigh once a week, but the fear of regain is so very real. I still find myself "testing" to see what extra things I can eat, and still stay within my 150 - 151 pound window. It drives me crazy, but the fear of failure is so strong, along with my desire to push the limits to see what I can get away with. Not every day is like this, but some days sure are. :/
  5. TammyP

    One year!

    Love love love you blog and your amazing successes as usual Kio! Amazing job! <3
  6. TammyP

    Finally had my MRI and testing done

    Big big hugzzz @Nana Trish! You are in my prayers sweetie <3
  7. TammyP

    started puree today.....

    My NUT said stop 20 minutes before, during eating, and 20 minutes after eating. I guess it depends on your plan. The idea is to slow down the food from getting through your system quickly, which helps ward off hunger.
  8. TammyP

    One year surgiversary pics and celebration

    Big congratz on a job well done!!! You look great :)
  9. TammyP

    Month 9 - and a huge surprise

    How exciting!!!!! <3
  10. TammyP

    The GERD is real.

    Congratz on the expecting!!! How exciting in the midst of the icky stuff. Hang in there <3
  11. TammyP

    There's nothing wrong with you

    This is sooo well said Kio! I would like to literally cut and paste and hand this out was a brochure, for each person who comes to me asking about my weight loss "secret". We have all learned so much in the last year. You have done so well. Thanks so much for putting into words what rattles inside my head regarding WLS
  12. TammyP

    Snack attack!

    I snack too, due to the small size of my meals. My body seems like clockwork now. It knows when it is hungry, and it is my job to keep snacks healthy/protein friendly. My days are long also, so starting with a Premiere Protein at 5:30am, then boiled eggs at 8-8:30am, usually a banana around 10:00, and a small healthy lunch at 12:00ish. By 2-2:30 I usually have a P3 protein pack or a one ounce cheese block or both. By 4:30 when I am home from work, yes I am hungry lol. So I snack on almonds. Dinners are small too, and I snack on almonds or beef jerky with occasional Dove dark chocolate candies or a fudgesicle thrown in. Please note though that I am also in maintenance. Also I am not complaining about the small meals. Knowing that I am still only able to eat a small amount gives me reassurance that my pouch is still an amazing tool and I need to treat it properly.
  13. TammyP

    I have a date!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your video. Thanks for sharing! <3
  14. TammyP

    I am not sure what i should eat. 2 years PO

    I went from a 6+ can of Diet Pepsi daily habit to no soda or caffeine whatsoever. I don't care for coffee or tea. My soda replacement is G2 (lower sugar gatorade). They sell 32 oz bottles at Walmart for $1. I sip on one per day, and then ice water to hit my 60 oz of daily fluids. When I have a meal or snack, I *always* look for protein foods. I find that if I eat any sort of carbs (bread/rice/pasta) I fill up so fast that I can't get much other food (protein) in. I don't count my calories, I just try to be mindful of anything I put in my mouth. We all have our moments/screwups. This week I gained .8, and last week I gained .8 (vacations wreak havoc for me). So this week - I will be evading any sort of carbs, and things will settle down again. Food addictions are no joke. See a therapist if you need some assistance. You worked so hard, You can do this!!!
  15. Oh and *high fives to the Morphine drip recipients* Use that as often as you need to. AKA - before you try to move out of your hospital bed to go to the potty.