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  1. A New Relationship With Food?

    This post and all the replies are so insightful. I have loved reading them all. I am almost 9 years out and new to this site. Why did I come here now? To help me be mindful. To help me remember how to ensure my tool always work for me! There is nothing I CAN'T eat, I can have everything in moderation. I don't eat fried foods...ever! Ice cream still always makes me dump so I've given up! i do though still love and eat pizza (its by far my favorite indulgence)...I eat one piece now I could easily polish off a half of large pizza before with a few buffalo wings...washed down with soda before! So I'm fine with my one piece! I eat 5 to 6 times a day. I do use meal replacent shakes because I LOVE them and they are nutrient dense and easy to eat for me and taste delicious. I also cleanse once a week. I really have a different relationship with food. It's fuel for me and eating right helps ensure i feel the best I can and am able to tackle the busy life in front of me! Thanks for the great reads!
  2. Hi everyone! I'm new here, but almost 9 years out RNY. I am 42 years old and consider myself a "success". However it's been a bumpy road! I had regain of about 25 to 30 lbs, thank God it's coming off now. More than anything i was struggling with fatigue, depression and some medical issues with some anemia. I think that all greatly contributed to my regain. Has anyone struggled with some of this? I don't have a network of GBP friends so I thought reaching out here might be good for support and ideas. Doing lots of reading to start but thought I would chime in a bit!