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  1. I will be 3 weeks post op tomorrow! It's crazy how fast the time has gone by. Everything has been going well... I've been following my diet and the food part had been pretty easy for me. But I have been struggling with my fluids. I miss water sooooo much!! It actually makes me nauseous now. I've been drinking the Vitamin Water Zero and adding flavors to my water, but it's just not the same. Has anyone else experienced nausea from water at this point but then it go away later on? And when were you able to drink larger amounts of water? Thanks for your help! I've been getting pretty emotional about this...
  2. Danielle's Gastric Sleeve Surgery

    @BurgundyBoy I'm doing alright... three weeks post-op tomorrow! Still really struggling with water. And I miss water more than anything else. Water makes me nauseous now which has been really discouraging. Other than that, I'm doing just fine Thanks for checking on me!
  3. Half Way Done with Liquid Diet

    Hi Everyone! I've made it half way through the liquid diet and I'm a week away from surgery. I am seriously so excited and anxious at the same time! Just like everyone said, the liquid diet got easier after about day 4 or 5. I've been doing my best to stay busy which really helps me out a lot. I've been slowly packing my bag for the hospital and then staying at my parents' house when I come back home. My mom works from home and she wants me close by to keep and eye on me Any tips or suggestions for when you get home from the hospital?
  4. Does onderland exisit????

    I honestly had no idea that a 14 and 14W were different! I'm no where near being in those kind of sizes yet but I'm glad I know this now... because I'm looking forward to buying new, cute clothes and feeling good in them Hopefully the scale starts moving for you again! One-derland is a dream of mine too and I can't wait to be there Good luck!
  5. So a friend of mine shared this with me. She had the gastric sleeve about two and half years ago. This was posted on a Facebook support page she is on and everyone there said it was pretty accurate. Hopefully it helps
  6. mandeigh2003 surgery!!!

    Hope all went well!
  7. Cold all of the time.

    This is actually something I'm looking forward to!! I am always hot and sweaty and I HATE it. I don't feel like I can wear my hair down or wear nice things because I'm always hot. I feel like it just draws attention to me being overweight. It's kind of embarrassing. My mom had gastric bypass about 10ish years ago and she is constantly cold. I bought her a single sized electric blanket for her to use in bed because my dad is part polar bear and can't stand being hot! She loves her blanket! She's even gained some of her weight back and she's still cold... maybe it's something that just stays??
  8. Hi, I'm Danielle :)

    Thank you!! It really does seem like a great group of people on this site. I'm so glad I found you all
  9. Hi, my name is debbie

    My surgery is in two weeks from this Friday. It's funny you mentioned the sweetness thing because I was preparing my grocery list and I noticed everything was sweet. I'm definitely going to use some of the ideas posted here to get the savory fix. Best of luck with your surgery!!
  10. Danielle's Gastric Sleeve Surgery

    The day my life will change forever!
  11. What did you take with you to the hospital?

    Wow! Thank you all so much I wouldn't have thought of half the stuff you all suggested.
  12. Hi! So I have never had a surgery before in my life... I've never stayed at a hospital either! What do you suggest I take with me? Is there something you wish you took with you? My sleeve surgery is scheduled for June 9th... my pre-op appointments are scheduled for June 6th. Just trying to get prepared now
  13. Hi, I'm Danielle :)

    Hi everyone! My name is Danielle and I am currently pre-op. My surgery is scheduled for June 9th and I start my liquid diet on May 27th (just 5 short days away!) I am 5'10" and weigh right around 310 lbs. This is the heaviest I've ever been in my life! I have thought about having bariatric surgery before but now I'm doing it! My weight got out of control and I am so sick of yo-yo dieting. I am single, no kids (1 fur baby,) I'll be 30 this year, and have a great job that gives me the time off to do this kind of thing (one of the few perks of being a teacher, SUMMERS OFF!) This is the perfect time in my life to do it. Everyone I've talked to have said they wish they did it 10 years sooner... so I'm doing it! This is my first time visiting this forum... I just stumbled across it when I was looking for ways to deal with the two week liquid diet. I'm getting a bit anxious about the liquid diet... I am a teacher and it will be my first week out of school for the summer. What I've read on here is to keep busy during the liquid diet time! If you have any tips or tricks to survive it, PLEASE let me know.