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  1. Cadoodle

    Sleeve surgery!

    I bet you have nothing to be fearful of. Being with a good team of professionals should calm your fears; so have peace and anticipation on this new starting point in your life!! I had my babies 40ish years ago which is a long time to remember that kind of pain. The pain I recall after this surgery is very vague so I hope you will find this to be your story too! Walk, walk, walk in hospital hallways as soon as you can and as often. Gas trapped inside your body will move around trying to find a way out and that can hurt like bad gas pains do, so you should be prepared. This was my first
  2. Cadoodle

    ~ Goal! ~

    You must feel so proud of yourself! Congrats to your success. I am almost seven months since surgery and practically "half way to goal" so I am encouraged by you.
  3. This is funny!! This is my first read since November. I am back to the group knowing I will be better off for it! Now, back to my forum browse Bye for now. Cadoodle from Texas
  4. Tracy, you have done so good. Congratulations!! We had surgery during the same week. I am down 47pounds overall but my past month loss has been embarrasing. I am to blame and I HAVE GOT TO do better!! I am happy for you!!
  5. Thank you to everyone of you. I agree with your advise and will take it!
  6. Talking to self mostly today. I have to wonder if there is a safety net around me. I have been over 200 pounds for so many years. The closer I get to that number I know I will start getting more attention from others and that is making me anxious. There will be questions about my weight loss and I have not practiced my answers. I feel like a kid thinking up a lie to keep the full story private. I am hosting Thanksgiving and will see some family for the first time since May when I began to lose weight "this time". By that time I will have lost 50 pounds. I am not wanting to let these f
  7. Thank you ALL for the positive support!!! I mean it! You are the greatest !!
  8. @NikRKin I hope you are at home by now and that you are doing better than you thought you would! I had my surgery one month ago today and my best advise for the coming days is to sip on bone broth (richer flavor than broth) and nice and warm to the tummy. I was not able to drink cold liquids during the first days but room temp or warm was comforting. Move around as much as you can. I asked my husband to hold me and pat me on the back like you would burp a baby!! It made me feel better too! I slept with 2 pillows and moved in bed VERY slowly. My doctor sent me home with medication for pain
  9. I think you have come to the best place for help with the many questions you will have during this time in your health changes. That is what I have learned to help me the most. Welcome from one Texas to another!
  10. How quickly one month has passed! I checked into the hospital a month ago today and have been on my way along this new way of life learning as I go. Overall, I have had nothing but smooth sailing. The usual aches and pains of the surgery are a vague memory. I have only experienced tummy aches on 2 occasions and I could figure out both times that I had made the mistake of eating or drinking a little too fast. Thank goodness for zero upchucks!! I hate those as much as the next person or more! I am still struggeling with weekly constipation though and I have begun to take vitamins with no i
  11. what a success on the weight loss! My surgery was also August 7th for the sleeve. I wish you the best!!!
  12. I had my surgery on Monday and came home on Wednesday. Yesterday I felt very good, much better than I expected. I measured my water of(32 oz for the morning) and took my morning meds slowly. One half decaf coffee and a about 1/4 cup of vanilla premier was my yummy morning drink. I could not finish it easily so I switched to the pure vanilla shake. I guess that waiting 30-60 min. before having more water is going to be a big learning curve for me. I did not have any trouble sipping water as long as it was not too cold. I actually dropped into the office for a little paperwork. I was so hap
  13. Cadoodle


    I know how excited you are!! I hope time flies by.
  14. The broth I was served in the hospital was SO salty I really did not enjoy it. I like the plan of having broth as the main part of my liquid needs for the day because I can stir in some powder and therefore I get protein as I am getting in my liquid. I had my surgery done the same day as you did. Happy Travels to you as we go forward.
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