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  1. Lets talk snacks baby!

    So I was wondering what kind of snacks do you all eat... I want to keep the weight off I've lost a total of 101 lbs are the Sargento Balanced Break a good option? some of them have 8 g of protein and 170 calories heres a link to the ones I'm talking about - https://www.amazon.com/Sargento-Balanced-Natural-Cheddar-Cranberries/dp/B01EIHD12Y/ref=sr_1_4_a_f_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1513106870&sr=8-4&ppw=fresh&keywords=sargento
  2. i didnt feel it was helping so i stopped taking it. probably not the best idea. my doctor was kinda iffy about it working too.
  3. Wedding how do I navigate?! And social events

    thanks for all the help and tips it was hard but it was in the peak of my recovery i wasnt feeling at all good i drank shakes mostly
  4. Flintstones vs. Bariatric Vitamins

    i found the liquids much easier to digest
  5. Flintstones vs. Bariatric Vitamins

    To be honest i had so much trouble with the vitamins at first i had to switch over to liquid Iron and multi vitamins .... did any one else get really nauseas with pills and chews? Ive been using the ones below - liquid iron liquid vegan multi
  6. After surgery it's been a recluse i haven been out to any social events i have a wedding coming up I don't know what I'm gonna do I will be just out of my soft food phase im scared I do t want people to think I'm strange there going to be alcohol and food I can't eat and people idk
  7. I lost 2 lbs since total of 32lbs
  8. It's exactly 1 month after my surgery I've lost 31% of my goal weight but the last 3 days my wieght is basically the same when did you notice your stall? Am I done losing weight? My BM was also stall last three days. Im doing a lot of walking is there anything else I can do to move me progress forward
  9. Is this normal?

    Coloring in sugar free jello or popsicles
  10. Hello op friends!

    Thanks everyone
  11. Thank you it seems like if I don't eat it's fine everything I feel great the only thing I can tolerate her protein shakes and I'm getting sick of those and some soup
  12. I had my surgery on April 28 it's been about three weeks now the last three days have been impossible I can't hold anything down I try to eat and I get really nauseous even when I think I'm eating the right things for example Today I want to work had about two of scrambled eggs soft scrambled drank Crystal light proceeded to take hair skin and nail vitamins multivitamins and a chewy vitamins After that I got really nauseous and wouldn't stop throwing up everything including Crystal light came back up I had to leave work it's very hard I don't want to let people at work know I tried eating the soup later but couldn't eat any of it because it came right back up again Please help I haven't been able to keep much down in the last two days Is this normal?
  13. Hello op friends!

    Hi Had my surgery about three weeks ago just on here to find some general information and become more knowledgeable.