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  1. It really was funny as hell, my mums been laughing about it for days. And thanks BB & Jen, I'm doing pretty well all said and done. Thankful that potential problems and discomforts have been at a minimum. Nice! I look forward to such encounters.
  2. Never been a huge fish fan so haven't tried that but did try some prawns a week ago and that went down... surprisingly problem free. BUT I know what you mean about the fried food - the first time 2 weeks ago I decided to try out a bite of something deep fried was mostly the old craving/love for that stuff saying "what the hell" but by the time the 2nd bite was being chewed I was already feeling so insanely heavy and uncomfortable on the inside I had to make myself throw it up before I felt comfortable. First time that's happened since the op and I aim to keep it that way - no more deep fried for at least a good long while. Strangely some lightly wok/stir-fried veggies were not a problem so I think it's mainly battered and heavily fried and saturated with oiliness that's the problem. As far as experimenting goes, I just can't help it. I've always been a food loving person, I even love to cook and bake and such and since I'm now on a more controlled and restricted food life, I've been since the end of the 3rd month, slowly but surely sampling all kinds of things in teeny doses, from half a slice of pizza to some chopped chorizo with a little salad to a couple of squares of dark chocolate and so on - just to see how my body reacts to different things now.
  3. Can't say my tastes have changed all that much BUT I can't stand heavily/deep fried food. At 4 months post op I can eat just about anything now and have experimented a fair bit - but anythings that battered and deep fried, nope, two bites in something just feels wrong in me.
  4. I was a little shocked because I didn't really have any post the op but now I'm in my 4th month post and suddenly I've got lots falling all the time. No nutrient issues as such cos I just did the full blood-panel at the end of the 3rd month but I'm hoping it'll pass sooner or later. Worst case I'll just go for bald - I suppose that's one benefit of being a guy. :\
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    Water really is key

    @Raddy Nice! Congrats on hitting your water goals. Still working on maintaining it on a daily basis.
  6. Um.. well I work for a manufacturing company that has several factories, which pays all my bills and keeps me in home, food and clothing. Besides that I write short fiction & comics, have a small indie publishing thing going with some friends - this is where a lot of my earnings from the other job that aren't essential expenses or earmarked for savings for rainy days. It's not profitable as such but it keeps me happy.
  7. Nice topic I suppose my most recent one was after dinner with my folks I was wearing an old pair of shorts, slightly tightened but clearly it wasn't enough and I'm getting softer around the middle because as I stretched upward, my shorts went downward and I mean all the way down Luckily there was underwear. First time I've ever been happy to be embarrassed.
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    It definitely gets better.
  9. Okay, wow, I came in here to read about the hair-fall because mine has been falling in several dozen strands a day - not only did I find a nice article explaining the hair science but also a great formula to experiment with to strengthen the hair I've got. Thanks folks!
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    TTF is my new FB

    It definitely comes close - I never checked FB as often as mentioned here but at least once and often 2-3 (depending on how little work I had) I'd open it up to see if there was anything new. Now I've been off FB for over a year (and loving it!) and since I joined here I've gone from lurker to occassional pop-up to checking in daily every morning while I'm checking my mails - regardless of whether I post a comment or not. And it's better than wasting time on FB by far. Feels like more genuine human interaction than FB ever was tbh.
  11. I'm with @BurgundyBoy on this one - I've always enjoyed sweets and chocolate and ice-creams and such, but give me crunchy potato chips and salty/savoury things anytime. In fact that was my single greatest problem pre-op, I could devour them like nobodies business and I mean like one GIANT bag of chips or such while just watching some funny junk before I went to sleep, easy. And at my worst that was almost daily. But yeah, it's tapered off a lot post-op. Still crave chomping on some now, but the nice thing is if Im in a work meeting or something and there's some snacks being shown around, I literally take one or two chips or one small saltine/salty biscuit, take squirrel sized nibbles out of it for several minutes and some part of my brain feels happy and I don't have more. So far so good. Hope all you ice-cream lovers win the battle of the soft-sweet-fluff!
  12. Yeah, I'm just quoting this to agree with it because there's no way I can say it better. Congrats NL!
  13. Hope you feel better soon @tracyringo, I think acid reflux and the kind of problem you're having are things we all worry about post WLS because you never know who's going to have what reaction/problem. Glad the medication is helping, slow though it may be, and I hope you can move past this to normal sooner rther than later.
  14. Hahahahhaahhaah!! Honestly I treat my nightly multi-vitamin the same way, like a midnight snack/sweet which works to satisfy that old part of me that used to snack at night and if I don't chew it and just treat it like a piece of hard-candy that gets sucked and slow-dissolved, it works really well to kill any craving to have something else (I stay up late very often so with enough time passed post dinner, a little hunger creeps in sometimes).
  15. I don't know how much it'll help you but I've been using a product called "Bio-Oil" which my Mum found and gave me - it seems to be meant for scars and stretch marks and such things and I've been using it and while there is some small bits of darkened skin and such, it's really little and over time has gotten lesser still. I like this oil I think because when applied post a shower, it absorbs really well and doesn't get all sticky and uncomfortable like many topicals and doesn't smell strong or bad or such. Honestly I never expected 100% clear skin post surgery even WITH pin-hole/laproscopic surgery - so I'm good with the less than a inch long, tiny lines that are there at the moment. HOpefully with time they'll get even less prominent.
  16. Well I think that a week out you're basically mobile and all - but do bear in mind that there is some difference person to person depending on your pre-op physical capability. You will likely need to take it easy/not push too hard because the lower intake of calories and nutrients (you're still at the liquid only stage at that point!) plus low intake of fluids due to the internal swelling still not fully settled so you are weaker, easily tired and a little under-hydrated. You can walk around - which you should, walking even in spurts and slowly helps a LOT during the earliest days post-op. As I was explained to, it keeps the organs from settling awkwardly if you're just lying down PLUS the activity and all is better for keeping blood-flow up which helps healing time AND being on your feet instead of on your back is also better for your legs/muscles in the long run and to further reduce any chance of clotting in the legs (for which you will be as your doc likely suggested, wearing DVT stockings for that first week or so anyway..). Umm... other than that not much to say, just remember to keep some water on hand, have your liquid meals in a timely manner and take your meds as advised - even if you have to excuse yourself or such, keeping to the programme and walking/ambling around and such are critical to attaining a good recovery I feel. (Of course, don't walk or push yourself excessively, if you're in pain or such, rest. Do it in even smaller bursts if that helps) And since people know you just had surgery, don't be afraid to take advantage of that to sit or ask for a hand when walking or anything like that.
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    I'm scared

    I don't know if it helps, but for multi-vitamins I've been using these that my Doc's office gave me post-op: Bariatric Fusion I order the orange flavoured ones as I find the berry types overly sweet and these are quick and easy to chew and seem to be very good and unlike many others, are apparently meant for bariatric patients. You should ask your Doc for alternative recommendations including his opinion on many of the ones suggested on this forum. I think that was one thing that became clear as I looked up weight loss pre-deciding on going for surgery - turns out if you're fat enough for long enough, your body's baseline for "normal" shifts and when you try and drop more than a few pounds/kilo's your body itself fights you in terms of Metabolic Rate, in fact it slows it down. So if normal exercise would make your metabolism go up by X, your body slows it down from that so you need to be physically able to push EVEN HARDER to even reach X rate of calorie burn and that's on top of trying to minimise calories which also your body wants to fight to store because it thinks you're ill and/or starving or something due to the drastic weight drop. It's kind of funny if you think about it. Also your stomach cells are producers (as I understood it) of Ghrelin and the larger the stomach pouch, chances are the more Ghrelin your stomach produces and this is the hormone that (a) makes your brain say "im hungry" and (b) is partially responsible for storing and making fat-cells. So the combination of the above it seems is why such a small percentage of obese people can successfully lose huge amounts of weight and more importantly keep it off. A friend of my Mom's lost 50 kilo's (that's the better part of 100 lbs!) and the moment she stopped the extra-intense diet+exercise for a little bit, the fat just started piling back on, because that was her body fighting back. Biology is so weird! (also yes, I type loooong posts, it's like my thing in life...)
  18. Sounds like you Dad was a hell of a guy. Sorry to hear about his health. And as far as the eating and all goes - we're all just human and we all have moments where we fall back on these things or slip. From the sound of it, your Dad was the kind of awesome dude who would understand that and like him, remind yourself that you did nothing bad and tomorrow is another day where you can get back to being an awesome person like your Dad.
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    Oh that's awesome! I love biking too but sadly live in a very crowded and car-heavy city so unlike when I was a kid, I now no longer feel all that safe driving a bike around (plus its polluted as hell!). Hey @Smashlee83 maybe you can take some nice scenic pics when you're riding and share with us sometime. Cheers and happy biking!
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    I'm scared

    Hey Jackie, I'll be honest, I thought about WLS for years and avoided it and went on diets, exercised and had periods of peaks and valleys where I would lose and gain and lose and gain and etc... I was also very lucky that like you I had NO problems that come with obesity (apart from obvious things like limited physical stamina and such) and even genetic ones that some of my family has that weight just exacerbates - like diabetes and hypertension. But after talking to doctors about the pro's and con's of the surgery, spending some time with folks here and even talking to people who'd had issues after the surgery, my bottom line was this: I'm 33 years old. I have no major health problems and by and large the odds of major negatives on my health from WLS are relatively less and less severe overall compared to the problems I could have being obese and decidedly unable to drop my weight and BMI lower than a certain point without repeatedly hitting a wall. So, I elected to go ahead, make the changes to my life and lifestyle that go with the surgery and hopefully with lower weight and better health, I'll be able to look forward to doing many things I can't really till now and being happier with myself and my life after losing this burden I've been carrying around with me for two decades. If I develop some minor deficiency or other health problem when I'm 50 or 60? Hell we all develop some problem or another as we get older and I'd rather be sick when I'm old I suppose than in the more active and energised days of my life. Bottom line, you have to decide if it's right for YOU. Whatever all of us say here, everyone here who has had success, it's because they were ready to go down that path and deal with whatever came their way. You will find people even here and all over (I know 2 personally) who had the surgery and not only did they not become slim and fit, they lost some and then proceeded to put the weight back on and one started drinking a LOT, you hear about a lot of problems - but (1) they are not the norm and (2) it's important that like many things, You Must Be Ready and Comfortable. Period. I found it helped to go to a therapist (a psychologist/psychotherapist, a trained professional - not some diploma holding psychiatrist!) who can help you assess your own state of mind, to see why you are considering surgery, what brought you to this stage, are you in a state of mind to deal with those things and change, are you in a place where you really want it or are you being pressured into it, regardless of that what you want for yourself and whether the surgery is for you or for someone else... There are many things to consider and personally I say if you are worried and scared and such and do NOT have a pressing/urgent health problem that would benefit from weight loss, take an extra couple of weeks or a month or so - give yourself a deadline to decide and in the meantime tell everyone around to be supportive if they can but mostly back off and talk to people who you trust to be good, unbiased sounding boards and talk about it. Know where in your mind you are and what you want in life and what you are willing to do/deal with/risk to get there. It's not an easy choice. It's not a small choice. You can come out of it with issues (as you note) but you can also come out of it largely (thankfully) fine and dandy like many of us on the forum with only the odd issue like a little smelly flatulence every once in a while - which you can get a dog/cat and blame it on easily! Take your your time, clear your own mind and just do what is right for you.
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    My Story

    That's great that you're being able to keep positive and active and are definitely on your road to better health in general. All the best to you. Cheers!
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    Tracyringo surgery date.

    Congrats on your date and I wish you all the best with minimal to no hassles once the surgery is over so that you have a speedy recovery and start really enjoying the new you. Yeah, I was leaning to the sleeve too but acid reflux was a problem so in the end I didn't go for it since I had some minor ulceration in my lower esophagus - such was chance in my case.
  23. Welcome to TTF guys! @Laura Bee it's a really great community of folks and I think you'll benefit from being able to talk about pretty much everything with folks here, good and bad, knowing that we all get where you're coming from in a way that many people would not. @nanabanana I would say things like the nausea will pass, how long I think varies person to person but if you stick to the medical advice, try and get sufficent rest and keep walking/active through the day to keep the blood flowing and body not getting too sedated/bed-ridden, it all helps with the healing + definitely try your best to keep a good fluid intake. Trust me, it will prevent a lot of problems down the line incuding even more uncomfortable things like constipation as you get back to semi and solid foods - it takes time to build your ability to drink enough so don't discount getting into the habit of keeping a bottle within reach and taking even the equivalent of a spoon-sized sip every few minutes just so that you are constantly building up the water reserves in your system. Water is great because is flushes you out, keeps you hydrated and thus is nothing but good for the healing process and overall well-being. We are largely made up of water so when it drops too low it affects you in too many ways to list. NOTE: I would recommend that you try out different ways you can take in water as I found different things were more or less palatable as I tried them. The ones I tried in the earliest weeks were: coconut water, green tea, jasmine tea (all teas were without ANYTHING but leaves and water), pulses/dal after straining out the solids and with some salt/spices for flavour and even a little black coffee. These were the ones that worked for me and the variety kept monotony from making me sick of any one item. And of course very low-fat milk once a day with a little protien powder as I was able to have more post 2 weeks - I used a brand called ON which has a bunch of flavours, their double chocolate and banana+strawberry being the best I found. Hope that helps. Cheers!
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    Life post RNY

    @Jen581791 Oh absolutely! Going from eating a whole pizza by myself, feeling overly full and still wanting to stuff my face, to eating just that much and being happy and not really craving more... it's amazing in a way that can't quite be described but I think people who've had similar craving issues would understand. And yeah, it's really, REALLY hard to be patient! @NerdyLady Thank you! I'm as surprised as anyone at how positive I am because I did not expect to be so and honestly I think strangely enough I am infecting myself - like there's the regular me and there's this other upbeat me who somehow keeps the mood and all good by rubbing off on the other me... okay did that sound as odd as it did in my head as I typed it out..? You and Jen are both absolutely right though, slow and steady is a perfectly fine way to go and I just need to try and balance positivity and patience and weight for the weight loss to slowly accumulate (sorry, I love bad puns...)
  25. @Smashlee83 All I can say is, heed the @NerdyLady and keep your distance from the Starbucks of the world. I started buying fresh ground coffee and an espresso machine (not nespresso with those little wasteful foil packets) and I have started to enjoy coffee in a whole other way! Picking a nice coffee I like, making it in the evening when I get home (I'm an evening coffee person) and enjoying that freshly ground and brewing smell as its prepared and then sitting back in my own home and enjoying it... none of the addictive, sugary, artificially extra-flavoured coffee from any of these outlets comes close.