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  1. It really was funny as hell, my mums been laughing about it for days. And thanks BB & Jen, I'm doing pretty well all said and done. Thankful that potential problems and discomforts have been at a minimum. Nice! I look forward to such encounters.
  2. Never been a huge fish fan so haven't tried that but did try some prawns a week ago and that went down... surprisingly problem free. BUT I know what you mean about the fried food - the first time 2 weeks ago I decided to try out a bite of something deep fried was mostly the old craving/love for that stuff saying "what the hell" but by the time the 2nd bite was being chewed I was already feeling so insanely heavy and uncomfortable on the inside I had to make myself throw it up before I felt comfortable. First time that's happened since the op and I aim to keep it that way - no more deep fried f
  3. Can't say my tastes have changed all that much BUT I can't stand heavily/deep fried food. At 4 months post op I can eat just about anything now and have experimented a fair bit - but anythings that battered and deep fried, nope, two bites in something just feels wrong in me.
  4. I was a little shocked because I didn't really have any post the op but now I'm in my 4th month post and suddenly I've got lots falling all the time. No nutrient issues as such cos I just did the full blood-panel at the end of the 3rd month but I'm hoping it'll pass sooner or later. Worst case I'll just go for bald - I suppose that's one benefit of being a guy. :\
  5. @Raddy Nice! Congrats on hitting your water goals. Still working on maintaining it on a daily basis.
  6. Um.. well I work for a manufacturing company that has several factories, which pays all my bills and keeps me in home, food and clothing. Besides that I write short fiction & comics, have a small indie publishing thing going with some friends - this is where a lot of my earnings from the other job that aren't essential expenses or earmarked for savings for rainy days. It's not profitable as such but it keeps me happy.
  7. Nice topic I suppose my most recent one was after dinner with my folks I was wearing an old pair of shorts, slightly tightened but clearly it wasn't enough and I'm getting softer around the middle because as I stretched upward, my shorts went downward and I mean all the way down Luckily there was underwear. First time I've ever been happy to be embarrassed.
  8. Aksh


    It definitely gets better.
  9. Okay, wow, I came in here to read about the hair-fall because mine has been falling in several dozen strands a day - not only did I find a nice article explaining the hair science but also a great formula to experiment with to strengthen the hair I've got. Thanks folks!
  10. Aksh

    TTF is my new FB

    It definitely comes close - I never checked FB as often as mentioned here but at least once and often 2-3 (depending on how little work I had) I'd open it up to see if there was anything new. Now I've been off FB for over a year (and loving it!) and since I joined here I've gone from lurker to occassional pop-up to checking in daily every morning while I'm checking my mails - regardless of whether I post a comment or not. And it's better than wasting time on FB by far. Feels like more genuine human interaction than FB ever was tbh.
  11. I'm with @BurgundyBoy on this one - I've always enjoyed sweets and chocolate and ice-creams and such, but give me crunchy potato chips and salty/savoury things anytime. In fact that was my single greatest problem pre-op, I could devour them like nobodies business and I mean like one GIANT bag of chips or such while just watching some funny junk before I went to sleep, easy. And at my worst that was almost daily. But yeah, it's tapered off a lot post-op. Still crave chomping on some now, but the nice thing is if Im in a work meeting or something and there's some snacks being shown around,
  12. Yeah, I'm just quoting this to agree with it because there's no way I can say it better. Congrats NL!
  13. Hope you feel better soon @tracyringo, I think acid reflux and the kind of problem you're having are things we all worry about post WLS because you never know who's going to have what reaction/problem. Glad the medication is helping, slow though it may be, and I hope you can move past this to normal sooner rther than later.
  14. Hahahahhaahhaah!! Honestly I treat my nightly multi-vitamin the same way, like a midnight snack/sweet which works to satisfy that old part of me that used to snack at night and if I don't chew it and just treat it like a piece of hard-candy that gets sucked and slow-dissolved, it works really well to kill any craving to have something else (I stay up late very often so with enough time passed post dinner, a little hunger creeps in sometimes).
  15. I don't know how much it'll help you but I've been using a product called "Bio-Oil" which my Mum found and gave me - it seems to be meant for scars and stretch marks and such things and I've been using it and while there is some small bits of darkened skin and such, it's really little and over time has gotten lesser still. I like this oil I think because when applied post a shower, it absorbs really well and doesn't get all sticky and uncomfortable like many topicals and doesn't smell strong or bad or such. Honestly I never expected 100% clear skin post surgery even WITH pin-hole/lap
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