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  1. Whew. How has it been so long already? Life is a blur right now. Elaina is doing wonderful and growing like a weed. My diet has been an unfortunate bunch of convenience choices - that plus a crazy rebalancing of my thyroid again after giving birth got me a 10 pound gain but I'm working the program and getting back on track - first order of business being protein! I also joined a dance fitness/power yoga gym and it's been a blast to do something besides walk a stroller around the block! Staying on program, I hope to be able to check in here more often too! I finally got it added to my phone as its really rare for me to use my desktop these days. Baby tax - this girl has cheeks for weeks!
  2. Thank you all for your sweet words! She is a very loved little girl
  3. Little miss Elaina arrived last week! Born 4/18/19. Somehow I made a baby with a ton of hair We're slowly navigating those first days/weeks of sleep deprivation and general "what the eff" that is first time parenthood. She had some jaundice that we had to battle with as well, but as of yesterday, her levels are finally trending downwards. My tiny little dictator definitely rules the roost right now, and I definitely have some degree of "baby blues", but overall, we're desperately in love and excited she's finally here! I don't know if its WLS or the stress that occurs in the first week after birth, but as of today, I've dropped all 22 pounds I gained with her. Losing that much in a week is a little scary, but I know at least half that was baby+amnio/placenta, etc. It is a bit of a struggle to remember to eat right now, but the last couple days have been better. I hope at some point to be able to refocus well on eating and exercise, and resume posting here, but we're navigating life by the two hour stretch right now. I miss you all and have enjoyed being able to check in from time to time to see everyone's progress and maintenance. Three cheers for my NN's who continue to tear it up!
  4. Thanks for being my reminder to come back! I just finished at the docs, where this girls heart rate is spot on and everything is starting to progress....which is terrifying and also awesome. This is from last week (yay work bathroom selfies): Right at 20 pounds of gain right now, and while my doctor is very happy with it, it's been a hell of a mental struggle the last few weeks to see it sliding up a pound a week. Especially when suddenly I am actually craving all the healthiest of things. My diet is actually pretty good now that the crazy cravings have subsided and my biggest desires are for fresh fruit. I know the weight gain is all in the mindset of good things, but I'm ready to be able to be back to my "normal." I spoke to my bari office and they said they'd be happy to have me in to see a nutritionist after birth to try to figure out how to rebalance what I need with what baby needs with where I should be post op. Which is great, because now that I'm in full on waddling mode, I'm chomping at the bit to be back on the path of weight loss, and while I"m forever and forever grateful for this miracle baby, I can't help but think sometimes that I could easily be at my goal weight by now! My coworkers are the biggest sweethearts and actually went in together on a stroller/carseat combo that's actually pretty wonderful, and I plan on getting a zoo membership as well this summer, to give me another place to get out and walk (our zoo is HUGE, I've never actually managed to walk through the whole thing). Also got a ring sling and ergo carrier to try out some baby wearing on some of my favorite low-key trails in the area, because I desperately miss hiking right now. Cross your fingers for me, I'm praying I won't go until my due date or beyond - I'm ready for this girl to be here and for us to get on with our adventures!
  5. That looks great! Physical therapy is annoying at best, but it does work! I hated every session for my foot last year, and I'm not fond of the ones I'm doing now either, but they helped so much. You're doing awesome!
  6. Thank you all for the sweet words
  7. Not overall WLS related, so I didn't want to throw it in my blog, but I am still indeed alive! Thank you to @CheeringCJ for poking me once in awhile and reminding me to check in 31 weeks pregnant now, so we're in the home stretch! At my first scan at 20 weeks, baby was a little undersized (40th percentile), and considering my sleeve was pretty fresh, they put us on schedule to have a couple follow up scans to make sure she was getting nutrition and all. Surprise! At the scan at 28 weeks, she jumped to the 67th percentile and was already 3 pounds I guess all those burritos are working For real, though, mexican style food is all I want to eat - that and salads. Thank goodness for some balance! I can't get enough cheese in my life, or enough crispy cold lettuce in my life. I'm forever grateful, honestly, that my sleeve keeps the eating a bit in check. I'm trying to be very mindful of getting proper nutrition, but even when it comes to vegetables, I feel I could easily go overboard if not for the restriction I feel. I've gained 12 pounds in pregnancy so far. Its very disconcerting to see the scale go back up after fighting for the losses for the last year, but I'm trying to focus on what's healthy for us both! I have an issue called symphasis pubis dysfunction - the damn hormones that relax and widen everything are causing me to have a ton of pain when walking because my pelvis is essentially shearing So I know some of that gain, beyond a big ol' baby and amniotic fluid, is the fact I'm not moving much. I'm currently restricted to being on my feet 4 hours a day at work. I can't wait to have this kiddo and eventually get back to walking and hiking! I'm still fitting in the same size of clothing overall (14 in jeans and usually a L in shirts) as prior to pregnancy. I just have a basketball sticking out the front of me now I go for another baby growth scan in a couple weeks, and am crossing my fingers she didn't take my encouragement to grow to add another 20% to her percentile again!
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    I AM! Surprise pregnancy, I've been told kids weren't a possibility My surgeon is not amused, but very supportive! Having ourselves a little girl this spring! She's mostly been nicknamed "Lil Nacho" because the cravings for tacos and queso have been unreal. I'm super thankful this tool helped keep the craving eating in check! I've gained about 12 pounds in pregnancy, currently 31 weeks along so getting close!
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    Have they tried Amitiza? It's our go to (I work in gastro/colonoscopy/endoscopy) for patients that fail with Linzess and don't have luck with large amounts of polyethylene glycol (preps). Colonics don't do much to help in the long term for most people, and no study has shown them to help with IBS-C. We've also had good luck with Trulance, although some insurances don't cover it. Here's hoping you find relief!
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    I like it! I'll add those to my ever growing list Particularly fond of BurgundyBeowulf (although it is a girl, hahaha)
  11. Yay! My DH's uncle got one done and liked it so much he immediately went back to get the other done Glad you're getting both! I think you'll see a world of difference in movement. If you can handle the recovery from WLS, this will be a (low sugar, low carb, gluten free) cake walk!
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    This stuck out to me. Between holidays and pregnancy cravings, I've been beating myself up a lot for what I've been eating. My DH had to help me put a stop to that and make me realize that there will be gains and losses and just because I accidentally have a self-induced 9 month stall, doesn't mean I am not in control afterwards again, and the gain is far more limited than it ever was before! Thanks Nerdy, for posting what I think a lot of us go through but don't always talk about!Â
  13. Aww thank you! Ive really belly popped since those pictures so I'll have to post again soon Thank you for the sweet words! I'm so glad to have had you cheering us on this last year!
  14. That's amazing, @msmarymac! What a way to encourage you to step forward into your transformation - and that you keep returning to keep giving back is inspiring Have a great trip!
  15. One year. I can't believe it's been a whole year - its funny, how it both seems twice as long, and also like it can't possibly have been a year already. In the year (and couple weeks) since surgery, I have lost over 100 pounds. I can power up stairs without losing my breath, do longer hikes, and I have a wholly different relationship with food. I'm very mindful of my tool; especially now that I really and truly feel hunger again. It would not be difficult to eat past the warning signs of fullness, but when those warning signs begin, I promptly set my utensils down. I don't even bring a drink to the table any more; it is too tempting to "wet my whistle" and find several gulps gone and then suddenly realize I have room for more food. I started in a size 22/3x. I now wear a 12/14 and a L/XL. I wore a 42H bra; I now wear a 36G. While my shoe size hasn't changed, and I was never someone who carried weight in her feet, my shoes do feel a bit looser now and I believe I'll likely be able to wear a non-wide width shoe when I purchase again. I'm thrilled compression socks fit me now without leaving a giant indentation in my calf muscle; I actually have problems with some of them falling down now! My stomach is still flabby (and I dont have a very cute (naked) pregnancy belly at all!), and the fat on my legs hangs depending on if my legs are up or down. My bat wings could cover a childs face. These things bothered me a lot more a few months ago; lately, they arent even on my radar. That may change after arrival of the kiddo, but for now I know my body is gonna change drastically over the next few months, and then drastically again over the months after that, so I may as well settle in for the ride. I'm not opposed to plastics, but my weight never stabilized before I got pregnant, so I have a long way to go after pregnancy still, and then some time to maintain weight before I can think about plastics. I'm now 21 weeks along in this little surprise pregnancy, and the second trimester has been pretty enjoyable. My energy is mostly back, the cravings are diminished, and I'm not yet so big that moving around on my own is difficult. I have about 8 weeks or so remaining until my doctor will force me into light duty, and in the meantime I keep up pretty well at work, despite how physically demanding it is. My focus gets to be on providing healthy foods, but also making sure I'm eating enough - which is actually pretty great for a WLS patient - I have double the reason to stick to my nutrition and calorie goals at the moment! Oh, and we found out last week we are expecting a little girl I haven't done any proper "after" pictures since becoming pregnant, so here's my most recent before and after, followed by a few bump pics The first is 17 weeks, the next is last week. Don't mind my hair in that second one, it was a rough day at work We are having to go for extra ultrasounds just out of an abundance of caution for making sure WLS isn't affecting the baby's growth. So far she's in the 58th percentile and doing excellent! It's been bizarre to think of how quickly things changed just from WLS, and now how quickly things have changed again. I worry I'll have trouble switching gears again once I've had the baby, but I'm excited for an active lifestyle and to introduce a tyke to that - we're already looking at hiking packs that include seats for kids and hoping to plan a couple short travel trips next year to acclimate to traveling with a little one. I'll keep trying to remember to check in often - it seems I always think of TTF during the day at work, remind myself to log on, and then by the time I get home and cook and get ready for the next day, I don't remember a thing!
  16. Depending on your risk factors, they'll likely make you wait at least 8 weeks between surgeries. I'd personally choose the same way as you, and do the bari surgery first, but talk to your bariatric doc first - they may want you at a certain stage of healing or a certain level with your diet before they'd consider clearing you to tackle further surgery. Hopefully weight loss will help with your pain!
  17. GIRL. Those gams you're rocking it! That's in no way too young for you. Grab someone and go out in that dress this weekend
  18. Those chairs are at all clinics for our my university hospital and its outpatient locations - what I love now is I quite comfortably shared one with my husband this week
  19. This was beautiful to read - I missed you around TTF! I'm so glad to hear you're doing well; your motor home trip sounds amazing! I'm sure tracking after the kiddos is much easier now too - talk about busy!
  20. Amazing progress, and what a hell of a year! Congratulations!
  21. Thank you! Always surprised by the difference in just my face alone Due date is April 30th!
  22. My bari clinic recommends it for arthritis vs using NSAIDS. I've never tried it, but have a coworker who takes the capsule version of turmeric and notices a very large difference when she runs out of it.
  23. My family does a themed dress up for their little store every year for the city's trick or treat on the square. Last year, we were all characters from the Wizard of Oz. I was the Wicked Witch (it took ages to get that green paint off!). This year, we were Alice in Wonderland and I was the Red Queen/Queen of Hearts: I also got little skeleton shirts for me, DH, and the pup for the local neighborhood's trick or treat: Despite the stall due to a surprise baby, I'm so thankful when I have pictures I can look back on and see real differences!
  24. NSAIDs are unfortunately a systemic thing. They cause stomach problems not because of the pill being actually present in your stomach, but because their method of functioning interrupts the prostaglandin pathway. Unfortunately, this means that no matter what form - pill, patch, topical - most NSAIDs will still cause GI distress and open up the possibilities of ulcers. I treated a patient just this week who had two ulcers from topical Voltaren, which is an NSAID. Have you discussed possible steroidal injections? They are more localized and less systemic than NSAIDs typically, so it could be injected around the tendon and be less likely to cause stomach issues (although some people will have issues regardless).