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  1. One year. I can't believe it's been a whole year - its funny, how it both seems twice as long, and also like it can't possibly have been a year already. In the year (and couple weeks) since surgery, I have lost over 100 pounds. I can power up stairs without losing my breath, do longer hikes, and I have a wholly different relationship with food. I'm very mindful of my tool; especially now that I really and truly feel hunger again. It would not be difficult to eat past the warning signs of fullness, but when those warning signs begin, I promptly set my utensils down. I don't even bring a drink to the table any more; it is too tempting to "wet my whistle" and find several gulps gone and then suddenly realize I have room for more food. I started in a size 22/3x. I now wear a 12/14 and a L/XL. I wore a 42H bra; I now wear a 36G. While my shoe size hasn't changed, and I was never someone who carried weight in her feet, my shoes do feel a bit looser now and I believe I'll likely be able to wear a non-wide width shoe when I purchase again. I'm thrilled compression socks fit me now without leaving a giant indentation in my calf muscle; I actually have problems with some of them falling down now! My stomach is still flabby (and I dont have a very cute (naked) pregnancy belly at all!), and the fat on my legs hangs depending on if my legs are up or down. My bat wings could cover a childs face. These things bothered me a lot more a few months ago; lately, they arent even on my radar. That may change after arrival of the kiddo, but for now I know my body is gonna change drastically over the next few months, and then drastically again over the months after that, so I may as well settle in for the ride. I'm not opposed to plastics, but my weight never stabilized before I got pregnant, so I have a long way to go after pregnancy still, and then some time to maintain weight before I can think about plastics. I'm now 21 weeks along in this little surprise pregnancy, and the second trimester has been pretty enjoyable. My energy is mostly back, the cravings are diminished, and I'm not yet so big that moving around on my own is difficult. I have about 8 weeks or so remaining until my doctor will force me into light duty, and in the meantime I keep up pretty well at work, despite how physically demanding it is. My focus gets to be on providing healthy foods, but also making sure I'm eating enough - which is actually pretty great for a WLS patient - I have double the reason to stick to my nutrition and calorie goals at the moment! Oh, and we found out last week we are expecting a little girl I haven't done any proper "after" pictures since becoming pregnant, so here's my most recent before and after, followed by a few bump pics The first is 17 weeks, the next is last week. Don't mind my hair in that second one, it was a rough day at work We are having to go for extra ultrasounds just out of an abundance of caution for making sure WLS isn't affecting the baby's growth. So far she's in the 58th percentile and doing excellent! It's been bizarre to think of how quickly things changed just from WLS, and now how quickly things have changed again. I worry I'll have trouble switching gears again once I've had the baby, but I'm excited for an active lifestyle and to introduce a tyke to that - we're already looking at hiking packs that include seats for kids and hoping to plan a couple short travel trips next year to acclimate to traveling with a little one. I'll keep trying to remember to check in often - it seems I always think of TTF during the day at work, remind myself to log on, and then by the time I get home and cook and get ready for the next day, I don't remember a thing!
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    One year (a little late) - and a little bump :)

    Aww thank you! Ive really belly popped since those pictures so I'll have to post again soon Thank you for the sweet words! I'm so glad to have had you cheering us on this last year!
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    Heading to Haiti

    That's amazing, @msmarymac! What a way to encourage you to step forward into your transformation - and that you keep returning to keep giving back is inspiring Have a great trip!
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    One year (a little late) - and a little bump :)

    Thank you @Res Ipsa and @Jen581791
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    orthopedic surgery after gastric bypass?

    Depending on your risk factors, they'll likely make you wait at least 8 weeks between surgeries. I'd personally choose the same way as you, and do the bari surgery first, but talk to your bariatric doc first - they may want you at a certain stage of healing or a certain level with your diet before they'd consider clearing you to tackle further surgery. Hopefully weight loss will help with your pain!
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    THE Dress - VICTORY!!!

    GIRL. Those gams you're rocking it! That's in no way too young for you. Grab someone and go out in that dress this weekend
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    The smaller chair

    Those chairs are at all clinics for our my university hospital and its outpatient locations - what I love now is I quite comfortably shared one with my husband this week
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    Life is just so much better

    This was beautiful to read - I missed you around TTF! I'm so glad to hear you're doing well; your motor home trip sounds amazing! I'm sure tracking after the kiddos is much easier now too - talk about busy!
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    1 yr Surgiversary

    Amazing progress, and what a hell of a year! Congratulations!
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    Halloween 2017 & 2018

    My family does a themed dress up for their little store every year for the city's trick or treat on the square. Last year, we were all characters from the Wizard of Oz. I was the Wicked Witch (it took ages to get that green paint off!). This year, we were Alice in Wonderland and I was the Red Queen/Queen of Hearts: I also got little skeleton shirts for me, DH, and the pup for the local neighborhood's trick or treat: Despite the stall due to a surprise baby, I'm so thankful when I have pictures I can look back on and see real differences!
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    Halloween 2017 & 2018

    Thank you! Always surprised by the difference in just my face alone Due date is April 30th!
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    My bari clinic recommends it for arthritis vs using NSAIDS. I've never tried it, but have a coworker who takes the capsule version of turmeric and notices a very large difference when she runs out of it.
  13. delilas

    NSAID IM or patch?

    NSAIDs are unfortunately a systemic thing. They cause stomach problems not because of the pill being actually present in your stomach, but because their method of functioning interrupts the prostaglandin pathway. Unfortunately, this means that no matter what form - pill, patch, topical - most NSAIDs will still cause GI distress and open up the possibilities of ulcers. I treated a patient just this week who had two ulcers from topical Voltaren, which is an NSAID. Have you discussed possible steroidal injections? They are more localized and less systemic than NSAIDs typically, so it could be injected around the tendon and be less likely to cause stomach issues (although some people will have issues regardless).
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    TSA Trouble

    That's a slightly terrifying but also excellent problem to have! Sounds like its time to update some photo IDs I need to do the same.
  15. delilas

    11 months!

    Wow. I cannot believe another month from now will be a year since surgery. In many ways, it feels longer, but in most ways, it feels shorter! This time last year I was keyed up, making all my pre-op appointments, wondering if I would be a success story for WLS or not. I was burdened by feeling I would be someone to cheat the rules, and end up not being able to lose weight. I'm so happy to know I wasn't "that" person. I lost 100 pounds in 8 months, and although I've held steady these past 3 months thanks to the surprise pregnancy, I feel fortunate to have gotten as far as I have, and I'm confident once baby is here I'll be able to stick with my new "normal" in eating. Truthfully, it hasn't really disappeared, pregnancy or not. I'm hungry more often, thanks both to being past the honeymoon period and thanks to a growing baby, but even when feeling ravenous, my restriction helps keep me in check and I am reminded to go slowly and stop when necessary. I am continuously thankful that I will have a much healthier pregnancy because of this last year! I am starting to regain energy as I leave the first trimester behind. I am still holding at around 208 pounds, despite an increased calorie count. I've been able to add walking back in to my daily schedule, as Im not leaving work and feeling horribly exhausted! My reflux has actually improved. I'm able to get by on half the dose of my protonix currently, although my doctors have warned me I will likely quickly go back to the full dose. I am just enjoying the fewer pills while it lasts. I need to meet with my bari team soon to discuss all the changes and what the future holds for me as far as the conversion to a bypass goes - I'm assuming if my reflux remains better, I will not need the conversion, but I'm not sure. There's a lot in the air as far as my actual bariatric plan goes. These days, diet/low sugar juice is a staple for me. It's been my one real, hard "craving" that I haven't been able to shake with willpower alone. Grape juice especially. I buy the small, single serving bottles and allow myself one a day. The rest of the day is filled with tiny meals every 2 hours - a few crackers, a cheese stick, clementines, a handful of no-sugar trailmix - plus my normal sized lunch and dinner. Breakfast is usually one protein waffle with a tablespoon of peanut butter, although on days I'm feeling nauseated, a low cal slice of toasted bread is also a good work in for me. I'm finally craving and eating small salads again (but only after finishing my protein!). I usually end the day around 1300 calories currently, and am working to try to get that to 1400. The next month is full of large amounts of work, travel, the holidays, and hitting that year mark. I'm feeling ready to take it all on I haven't taken comparison pictures in the past month, but I needed a reminder of how far I've really come in the months until now - pics are preop, 3 months postop, and 10 months post op):
  16. delilas

    11 months!

    That's something I've been trying to focus on - even though I'm feeling tired these days, I can do a lot more, more comfortably now than I could this time last year! I'm also proud of all the NNs and our fearless leader - I've been trying to catch up on everyone and am so amazed by everyones success and progress!
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    11 months!

    You're the sweetest! Thank you for those kind words!
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    3 and a half weeks PO

    Like Cinwa, I was not allowed raw veggies and fruits and nuts for at least two months post-op, and because I had a swallowing issue post-op, mine was delayed from there. My surgeon said the suture/staple line is not considered healed for 60 days post op, which means roughage and tough items can still get caught in the healing line and cause problems. However, every person will have different instructions and timelines from their surgeon, and you should've gotten something that hinted at when they feel you can begin eating those things again.
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    10 months

    Lord almighty, where do I start? Well, let's start, as ever, with stats: Starting weight: 311 Current weight: 209 Starting BMI: 53.4 Current BMI: 35.9 My weight has, for the most part, held completely steady this month. Thanks to this pregnancy, I'm eating constantly (or so it feels) but popping between 208 and 210 pretty regularly. I hit 205 the week after I found out I was pregnant, but as usual when I hit a new weight, it had bounced back to 208 the next day, and there I've stayed all month. I've been fighting morning sickness - or really, all day sickness - off and on. Some days I can't keep anything down until 3pm or so, and others I don't even have a twinge of nausea. My other major problem? IM SO TIRED. I've been warned I won't know what tired really is until the kiddo arrives, but man, I've never felt fatigue like this. Most days, I'm coming home from work and crashing for a 30 minute nap on the couch until it's time to cook dinner. I miss hiking so badly but the idea of waking at 6am on my day off is funnily foreign to me at the moment, despite that being exactly what I've done for over a year now! I wake on those days, thinking its 7am, when in reality its 10am most of the time. The tiredness (and frequent travel lately) have been the major factor in my absence. If I'm not sleeping, I'm running the thousand errands I should've done while napping We got to see this havoc-wreaking little peanut on the ultrasound mid-September, and even got to hear the heartbeat although it was only 8 weeks at the time (yay technology!). I go back in a couple weeks for a monthly visit and a nuchal translucency test. On the actual WLS front, I find myself in the weirdest place. I'm legitimately hungry every 2 hours or so. Naturally, I still can only fit 4 ounces or so in at a time, and I think it's just being used up a bit more quickly than usual. So my NUT wanted me at 1300 calories a day, and my OB says to eat an extra 200-300 calories per day right now, but I'm still lucky to hit 1200 most days. Once in a while, usually because of ice cream or a really fatty sauce with dinner, I can get up to 1500. I've been trying to focus on more healthful and varied nutrient foods for obvious reasons, but my brain wants salt, carbs, and more salt right now. With the exception of carrots, grapes, and mangos, nothing in the fruit or vegetable category is staying down right now. I can very easily understand why the typical recommendation is to weight until 18 months post-op to get pregnant - its certainly not easy to manage cravings and try to eat like I'm supposed to at only 9-10 months post op! I'm also in a smidgen of mourning for the fact that this happened just before I would've seen onederland. It's petty, but damnit, it's honest. I know (I hope, I hope!) I'll see it after the baby is born, but thats a darn long time away. On a competely different note, we recently visited friends in Colorado, and I got my hike on: We hiked the majority of Mount Falcon before the altitude hit me and we headed back down. I want to go back already! Coming home was a veritable disaster, and we spent over 36 hours in airports because of two cancelled flights. I'm hoping as the fatigue from the first trimester wears off, I can refocus on participating here and making sure I'm managing my intake better. I miss all of you!
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    10 months and counting....

    I'm so dang proud of you! You're killing it, CJ!
  21. delilas

    Confession time...

    I've been directly asked as well and have said no. I do feel guilty, too, but I've also heard a few too many tirades about people who "give up" and get WLS. I think we're entitled to guard our privacy, truly, and I hope the guilt doesn't weigh on you too much. <3
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    Finally had my MRI and testing done

    Oh, Nana Trish, I'm so sorry to hear all this. Those MRI results are rough! With lesions on the spine, I understand how they can be concerned with MS, and I am crossing all my fingers and toes that this is not the case. I hope your neurology appointment helps you to find some relief!
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    Month 9 - and a huge surprise

    So I finally got back to using the scale again this month. I weighed in at the hospital on the 21st when showing up for my EGD, and was thrilled to know I have hit and surpassed the 100 pounds down mark! I was 209 pounds that day. I still haven't really gotten my scale out of it's closet of shame right now, but I'm feeling good about that The dysmorphia has been hella bad the last two months. I'm one of those that never felt I was as large as I was (until staring at the number on the scale or seeing a picture of myself). So to some extent, I'm fighting the notion that I haven't really lost much weight. I also fight feeling smaller than I am. I can wear a 14 jean quite comfortably (which was a total surprise), and I've had to stop shopping at plus-size niche shops like Lane Bryant and Torrid for the most part. However, sometimes when I pick something up, I feel it should fit, only to have it fit me like a sausage casing. Essentially, I feel overall I have no idea what I really look like, no matter how much I look at pictures or in the mirror. All part of the journey, I think. In other news, I've been going to the gym much more faithfully and have noticed some forward momentum in stamina. I've also been doing (super duper beginner) yoga at home on a regular basis (thank you, youtube) and feel my muscles aren't as tight and my idiot left hip is finally coming around. Hiking continues to be a mainstay, although it'd be great if the rain could subside for more than a day or so. I had the EGD, and thankfully, only one small ulcer. They put a bravo capsule in me (it attaches to your esophagus) and I walked around for a couple days with this giant data collector that connects to the capsule by bluetooth to measure my pH levels. It has a few buttons on it that I press to indicate when I am eating, sleeping, or feeling symptoms. I had 105 episodes of reflux in two days. I'm not sure what this means, still waiting to hear back from the bariatric office. And I'm kind of burying the lead here, but last week I found out some major news. I'm pregnant, y'all. This comes as a complete and utter shock after nearly 8 years of trying, including 3-4 years of off and on fertility treatments. I have a completely blocked left fallopian tube, and polycystic ovaries, and was told in no uncertain terms I'd need IVF to conceive. We were planning after I'd at least hit the year post-op mark and gotten under 180 to go for IVF. Then last week, after a full week of aching boobs that were a lot worse than my normal PMS-type symptoms, I kinda shrugged and took a test, not thinking much of it. And then I saw two lines and lost my mind for a second. I quickly took a second test, told my DH, and we both said - "theyre cheap chinese tests, lets go get a real one". Ran over to CVS, bought several "real" ones and brought them home only for them all to pop positive within 10 seconds. Whew. You guys are pretty much the only ones to know right now, because it is an ingrained part of my WLS journey. I haven't told my parents yet because my mother has been literally begging me for a grandchild for 13 years, and I'm at a high risk of miscarriage, so I'd like to at least meet my OB and make sure things are okay before I tell them. I'm actually kind of thankful for TTF, because I'm going to scream if I don't at least tell SOMEONE - and because, no matter what way this ends up, it is entwined with my WLS journey like a pretzel. This certainly takes any revision surgery (for the heartburn) off the table for me for now, and has brought up a slew of questions about navigating nutritional needs while post-op. Thankfully, there's a lot of literature out there for this. I haven't yet told my bari team, partly because I know they're not going to be happy. We're supposed to avoid pregnancy until at least 12 months, and preferably 18, and here I am, pregnant at 9 months post op. I meet my OB in a couple weeks, and plan to call my bari team as soon as I know it's not an ectopic or otherwise problematic pregnancy. So yeah. That's been my month. And my last couple weeks.
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    Month 9 - and a huge surprise

    Thank you all
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    The GERD is real.

    Prior to surgery, I can count on one hand the number of times I had heartburn in my entire life. After surgery, I was thrown on protonix for the first few months and didn't really have any problems. I've had intermittent heartburn months 3-6, but since about mid June, it ramped up hard. I went back on protonix daily and have been also taking OTC zegrid and tums on a consistent basis - and still waking up in the middle of the night with a burning pain. After going through a bottle of tums chewables in one week, I sent a message in to my surgeon. They're doubling my protonix, putting me on carafate, and scheduling an EGD with a Bravo pH tester (little capsule that attaches to the bottom of your esophagus to measure your pH levels for a couple days) - and already mentioning the possibility of an RNY. Whew. I'm glad they're proactive (besides the fact that I can't get in to get the EGD done until late August), but a little that they're already discussing a revision. I really didn't think I'd be one of the ones having heartburn issues post-VSG, but just goes to show you!