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  1. delilas

    Hair falling out 4 months after weight loss surgery

    Its a common occurrence 2-4 months after any major surgery or other stress like significant infection. Part of it is our bodies under stress shunt nutrients to the areas that need it most, like the heart and lungs and muscles. Unfortunately, our bodies quite well understand that hair growth is not necessary for survival. The process actually starts immediately after surgery, we just dont see the fallout (no pun intended) for a few months, depending on where your hair was in the growth cycle at the time of stress. I'm 6 months out and still struggling with it - like you, I started seeing loss around 3 months. I have very thin, fine hair to start with, and had a bit of a baldish spot on top from hypothyroidism as well - its not fun, but my surgeon reassures me it will end soon, and eventually start growing back. In the meantime, make sure you are hitting your protein and vitamins to make sure when you get to the end of the shedding, you are ready to nurture some new hair!
  2. delilas

    CJ, I'm CindyLouWho and I'm overweight now too!!!!

    Congrats Cindy! Do that happy dance and shout it from that garage rooftop - your neighbors can get over it
  3. delilas

    Edging up on 9 months

    You have a lot of victories in this to be so proud of! And your pictures - just wow! I hope you've been alright moving. Keep us updated!
  4. delilas

    First Time(r) for Everything

    Welcome to thinner times! If you weren't nervous before surgery, you'd probably need a checkup from the neck up Its totally normal! Just keep thinking of why you're doing it, how hard you've worked for it, and read through the success stories here to keep focused. My insurance mandated 6 months of weekly classes prior to having surgery, and I was so tired of it, but coming here, participating, sharing my fears, and getting to see everyone's progress kept me focused through all the tasks to check off prior to surgery! Naturally I was still nervous, but I went in to that OR ready to come out the other side. TT made a huge difference!
  5. delilas

    these pants used to fit

    Amazing picture! Congratulations!
  6. delilas

    Pre op is next week and I'm sick.

    Hope you're feeling better, @Jenn42606! Make sure you are getting plenty of rest as well. I don't particularly see any sense in a doc telling you to not come to preop if you're sick - your surgery is still weeks away, you're bound to be better by then. If you're feeling on the upswing come Monday, I honestly wouldn't worry about it much. Colds happen! Sinus infections happen! Focus on hydration and rest and how close you are to surgery
  7. delilas


    OOOH that new picture, Trish, I love it! So glad to hear you broke through a stall!
  8. delilas

    I did it!!!!!!

    IM SO PROUD OF YOU, fellow NN! You rock
  9. delilas


    A couple things: First and foremost, don't let one person's experience scare you away from this. I heard plenty of horror stories about post-op complications, both physical and mental, but the reality is, the majority of patients don't have them. If you search long enough, you can find people who have experienced every terrifying side effect from these surgeries. That's the danger of the internet. Your physician shouldn't let you move forward if he feels you'll have them. Naturally, however, there is no way to predict this ahead of time. Are you on medications for your OCD, or seeing/doing therapy regularly? I've had some patients with OCD benefit from CBT/Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, but naturally it does best with a practitioner. Most medications for it are of the SSRI variety, and on the upside, the vast majority of them are metabolized by the liver, which means surgery won't affect your medications. Ditto for the most common anxiety medications as well.
  10. delilas

    Six months

    I'm going for my Family Nurse Practitioner license Stalls do indeed suck! My scale is finally moving a bit again yesterday and today, so here's hoping I broke through!
  11. delilas

    The power of negative memories

    Had the same experience last month myself! I never had to get to the point of a seatbelt extender, but I hid the seatbelt below my clothes so people couldnt see it was on its last thread and cutting into my stomach to get it shut. After my last flight a year ago, I stopped attempting to put down the tray table, ever. Last month, I was pleasantly surprised when the seatbelt fit with several inches to spare, but couldn't get myself to try the tray table - until my husband put it down to set my drink on. I was first embarrassed and angry and about to say some very cross words....until it sunk in that the tray was down, flat, and not stabbing into me. Even then, my brain clunked through "Well I've never flown x airline before, they probably have more room in front of their trays" and "do I have my seat back?" before actually coming to the right conclusion.
  12. delilas

    NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    It is me You're the sweetest
  13. delilas

    NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    That is too funny - and also super impressive! Dang girl!
  14. delilas

    Six months

    Torture is a great word for it! All I want is too hit the 100 pound down mark right now, so naturally, the scale is resisting hard! Thankfully, I love strength training and even just a couple weeks in, I noticed a difference in fatigue at work and in hiking, so that alone will help me keep it up!
  15. delilas

    "Hello, my name is CJ and I am overweight"....

    GIRL! GET. IT! I'm so proud of you