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  1. delilas

    10 months

    Lord almighty, where do I start? Well, let's start, as ever, with stats: Starting weight: 311 Current weight: 209 Starting BMI: 53.4 Current BMI: 35.9 My weight has, for the most part, held completely steady this month. Thanks to this pregnancy, I'm eating constantly (or so it feels) but popping between 208 and 210 pretty regularly. I hit 205 the week after I found out I was pregnant, but as usual when I hit a new weight, it had bounced back to 208 the next day, and there I've stayed all month. I've been fighting morning sickness - or really, all day sickness - off and on. Some days I can't keep anything down until 3pm or so, and others I don't even have a twinge of nausea. My other major problem? IM SO TIRED. I've been warned I won't know what tired really is until the kiddo arrives, but man, I've never felt fatigue like this. Most days, I'm coming home from work and crashing for a 30 minute nap on the couch until it's time to cook dinner. I miss hiking so badly but the idea of waking at 6am on my day off is funnily foreign to me at the moment, despite that being exactly what I've done for over a year now! I wake on those days, thinking its 7am, when in reality its 10am most of the time. The tiredness (and frequent travel lately) have been the major factor in my absence. If I'm not sleeping, I'm running the thousand errands I should've done while napping We got to see this havoc-wreaking little peanut on the ultrasound mid-September, and even got to hear the heartbeat although it was only 8 weeks at the time (yay technology!). I go back in a couple weeks for a monthly visit and a nuchal translucency test. On the actual WLS front, I find myself in the weirdest place. I'm legitimately hungry every 2 hours or so. Naturally, I still can only fit 4 ounces or so in at a time, and I think it's just being used up a bit more quickly than usual. So my NUT wanted me at 1300 calories a day, and my OB says to eat an extra 200-300 calories per day right now, but I'm still lucky to hit 1200 most days. Once in a while, usually because of ice cream or a really fatty sauce with dinner, I can get up to 1500. I've been trying to focus on more healthful and varied nutrient foods for obvious reasons, but my brain wants salt, carbs, and more salt right now. With the exception of carrots, grapes, and mangos, nothing in the fruit or vegetable category is staying down right now. I can very easily understand why the typical recommendation is to weight until 18 months post-op to get pregnant - its certainly not easy to manage cravings and try to eat like I'm supposed to at only 9-10 months post op! I'm also in a smidgen of mourning for the fact that this happened just before I would've seen onederland. It's petty, but damnit, it's honest. I know (I hope, I hope!) I'll see it after the baby is born, but thats a darn long time away. On a competely different note, we recently visited friends in Colorado, and I got my hike on: We hiked the majority of Mount Falcon before the altitude hit me and we headed back down. I want to go back already! Coming home was a veritable disaster, and we spent over 36 hours in airports because of two cancelled flights. I'm hoping as the fatigue from the first trimester wears off, I can refocus on participating here and making sure I'm managing my intake better. I miss all of you!
  2. delilas

    10 months and counting....

    I'm so dang proud of you! You're killing it, CJ!
  3. delilas

    Confession time...

    I've been directly asked as well and have said no. I do feel guilty, too, but I've also heard a few too many tirades about people who "give up" and get WLS. I think we're entitled to guard our privacy, truly, and I hope the guilt doesn't weigh on you too much. <3
  4. delilas

    Finally had my MRI and testing done

    Oh, Nana Trish, I'm so sorry to hear all this. Those MRI results are rough! With lesions on the spine, I understand how they can be concerned with MS, and I am crossing all my fingers and toes that this is not the case. I hope your neurology appointment helps you to find some relief!
  5. delilas

    Month 9 - and a huge surprise

    Thank you all
  6. delilas

    The GERD is real.

    Little update So last week I had my EGD, complete with pH capsule and annoying data box I carried around for two days. Just got off the phone with their office and the full results - I had 105 episodes of reflux in two days, the longest lasting 20 minutes, and a DeMeister score of 19 (normal is <14). They said I'm lucky so far that my esophageal mucosa looks healthy and fine, but that eventually, it won't, and will predispose me to esophageal cancer. Their current recommendation is a conversion to a gastric bypass. So, I had to break to them a little earlier than I wanted to that I'm expecting, and that naturally puts the kibosh on surgery at the moment. They said they'll do what they can to help me through the next year or so, but that surgery should definitely be in my future. The plan currently is I'll meet my OB in mid September and then meet the bari team a week after so we can make plans as best as possible.
  7. delilas

    purging the closet- mixed emotions

    I've never been much attached to clothing - to my DH's chagrin, I clean out my closet and his fairly regularly. I'm just the kind of person that will not keep stuff around that I won't wear. And yet, it was still hard to clean things out - as this time, it was purely about size, and not whether it was something languishing too long. My poor closet afterwards: All those poor empty hangers And even then, there were clothes in there that I needed to get rid of - namely, expensive dress clothes I had only worn for a handful of interviews, that I couldn't bring myself to toss into a donate pile. Since then, I've dropped several more sizes, so much of what I've bought in the last few months and was relatively new needed donated as well. I finally got the expensive and the new together and took them to a consignment clothing store. It helped me get rid of the guilt when I buy new clothing, because at least Im not completely wasting money, and can get some back for the sizes I go through quickly. It's oddly satisfying to look at a closet that's half empty because you simply can't wear those items any more. Gaze on it and pat yourself on the back - it won't be long before you add to your now meager collection with stuff that you feel really good about!
  8. delilas

    Month 9 - and a huge surprise

    Thank you And I have been taking the caution in sharing to heart. Even after the relative safety of the first trimester has passed, we've agreed to be slow in telling people, just in case. I'm not even quite 6 weeks along, so it's super early! And your blushing is adorable and spot on. Between the hormonal balance and the animal spirits, I think we got us a miracle Thank you, Aussie! I'm glad someone else here experienced this - and I'm so glad you have this legacy That's so good to hear yours went well around this weight! I definitely feel so much healthier at 209, that's for sure! I did set up appointments - I have an educational phone call they require on the 12th, and the actual appointment is on the 18th. My clinic doesnt see patients until they're at least 8 weeks along. In the meantime, I'm just crossing fingers and eyes and toes that all goes well.
  9. delilas

    Month 9 - and a huge surprise

    So I finally got back to using the scale again this month. I weighed in at the hospital on the 21st when showing up for my EGD, and was thrilled to know I have hit and surpassed the 100 pounds down mark! I was 209 pounds that day. I still haven't really gotten my scale out of it's closet of shame right now, but I'm feeling good about that The dysmorphia has been hella bad the last two months. I'm one of those that never felt I was as large as I was (until staring at the number on the scale or seeing a picture of myself). So to some extent, I'm fighting the notion that I haven't really lost much weight. I also fight feeling smaller than I am. I can wear a 14 jean quite comfortably (which was a total surprise), and I've had to stop shopping at plus-size niche shops like Lane Bryant and Torrid for the most part. However, sometimes when I pick something up, I feel it should fit, only to have it fit me like a sausage casing. Essentially, I feel overall I have no idea what I really look like, no matter how much I look at pictures or in the mirror. All part of the journey, I think. In other news, I've been going to the gym much more faithfully and have noticed some forward momentum in stamina. I've also been doing (super duper beginner) yoga at home on a regular basis (thank you, youtube) and feel my muscles aren't as tight and my idiot left hip is finally coming around. Hiking continues to be a mainstay, although it'd be great if the rain could subside for more than a day or so. I had the EGD, and thankfully, only one small ulcer. They put a bravo capsule in me (it attaches to your esophagus) and I walked around for a couple days with this giant data collector that connects to the capsule by bluetooth to measure my pH levels. It has a few buttons on it that I press to indicate when I am eating, sleeping, or feeling symptoms. I had 105 episodes of reflux in two days. I'm not sure what this means, still waiting to hear back from the bariatric office. And I'm kind of burying the lead here, but last week I found out some major news. I'm pregnant, y'all. This comes as a complete and utter shock after nearly 8 years of trying, including 3-4 years of off and on fertility treatments. I have a completely blocked left fallopian tube, and polycystic ovaries, and was told in no uncertain terms I'd need IVF to conceive. We were planning after I'd at least hit the year post-op mark and gotten under 180 to go for IVF. Then last week, after a full week of aching boobs that were a lot worse than my normal PMS-type symptoms, I kinda shrugged and took a test, not thinking much of it. And then I saw two lines and lost my mind for a second. I quickly took a second test, told my DH, and we both said - "theyre cheap chinese tests, lets go get a real one". Ran over to CVS, bought several "real" ones and brought them home only for them all to pop positive within 10 seconds. Whew. You guys are pretty much the only ones to know right now, because it is an ingrained part of my WLS journey. I haven't told my parents yet because my mother has been literally begging me for a grandchild for 13 years, and I'm at a high risk of miscarriage, so I'd like to at least meet my OB and make sure things are okay before I tell them. I'm actually kind of thankful for TTF, because I'm going to scream if I don't at least tell SOMEONE - and because, no matter what way this ends up, it is entwined with my WLS journey like a pretzel. This certainly takes any revision surgery (for the heartburn) off the table for me for now, and has brought up a slew of questions about navigating nutritional needs while post-op. Thankfully, there's a lot of literature out there for this. I haven't yet told my bari team, partly because I know they're not going to be happy. We're supposed to avoid pregnancy until at least 12 months, and preferably 18, and here I am, pregnant at 9 months post op. I meet my OB in a couple weeks, and plan to call my bari team as soon as I know it's not an ectopic or otherwise problematic pregnancy. So yeah. That's been my month. And my last couple weeks.
  10. delilas

    What Are You Wearing Today?

    I was wondering the same! It has a tie on it that at least cinches the waist a bit, and some dress tape would fix the cleavage area if necessary....I'm still debating it in my head, hahaha. It really is hard to not buy too much. I love fall, and I've been reigning myself in from buying anything yet for cooler weather, since we probably have 6-8 weeks of warm weather left here. I have a good pile of stuff from the last few months that I'm taking to a consignment store to try to get a little bit of money back on what I've bought and hardly worn, and a bunch of very dressy clothes from 18+ months ago that were rarely worn. Trying to avoid going through that every 3 months
  11. delilas

    Home Alone

    They have to make sure you're able to get up on your own, walk a bit, pee, can hold down liquids, and are relatively pain controlled before you go home. That's all you're gonna do the first few days at home anyway!
  12. delilas

    What Are You Wearing Today?

    Went browsing clearance at a few stores, noticed this dress at Torrid. We're traveling for our anniversary and I thought it might make a nice dinner dress Nice added NSV - this is the smallest size they sell, so I won't be able to shop there shortly. ended up not getting it because even on clearance it was nearly 60 dollars, and I'm not positive how it will fit in 6 weeks time, but was pretty excited all the same
  13. delilas

    Strange question...

    I understand what you mean. I come from a family with a very high rate of auto-immune diseases (dad and grandad had RA, uncle and brother have MS), and my father also had hemochromatosis (as do two of my cousins, as I recently found out). I did get tested for hemochromatosis, as it's something that can be a "rule out" disease - as in, it can take a long while to arrive at a diagnosis sometimes because they rule out other things first. By knowing if I carry the genes, if I start to have symptoms, I can already jump the diagnosis line by sharing my results with the physician (I do indeed carry the same genes as my dad), and heading to treatment sooner. I recently found out my grandmother had breast cancer. For some reason, I was always under the impression she had lung cancer (as did two of my aunts and my other grandmother), and I was battling with the same questions of whether I want to have the test done or not. Partly because it isn't cheap, and partly because I wasn't sure I wanted to know. However, working in endoscopy, I work with a lot of patients with Lynch syndrome (predisposes them to many types of cancer). I am always advising them to have their children tested, and I often end up seeing their (adult) children sooner rather than later after testing confirms they too, carry the gene. Knowing their genes and then doing adequate surveillance (which unfortunately for them means colonoscopies every year or two for the rest of their lives) is the only real barrier from getting cancer for them. Last but not least, I'm hoping 2019 will lead to my DH and I finally having children, and I'd like to be prepared with information on their genes, rather than just knowing the every-growing list of family diseases we have going on. Because of these things, I ended up meeting with a genetic counselor last week and am having all manner of testing run. It's scary, but it's also comforting to some extent. Like with WLS, this gives me the tools to make better choices for myself.
  14. One of the few times I'm happy to be a stomach sleeper! That's definitely a pro/con kind of NSV, way to go!
  15. Yay! Congratulations, @CheeringCJ!