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  1. delilas


    That's amazing! It's the absolute best when you can not only do something you haven't done in ages, but do it well! Those things are a huge chunk of my motivation to stay on track Did some yard work myself this weekend. My butt is killing me from squatting and weeding!
  2. delilas

    7.5 months

    Oof, house buying is certainly very stressful - but the upside of the sellers market is those good offers! I hope it all turns out well for you. Love your update - sounds like its going well! I also have that leftover fear, but I still horribly overestimate. I made chicken for my lunches this week, and accidentally made enough for nearly 6 lunches - I'll never eat leftovers for six days! It's excellent you're hitting protein so well, and that you're noticing all the things that are new and different and easier! I think those things are the best motivation
  3. delilas

    9 Months Post Op

    Amazing! And you look so happy Also, that booty is encouraging me to get in the gym, so thank you for that
  4. delilas

    I bit the bullet

    Great work getting those big girl pants on and getting 'er done! I'm glad you aren't in too much pain - and I think a small dish of ice cream and peanut butter is just what's called for after such an occasion
  5. I'm sorry your surgeon isn't more on top of this, but I do want to note to please not use hydrogen peroxide on your wounds. It actually damages granulation/healing tissue, and we only use it medically diluted and in cases where we dont want full healing (like when someone has external fixation devices and we dont want the skin to adhere to the pins). Generally, mild soap and water is all you need for uninfected wounds. For the one directly being chafed by your clothing, try using the creams prescribed by your physician, and taping a nonstick wound pad over it. Change it out daily. A big factor in wound healing is getting enough protein in, so make sure you're hitting that hard!
  6. delilas

    Belly Button

    Oddly, mine was worse before surgery - albeit, I havent lost enough weight to have issues with extra skin yet, so we'll see if that becomes a problem in the future again!
  7. delilas

    Maintenance Month Two: Hold the Line

    Love your updates as ever - its so interesting to see what "life on the other side" is! Love your hiking pics, its such a different terrain and scenery than what I see here and its so beautiful!
  8. delilas

    Just SHUSH, GA! (venting)

    Amen! A few coworkers who have noticed my weight loss have had the same reaction. My cousin curls her lip up at my plate whenever we eat together (she's larger than I ever was, albeit she has successfully lost 50+ lbs several times where I never could). I gave up on trying to talk about it really any more.
  9. delilas

    When it rains, it forking pours.

    So much love for you, NT! That's a lot to handle. Be sure to take care of yourself as best as you can, holler at us if there's anything we can do! <3 <3 <3
  10. delilas

    Inches lost

    Either way, it sure is a lot! That's amazing!
  11. delilas

    Four months

    Thank you all so much I was so nervous about posting pictures that I posted and left to run errands, hahaha. Its heart warming to come back to so many nice comments
  12. delilas

    Four months

    I've been semi-diligent about taking monthly pictures. I took this month's a week late because most some days you just dont want to face a camera, but here we are - I figured it was time I should post here In my first picture, I had actually stretched the shirt out a bit, because I didn't want it to be too tight. I didn't bother with that other months, because I got kinda comfortable letting it all show for the sake of seeing progress. The shirt, which I purposely bought a size down at the start, now fits loosely everywhere but that damn hip area. I also noticed I've stopped feeling the need to wear nearly as much makeup as I'm becoming more comfortable with myself, which is kinda cool. I still have a loooong way to go, obviously, but as I struggle bus through a bit of a stall here, these pics have been immensely helpful.
  13. delilas

    Hair Loss

    I feel you so much on the hair front! My loss started at the end of month three and is continuing. I'm hoping and praying it ends in the next couple months!
  14. delilas

    My first surgerversary! (pics included)

    You look happy and healthy - and great!
  15. delilas

    November Newbies....we outgrew our name....

    Ugh that is always a hard part of starting somewhere new! I can't wait to see those pictures next year, you'll be looking phenomenal! Thanks for being our NN cheerleader!