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  1. And I'm sure now you're a full month! Congratulations! We have a tiny little coffee bar and it's my favorite corner of the house most days! I love a good latte and now that it's chilly, a little decaf after dinner is nice and cozy.
  2. I'm soooo glad I can at this point because the misery otherwise would be terrible! I couldn't really get sick after my sleeve...had food poisoning last year and it wrecked me trying to puke! But now it's actually really easy, feels like my pouch does a flip and up it all comes
  3. delilas


    It was the hello bello gummies, hahaha. They came free with the diaper subscription we get, and I subbed them in once a day. Thatll teach me! I think I used Fusion before, I may have to go back to them because I hate flintstones! I attached a picture from this week of my little mini me, and she makes it easy to remind myself that as frustrated as I am with my complications and struggles currently, she's heckin worth it.
  4. Thank you! I had another obstruction last week, but thankfully a partial. No vomiting, just pain and severe cramping in the same spot. Told my surgeon I wasn't coming in unless I was puking, so I was able to manage it from home with four days of liquids. He says at this point I'll need another surgery to fix whatever's causing this and I just want to scream!
  5. Sigh. Just got out of the hospital today, there since Sunday for a small bowel obstruction. They're mildly concerned that I may have a constricted area where my stomach joins the intestines, but want to take a conservative approach. So I basically got to lay there for several days with no food or drink until the obstruction resolved, and if it reoccurs, then I'll have to have another surgery for them to find and correct the issue. I'm essentially back to a liquids and thinned puree diet again in the meantime. More than a little frustrated right now, bordering on regretful; my husband reminds me that we made the right decision, long term medication for severe reflux wasn't a good option but damned if it's not hard to be a bit ungrateful. My shining point is that I have more than met my out of pocket and deductible, so anything I've been putting off is definitely getting done this year!
  6. Had my two week follow up on Tuesday and was doing well...so naturally, Tuesday night I started feeling poorly. Increase right upper belly pain, all foods came back up, even water sat uncomfortably. Called my surgeon's office Wednesday....called again 5 hours later... finally heard back at like 5pm that they would talk to the surgery people. Fast forward to noon today and three more calls and one very angry email and they finally called me and told me they are rolling back my diet, to only add one new food a day, only eat one spoonful per 'meal', only have water based protein shakes, and sending in celebrex. I'm frustrated to no ends because this is the second time I've felt like they just don't care after you've done the surgery being a nurse myself and having done years in office triage I just can't imagine leaving a patient in pain for three days, much less a post-op patient. Depending on how the next weeks play out, I may look at establishing with a different bariatric office or seeing if I can find a PCP who would be willing to handle my vitamin labs and the like. Ugh.
  7. It was definitely one of the highlights in the journey to have to use a hotel towel - which I usually dread because it wouldn't come close to wrapping around me - and being pleasantly surprised that it was fine!
  8. Beautiful! It's so rare to see good HDL numbers, yours are awesome!
  9. Oof, that sounds rough! I feel like our sleeves were a little easier to figure out! Today has been better. Mostly just focused on getting my water in. I'm behind on protein today but feeling so much better after yesterday.
  10. Definitely been weighing everything. And making sure to give a looooong pause after the first few bites to make sure it's settling well! Yes, after years of restriction it is very odd to not really feel much. I have not yet discovered if I will dump. I did discovered I can still throw up, just a couple hours after posting early, I got a really sharp pain after eating and the food just came right back up. Unsure what the problem was there, but I took a break from foods and just did liquids for most of the day. Holding 'dinner' down fine now so hopefully just a weird incident.
  11. Bored with soft foods and very glad this is only two weeks instead of four like initially with the sleeve! I know I'm eating small amounts but I don't really feel restriction? Surgeon said I may feel less restriction than with my sleeve, which makes me a bit sad. So far nothing that my pouch has refused or sent back up, I hope it stays that way!
  12. No, thankfully! I had a lot of issues swallowing anything after my VSG but thankfully no problems with my revision so far. I had a hiatal hernia as well so I'm unsure if that's related as well! This afternoon is the first I can get up and down without wanting to scream, so I'll take it! Yup, crushed pills except for tiny nausea pill, and full liquids until I see my surgeon on the 18th. Glad I stocked up on protein soups
  13. Thanks guys! Just got home today. Was not expecting the revision to be so much more painful than the sleeve! Staff were all wonderful. The whole thing is very deja vu-inducing! Being back on liquids and crushing pills and all that. Very glad to be home, but my 1 year old is not amused that I can't pick her up or let her jump around me. Adjustments for everyone!
  14. delilas


    Oh! So good to know, thank you!!
  15. Ten days and counting! Had my pre-anesthesia appointment today and all my labs done. Still need to have my covid test, but they haven't called yet to do that. On the LSD, albeit just opting to stay under the carb and cal count without meal replacement shakes (ok'd by my surgeon) - I cannot stand the taste of fake sweeteners, and that's only gotten worse since my VSG. Ordered some proteins I do like/can stand, like liquacel and the chicken broth protein. Went in and got the standard sugar free hello, refried beans, ricotta, etc. Feeling ready to be over the constant fight with reflux!
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