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  1. Youre so sweet for thinking of it Yes, I started Monday and so far, so good. It'll be a lot more movement and activity which is definitely a good thing! I think it'll be a good way to be more active each day, and working 4 10's means I get an extra day off each week for errands or fun activities like hiking. I have a lot of hiking goals for this spring Unfortunately for my old job, they went from 3 nurses to 1 in the span of 24 hours, as they finally fired the scarily incompetent one on my last day there which is great for the safety of our patients, but certainly sucks for the workload for the one left!
  2. NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    Had to buy new scrubs this weekend as I have swapped jobs and they require a different color. Went from pushing the boundaries of a 3x to being thiiiiis close to a 1x. I like some wiggle room in my scrubs, so I went for a 2x, but regardless, I'm thrilled. When I mentioned I was a little sad I couldn't quite pull off a 1x yet, my DH said "Don't worry, at this rate it'll only take you another month" He's wrong, but he's cute. I'll keep him.
  3. How much fat do you eat?

    Im still early out, but I only concern myself with sugar and protein, honestly. I haven't purposely been eating high fat, but Im not concerned about adding a butter to a meal to make it more palatable, and I cook with olive oil. I drink 2% fairlife because Ive never in my life liked skim milk. Looking back through logs, apparently my average is around 40grams a day (600-800 calorie total). Carbs are also 40ish a day, and protein is 60-80. I think its pretty normal for losses wax and wane a bit. I started off month 3 post surgery with a 10 day stall, so I'm definitely behind this month.
  4. Nothing about this I dont love! You've been a great voice and helping hand ever since I joined TTF, and it's been amazing to get to follow along as you went through it all. Thank you for being here!
  5. 5 Weeks to Go!

    Ugh I hate root canals. Neither of mine has been bad, but I hate them nonetheless! My hospital didn't call until a few days prior, to make sure I remembered the date and time, no eating after midnight, to wash with the antibacterial soap they gave me, etc. It'll be here before you know it!
  6. What are you eating today?

    M1: half a homemade protein shake (fairlife+decaf+unjury unflavored) M2: Dannon Greek Yogurt (the zero artificial sweetener kind) + 2 tbsp pomegranate arils M3: Chicken parmesan muffin (made enough for a whole darn week) M4: crispy apple + colby cheese, couple of dill pickle slices (DILLY BITES FTW) M5: Will be lemon chicken and maybe (hopefully) room for a couple bites of roasted asparagus. 3pm and so far 50 ounces of water, so should be on track to hit goals today
  7. 6 months... seriously!?

    I'm late to the party here, but you're blowing it away! I'm so glad keeping things down is now an issue of the past. I just got over that hump myself around week 8, I can't imagine dealing with it for longer! You're doing great
  8. 7 Months Later...

    Love love love your list and update! You're doing amazing and are a great inspiration as to what I have to look forward to in the next several months
  9. No hunger?

    I've only felt real hunger when I've gone 5+ hours without eating. I feel hollow-ish at 3ish hours and its my cue I need to eat, but if I wait longer or can't get to food, I feel physically ill and ravenous. It's only happened twice and I aim to not repeat it. 90% of the rest of the time I think Im hungry, I'm actually thirsty, and drinking a glass of water makes the sensation peace out. That said, everyone reacts differently and has their own cues. The most important thing is to separate head hunger and physical hunger, which is the hardest part in the first couple months. Setting a timetable of when I'm gonna eat and what was really helpful for me initially. Then when you feel like bopping to the kitchen in between, stop and analyze: am I hungry, or do I just feel like putting food in my mouth? Have I had water in awhile? If I think Im hungry, why am I hungry - did I not eat enough at the meal prior, or was there not enough protein in the meal?
  10. Surgery VS. Diet

    Most longitudinal studies show that the majority of WLS patients maintain at least a 50% excess weight loss after 5 years. I've never lost 50% of my excess weight on my own. Hell, I've never managed 20% of my excess weight on my own. While I would love to lose 80-100% of my excess weight, if I only hit 50% and stayed there, I'd be pretty content in my choices. There are always outliers. There are always people who know a friend of a friend who gained all their weight back and then some. But then, there are always people who use their surgery as a means to eat all the wrong foods, refuse to confront their food problems, and refuse to exercise. Don't let them scare you off from it.
  11. NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    Perfect response! And something that's never really understood till you've started going through the process. I started the process 5 or 6 years ago, and when they told me I had to see a psych and no one explained why or what the process was, I lost my nerve and just...stopped. 2 years after that, my fertility doc told me to look into WLS, and I left angry and upset and had a long talk with my mom about "%^#! that, I can do this on my own." Wellll....3 years later and there we were, going into my pre-WLS classes at my highest weight ever. As much as I sometimes wish now that I would've done it years ago, I know I wasn't ready to see it through, and I can see it in the eyes of a few people who have asked me about it since then. They may be dipping toes, but until they push forward on it of their own accord, it'll never happen.
  12. Devastated

    Oh, Liz, I'm so sorry. You're so strong for taking on WLS and taking control over your body and life, and I hope you can see that. It's unfortunate that he can't see that, but we will still be here to cheer you on every step of the way.
  13. During the week, I tend to eat similarly through the day: 8ish AM: protein shake 1030 AM: greek yogurt with a couple tablespoons pomegranate arils 1230: leftovers from the previous nights dinner 3 PM: either more leftovers, or something like a boiled egg The real variance is that I do cook 5 or 6 nights a week, so my 6pm meal tends to be whatever I whip up. Even the dinners are pretty typically standard: Protein, sometimes a veg, and a side of rice or pasta for the DH. Examples from this week include lemon parmesan chicken and asparagus, steak fajitas (minus the wrap for me, natch), baked pork chops, and spinach stuffed chicken. Dinners are what keep me from being bored (and keep me from buying lunch). My standard shake is 1/2c fairlife, 1/2 cup decaf coffee, 1 scoop of unflavored protein, 1 cup of ice, and a packet of erythritol.
  14. I did it!!!!

    Nicely done!
  15. My program clears us to eat up 1200 calories a day after the third month, with the goal of getting there by month 6. Naturally, every program is different and I've seen some that tout only 700-800 6 months out, so your mileage may vary. Given your exercise regime and that you're building muscle, I dont think its overly surprising that you may need more food. Focus on proteins and healthy fats for satiety (and for those muscle gains!).