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  1. delilas

    What Are You Wearing Today?

    I was wondering the same! It has a tie on it that at least cinches the waist a bit, and some dress tape would fix the cleavage area if necessary....I'm still debating it in my head, hahaha. It really is hard to not buy too much. I love fall, and I've been reigning myself in from buying anything yet for cooler weather, since we probably have 6-8 weeks of warm weather left here. I have a good pile of stuff from the last few months that I'm taking to a consignment store to try to get a little bit of money back on what I've bought and hardly worn, and a bunch of very dressy clothes from 18+ months ago that were rarely worn. Trying to avoid going through that every 3 months
  2. delilas

    Home Alone

    They have to make sure you're able to get up on your own, walk a bit, pee, can hold down liquids, and are relatively pain controlled before you go home. That's all you're gonna do the first few days at home anyway!
  3. delilas

    What Are You Wearing Today?

    Went browsing clearance at a few stores, noticed this dress at Torrid. We're traveling for our anniversary and I thought it might make a nice dinner dress Nice added NSV - this is the smallest size they sell, so I won't be able to shop there shortly. ended up not getting it because even on clearance it was nearly 60 dollars, and I'm not positive how it will fit in 6 weeks time, but was pretty excited all the same
  4. delilas

    Strange question...

    I understand what you mean. I come from a family with a very high rate of auto-immune diseases (dad and grandad had RA, uncle and brother have MS), and my father also had hemochromatosis (as do two of my cousins, as I recently found out). I did get tested for hemochromatosis, as it's something that can be a "rule out" disease - as in, it can take a long while to arrive at a diagnosis sometimes because they rule out other things first. By knowing if I carry the genes, if I start to have symptoms, I can already jump the diagnosis line by sharing my results with the physician (I do indeed carry the same genes as my dad), and heading to treatment sooner. I recently found out my grandmother had breast cancer. For some reason, I was always under the impression she had lung cancer (as did two of my aunts and my other grandmother), and I was battling with the same questions of whether I want to have the test done or not. Partly because it isn't cheap, and partly because I wasn't sure I wanted to know. However, working in endoscopy, I work with a lot of patients with Lynch syndrome (predisposes them to many types of cancer). I am always advising them to have their children tested, and I often end up seeing their (adult) children sooner rather than later after testing confirms they too, carry the gene. Knowing their genes and then doing adequate surveillance (which unfortunately for them means colonoscopies every year or two for the rest of their lives) is the only real barrier from getting cancer for them. Last but not least, I'm hoping 2019 will lead to my DH and I finally having children, and I'd like to be prepared with information on their genes, rather than just knowing the every-growing list of family diseases we have going on. Because of these things, I ended up meeting with a genetic counselor last week and am having all manner of testing run. It's scary, but it's also comforting to some extent. Like with WLS, this gives me the tools to make better choices for myself.
  5. One of the few times I'm happy to be a stomach sleeper! That's definitely a pro/con kind of NSV, way to go!
  6. Yay! Congratulations, @CheeringCJ!
  7. delilas

    Two Years

    I love your writing style! I identify a lot with wanting to find an area of comfort, not necessarily a BMI or a set number, but an area that is comfortable without focusing too hard on it. You put a lot of that into words for me and made it make sense Congratulations on how well you're doing!
  8. delilas

    Month 8

    They know I was heavier - not quite how heavy, because I joined them after losing about 35-40 pounds, so they've seen me change in the last 40 pounds or so. They don't know I had WLS, but I've talked at length with a lot of them about going to the health and fitness classes our employer holds (which nudges a lot of people towards WLS). I'd like to be clean with them, but a couple of them have already had some serious opinions about WLS, and I'm not quite ready to be the office poster girl for it! Hiding the scale has been a pain in the butt, but it has helped. I did fit into a pair of 14 jeans today quite easily, so I know I'm heading in the right direction And thank you so much for your kind words! <3 You know, I lived in this city for 8 years before knowing we had a massive and involved metropark system, much less many other hidden natural wonders around the state! I started hiking last fall while going through all my classes prior to surgery, because I hated the gym - and its done wonderful things for me! I hope you try it and enjoy it
  9. delilas

    Of all things that are getting too big...

    I didn't notice this problem until this month as well! A previously modest vneck was so wide and low I ended up showing a lot more than I normally would at my 5k this month. This and another with the same issue still fit around the belly and hips though, so I'm stuck as well!
  10. delilas


    I've never been a coffee drinker. Only espresso. I dropped the habit for surgery, of course, and abstained for nearly two months afterwards, but since I've been drinking it in lattes like yourself a couple times a week. It's a non-issue to every nutritionist I've spoken to.
  11. delilas

    Here’s our group photo!

    Separately! In our own homes! You all look wonderful! So exciting you got to meet and hang!
  12. delilas

    Month 8

    This months stats: Well. I'm not sure. See, I was having a mental battle with the scale as it dropped weight even more slowly this month. I so wanted to hit 100. I was jumping on it every morning and night and stressing the actual hell out of myself. So I handed my scale to my husband about 10 days ago and told him I didn't want it back until after my next medical appointment (August 21st). On the one hand, I wanted to go grab a ladder and get the scale from where he hid it so I could have numbers today. On the other hand, I'd only lost 3 pounds up to 10 days ago, so chances are, the numbers would not have made me happy. Ever since having my toenail pulled off (sorry, such a gross visual), I have felt worlds better. I was able to get out and go hiking several times again this month, which does wonders for my mental health and physical! I got DH to go camping with me - albeit at an REI hosted campout where they had all the fixing for smores and made pancakes for us the next morning - but still, it was something (actually, thats the way to camp, man. someone else cooking for you?). It was fun to meet people and hang out by a fire all evening. The next morning, as we gathered around the fire again for breakfast, a boat on the lake started blasting music - smooth jazz, of all things. It was amusing and also made for a fun atmosphere. I have a longterm goal to be able to do an overnight solo backpacking at a trail nearby sometime next spring. So by next spring, I need to be able to carry some heavy stuff and have the stamina to do 10ish miles in a day, so getting to pick the brains of REI staff and some guests who were thru-hikers on many big trails was great. I also did my first ever organized 5k this month! A group of us from work got together and went. The weather threatened repeatedly to rain us out, but thankfully held off. It was a color run, so we got doused in powdered paint at different run-through stations, and after the finish line, everyone is given a packet of color to go join in a "color party" at the main stage. Next, we're planning on doing a "Muddy Miler" obstacle course as a group next month. I also went on a good number of hikes this month, including one to the Mill Creek area, which is just gorgeous. I'm trying to build up to 5 miles of hiking by fall. I can do 3 pretty comfortably, although the last half mile or so starts to bother my repeatedly-reinjured foot. Slow and steady progress, though! In actual WLS news, my EGD with pH monitoring is scheduled for August 21st. In the meantime, they have me on protonix twice a day and sucralfate four times a day, plus tums whenever I need it. The meds have helped some, thank goodness, but aren't a long term solution. If my body could go back to whatever it was doing from February to May and just stay there, that would be great. It's a bit of a head trip to fight acid feels all day, as sometimes it feels like hunger - and feels better after I eat a bit - so I'm sure that's not real helpful on the weight loss front. August is sure to have a good few events in it, and hopefully plenty of time for honing my hiking skills and making progress on different goals. Onward
  13. delilas

    I need to vent about my MIL

    omgosh, @CheeringCJ congratulations on the positively adorable addition! As for the MIL...there are just no words for some people. That whole situation made me physically cringe...and the fact they bring that poor girl donuts! I WANNA SHAKE THEM BOTH. Who does that?
  14. delilas

    Five Months of Maintenance

    ALways love your updates! I now have a new bucket list item: dead sea! I've heard about it a few times, but this whole floating thing has me sold Ive run into similar issues with not telling most people about my surgery. There are times it can get super awkward! I've started stashing a couple bars in my purse, but reading this is a good reminder for a trip I have coming up - need to pack enough snack type things for each day! It's very interesting seeing how your posture has changed. When I was going through PT with my foot, I had complained to my physical therapist that I seem to have more joint issues 90 pounds down than I did before! She told me that it takes more time for the tendons and the like to catch up to the weight loss, to shrink themselves a bit and reorganize where there used to be a lot more tissue. This seems kind of "duh" to me now, but it wasn't something that had occurred to me before! You look positively amazing
  15. delilas

    Month 10ish - still losing!

    Sounds like you're doing amazing! I stall similarly to you, and every month I am convinced that weight is my new permanent weight. Stupid brains! I like your food ideas! I had to stop doing chicken breasts, which like you say, is too dry. If I use thighs, especially marinated, I fare much better. Your surgeon sounds very supportive and gave good advice! You're getting close to that year mark and doing amazingly!