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  1. Pre-Surgery

    Hi guys!! I am actually doing wonderful! Its been a month since I started my 10day liquid diet!! I obviously am not that familiar with this page so it took me a little to get back onto this. I havent gotten sick off of anything yet, but I also am sooo scared to try anything with sugar in it so I have just been eating very high protein foods, like canned chicken, cut up fish, yogurt, oatmeal and for snack i eat like one pepperoni and cheese. I dont know if that is why I still havent gotten sick, not that I want to get sick.... but its making me feel like the surgery isnt working! Did anyone else feel like that in the beginning. I have lost weight, but I still dont see a difference yet....although, energy wise I feel great! I am sooo excited to get down to my goal weight....I am getting married in MARCH so I PRAY I can get close to it by then atleast! If its at all possible!
  2. Pre-Surgery

    Today is just the beginning. I am beginning my 10 day liquid diet today, pre-surgery. My surgery is on May 25, 2017, so I still have a long road ahead of me. I am concerned with surgery and the first few weeks after surgery. Just wanted to sign up for this page so I have somewhere to look at when I am feeling down!